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Rootbound in the Hills #208:
17 Sep 1991

by Rocky Macy

Rootbound recently sifted some genealogical data from the book, Jesse and Frank James: The Family History, and ran that material as a column. The book's author, Phillip W. STEELE (P.O. Box 191, Springdale, AR 72765), has written to say that the column stirred interest and orders for his book. Mr. STEELE has written similiar volumes on Belle STARR and the DALTON Gang. We'll abstract some of the genealogy contained in those in future columns.

Phillip W. STEELE (above) mentioned in his letter that there are many other infamous folks with Ozark ties. The list that he enumerated includes U.S. Marshall Bud LEDBETTER, Arknasas outlaw Tom DAUGHERTY, Little Dick WEST, Bill DOOLIN, Wyatt EARP, and "Ma" Kate BARKER. Do any of our readers descend from one of those notables?

Terry J. RAWE (420 Butchart Drive, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6R 1R1) has three ancestors who died in the Mexican War while serving with Missouri units. Terry wishes to learn more about these individuals and their units, and he is particularly curious to learn why two of the men, Alexander MORGAN and his son, Patrick, died while in camp. Pleased read on...

Terry J. RAWE (above) is requesting information on Company K, 3rd Regiment, Missouri Mounted Volunteers which patrolled along the Santa Fe Trail from May to September 1847. Alexander and Patrick MORGAN from Dallas and Polk Counties, MO, were members of that unit.

Hugh MORGAN and his son, Spencer Alexander MORGAN, from Polk county, MO, are also of interest to Terry J. RAWE. They served with Captain ROBINSON's Company H, Separate Battalion, Missouri Mounted Infantry from the summer of 1846 until November of 1847.

And, lastly, our correspondent, Terry J. RAWE, is researching James Bryant HOOVER and his service in Company B, 3rd Regiment, Missouri Mounted Volunteers, a unit that saw action during the spring and summer of 1848. Do any of our readers have material to share with this Canadian researcher?

Hazel ELVEY (415 LaFonda Avenue, Santa Cruz, CA 95065) is tracing the genealogy of her daughter-in-law and needs help sorting through some Newton County ROARKs. Her subject's grandfather was Harris A. KITTRELL (1870-1955), a resident of the Seneca, Newton County, MO, community. Mr. KITTRELL's second wife was Leona KRLLY. According to Leona's death certificate, her father was a KELLY and her mother was a ROARK. Hazel has found a record of the marriage between William R. KELLEY (1842-30 Mar 1907 and Camily F. ROARK (October 1841-January 1915) that occurred in January of 1871. Can anyone state whether or not Leona was their daughter?

Rootbound has carried a great deal on the family of William Carroll ROARK and Comfort POE. Camily (above) was their daughter, Camily Frances.

Summit Publications (P.O. Box 222, Munroe Falls, OH 44262) has recently published the 1991-1992 edition of the Directory of Family "One-Name" Periodicals. This handy reference tool lists hundreds of addresses for groups dedicated to researching specific families. The listings are alphabetical and very easy to use. The book also contains a listing of variations for many of the names - which adds to its usefulness. It's well worth the postage-paid price of $9. For more information on this book or one of the many others published by Summit, please write to the address above.

Planning a school or family reunion? Why not share that information with Rootbound - and we'll tell everyone else! Address those letters to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. It's as easy as that!

Happy hunting!

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