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Rootbound in the Hills #186:
16 April 1991

by Rocky Macy

There is no end to the surprises that will be found in the Rootbound mailbag. Today's first letter, for instance, deals with an axe murder! Please read on...

Vicki ROUNSAVALL (1949 Juneway Terrace, Fayetteville, AR 72703) wishes to contact descendants or others having knowledge of the HOWERY (HOWRY) family who resided in northwest Arkansas by 1827. At that time, George HOWERY, the original settler, lived at Cane Hill in Washington County. He left there in 1828 and moved near Wesley in Madison County, AR. His sons were probably William, James, Daniel, and George, Jr.

Daniel HOWREY (above) received one of the earliest land patents in Madison County, AR, in 1836. His land was located near the community of Crossroads. His first purchase of land in Benton County, AR, was Town Lot 48 in the town of Bentonville in 1842. Daniel was involved in numerous land transactions in the town of "Mudtown" (now Lowell, AR) by the year 1845. His original land purchase of thirty-three acres in Mudtown was acquired from Jonathan PING.

Daniel HOWREY's first wife was Margaret LANDERS, and his second wife was Lucy Jane ROBERTS ATWOOD. His brother, James, married Lucinda ALEXANDER, and George, Jr. was the husband of Marinda GRAHAM. James and George, Jr. are both included in the court and deed records of Benton County.

Daniel HOWERY was murdered in Barry County, MO, in May of 1868. An account of his death as copied from a newspaper in Mt. Vernon, MO, states that he was killed with an axe by Robert MANN, also a former resident of Benton County, AR. The whereabouts of Daniel's wife, Lucy Jane, and his children between 1868 and 1875 is unknown.

Our correspondent, Vicki ROUNSAVALL, would certainly enjoy hearing from anyone who has a knowledge of her Ozark roots. And Rootbound would like to know more about Robert MANN and his deadly axe!

Mary J. PETERSON (925 Louis Street, Eugene, OR 97402) needs help in tracking her southwest Missouri ancestors. Abner GARRISON married Janie McCULLOUGH and lived in Stone County, MO, where one of their seven children, Mary Jane, was born in 1875. Mary Jane married a Mr. TURNER, and their daughter, Edith TURNER (born 1 July 1895, Barry County, MO) became the wife of Ira James STOCKTON who was also born in Barry County in the 1890s. Mary needs birth, marriage, death, and cemetery information on these TURNERs, STOCKTONs, and GARRISONs. Who were Abner and Janie's parents? All help will be appreciated.

Gene L. JACKSON (4001 Twilight Drive South, Ft. Worth, TX 76116-7649) has recently published a book about his ancestry entitled Zachary Taylor FRENCH and Rachel Evelyn DUCKWORTH - Their Ancestors and Descendants. The couple mentioned in the title were born in Indiana, married in Iowa, and lived in Iowa, Kansas, and Nebraska. Their four daughters (Effie, Dora, Carrie, and Elsie) married and spawned numerous descendants who now live in all sections of the United States. For more information on this book, please contact the author at the above address.

Mary MINT PARRISH (5735 North Cloverly Avenue, Temple City, CA 91780) is on the trail of Hartshorn and Phebe (ERICKSON) COLE, and Hartshorn's second wife, Mary "Polly" PARKER. All three of those individuals were in Dent County, MO, from 1845 until 1880. Hartshorn's daughter, Margaret Elizabeth COLE, married James Henry BREECE II, and they were aged seventy-four and seventy-six and living in Ozark County, MO, in 1900. Are their descendants still in the Ozarks?

Thank you Genealogy Friends of the Library of Neosho, Newton County, MO, for reprinting How to Build a Better Query by this writer in the most recent issue of Newton County Roots. That piece, published earlier in Southern Queries and The Genealogical Helper, seems to have a life of its own. Those who have yet to see this set of guidelines for how to write good queries may obtain a free copy by writing to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper.

Happy hunting!

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