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Rootbound in the Hills #189:
7 May 1991

by Rocky Macy

Flea markets are places rich in family history...and Rootbound has sung that song before. With that in mind, it wasn't too surprising for this columnist to recently learn that garage sales can also harbor some excellent genealogy. Please read on...

Paul ANTOS, an old army buddy who raises kids, dogs, and goats in the hills of Oregon, forwarded a copy of the Society of Colonial Wars which he found at a garage sale. The book contains the group's constitution as well as a listing of the officers and members of 1897-1898, along with many of their genealogies. This volume is indexed, so those who feel that grampa might have been a member of the Society of Colonial Wars during the years 1897-1898 might do well to contact Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. If he's hiding in those yellowed pages, we'll ferret him out! Please remember to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with that request.

Vicky BRADY (617 South Lincoln, Neosho, MO 64850) would like information on Robert Franklin BARLOW (born 19 June 1855; died 11 July 1907) who married Sarah Isebelle RANDOLPH (born 16 Nov 1851; died 11 Jan 1920). Robert lived at Clinton and Lebanon, MO, before moving to Newton County, MO.

Robert and Sarah BARLOW (above) were the parents of Oliver Richard (born 6 Aug 1878; died 8 Jan 1957), Dora COLEMAN (6 Oct 1880), Andrew Cyrus (14 Jan 1884), Charles Robert (6 July 1887), Lillie Florance (12 Dec 1889), Milton Irwin (18 Sep 1892), Earl Clarence (31 July 1897), Bessie Mable (16 Sep 1900), and Edgil Oral (11 May 1903).

Oliver Richard BARLOW (above) married Ada Rozella GIBSON (born 9 Feb 1879; died 24 April 1962). Their children included Nellie Elizabeth REDING (born 1 Mar 1905), Eva Marie BEATTY (4 Oct 1906), Lottie Isabelle TESTERMAN (28 Nov 1912), Raymond Richard (16 Sep 1914), and Ruby May WOLFENBARGER (28 May 1916).

Vicky BRADY would like to know if Robert Franklin BARLOW had any brothers or sisters. She would appreciate hearing from anyone with a knowledge of Robert Franklin BARLOW or any of his descendants.

Rose PARKS (Rt. 1, Box 119-B, Avery, TX 75554) is seeking to learn more about Joseph P. and Altha (COX) PARKS who came to Benton County, AR, from Georgia to homestead in 1872. Their children were Mary Jane, Willis, Nancy, Allison, and Harrison. (Allison and Harrison were twin boys born in 1877.) Joseph died in 1878, and Altha then married Henry ROBERTS. Altha sold the homestead around 1896.

Giles and Nancy M. COX, the parents of Altha COX PARKS (above), came to Arkansas with the PARKS family and were on the 1880 census. The COX children were Andrew, Elizabeth, Mary, Rufus, Alice, Joseph, and Harriett. All were born in Georgia except for Harriett who was a native of Arkansas. The COX family was not on the 1900 census of Arkansas. Had they gone to Missouri? Rose PARKS wants to know!

Ted BANVARD (Rt. 1, Box 718, Shepherdstown, WV 25443) maintains a computer database on the surname GOODENOW and variant spellings. Those with a GOODENOW limb on the family tree (such as the children of this columnist) might benefit from contacting him.

Midwest Family Connections (P.O. Box 363, Fort Thomas, KY 41075) publishes newsletters on a variety of surnames. They have forwarded review copies of the BARNETT and SIMPSON newsletters to Rootbound. Both are approximately twenty pages in length and contain assorted material from several sourcees. The publishers plan is to interest people in specific names and collect material from subscribers for future issues. Other surname newsletters that have been printed by this group include: ADAMS, ASHCRAFT, COLVIN, ELLIS, HAWKINS, INGLES, LANCASTER, LAWTHORN, MONROE, OWENS, PHILLIPS, RIDDLE, RILEY, SMITH, TURNER, WRIGHT, and YELTON. For more information, please contact the publisher at the address above.

Until next week...happy hunting!

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