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Rootbound in the Hills #206:
3 Sep 1991

by Rocky Macy

Rootbound had a nice response from June COLE after our column that focused on her husband's great-grandfather, Dr. John Hunt COLE, a physician who practiced around Southwest City, MO, and may or may not have been the famous Confederate general, John Hunt MORGAN. June had originally believed that the four children that Dr. COLE had by his second wife, Caroline (REARIDON) COLE, had died as infants. She has since learned more about them. Please read on...

Caroline was only sixteen and Dr. COLE was fifty-four when they married in 1879. there was apparently not much contact between their children and those of Dr. COLE's first marriage to Maggie CRITZER. The second set of children were either not aware of the name change (MORGAN to COLE), or chose not to believe it.

The four sons born to John and Caroline COLE worked in the lead mines around Miami and Pitcher, OK. At least two of them married and had children. The boys were: Harvey "Bill" (born Aug 1884; buried at Baxter Springs, KS), Joseph (born Nov 1889; buried at Baxter Springs, KS), Ralph Freedom (born 13 July 1892; died 7 Apr 1951; buried at Miami, OK), and Thomas E. (born 22 Mar 1895; died 23 Dec 1931; buried at Baxter Springs, KS).

Ralph Freedom COLE (above) had a son, Robert, who lives in Cardin, OK, and Thomas E. COLE had a son named Richard.

Darrel and June COLE (Star Route, Tussy, OK 73088) are still eager to prove or disprove the deathbed claim of Dr. John Hunt COLE that he was, in fact, General John Hunt MORGAN. They are particularly desirous to obtain a sample of Dr. COLE's handwriting. Rootbound readers are urged to check their old family records to see if any of Dr. COLE's notes or letters have survived the ninety years since his death. What a story this could be!

Patty GREER (Rt. 1, Box 56-1, Wyandotte, OK 74370) is tracking two different CRABTREE lines across the Ozarks. Her husband's ancestor, Marta Ann CRABTREE, was born in Missouri. She married Anderson SNOW on 21 Aug 1864 at Mt. Vernon, Lawrence County, MO. Marta Ann died on 10 Feb 1926 in Neosho, Newton County, MO.

Vernice E. CRABTREE (born 7 Dec 1842, Anderson, McDonald County, MO) was the grandmother of our correspondent. She married Edward F. McNARY on 22 Sep 1897, and died around 1904 or 1905. Vernice and Edward lived in the Drywood village near Lamar, Barton County, MO. She died from a miscarriage that occurred while she was plowing the garden. Vernice is buried in Barton Cemetery.

Patty GREER (above) would certainly enjoy hearing from any of our readers with CRABTREE connections.

Mrs. Barbara BANDY JONES (903 15th Avenue, NW, Ardmore, OK 73401) is working a couple of KING lines. She is a direct descendant of Jesse KING, Sr., of Barry County, MO. Also, Barbara's great-grandmother, Nancy Adaline LeGRAND, had a brother sister, and niece who married children of Daniel and Elizabeth Ramah (KING) BROWN. Nancy's first husband was James Madison BANDY.

Barbara BANDY JONES (above) mentioned an interest in Sanford H. and Nancy (HUTCHINSON) KING as well. Sanford may have died on 26 Feb 1841 in Newton County, MO. His tenth child, Rebecca, may have been the wife of Wiley ROARK (born 22 Jan 1838, TN; died 6 Oct 1889; buried at Maple Park Cemetery, Lawrence County, MO). Wiley was a brother of William Carroll ROARK, a Newton County, MO, residentent who has been written about extensively in Rootbound. Barbara reports that Wiley ROARK's wife, Rebecca, may not have been a KING at all, but rather a CHITWOOD. Who has the facts that will help this researcher?

Ancestors in Great Britain? The International Society for British Genealogy and Family History might be able to help. For more information on this group, please write to P.O. Box 3115, Salt Lake City, UT 84110l. Rootbound has a copy of their most recentent newsletter - it's excellent!

Until next week...happy hunting!

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