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Rootbound in the Hills #181:
12 Mar 1991

by Rocky Macy

The devices used to snare ancestors are almost limitless. One that has been fairly successful for this columnist is the query to newsletters of family surname organizations. In fact, a recent question in GOODENOW's Ghosts, the newsletter of the GOODENOW Family Association, brought a couple of replies that provided information on eight additional generations of one of my wife's lines. Placing a query in one of these newsletters usually requires membership in the organization, but the cost of the dues fades from view as lost ancestors begin to report in.

Merle GANIER (2109 Grace Avenue, Fort Worth, TX 76111-2816) publishes an annual listing of family surname periodicals. The 1991 version of this useful document also contains addresses for many newspaper genealogy columns. It is available from the compiler at the above address for just five dollars. Rootbound has a copy - and it does get used!

Elinore STEPP FORTNEY (Box 31-D Acton Square, Waldorf, MD 20601-9402) is seeking to correspond with anyone tracking a STEPP lineage across Georgia, Arkansas, or Oklahoma. Her ancestor, John Wesley STEPP, married Nancy Missouri McDONALD on 20 Sep 1872 in Lumpkin County, GA. The couple had three children in Hall County, GA: Leually (married Alonzo Barnes ROOD), Edd (married Roxie PHILLIPS), and Joe (married Ora _____).

John and Nancy then migrated to the Russelville area of Pope County, AR, where they had three more children: Hugh J. (married Mrs. PRINCE), Mary Ola (married John Amase HAMAKER), and James W (born May of 1889). John Wesley STEPP is listed on the 1900 census of Pope County, AR, with another wife, Matilda Jane ROOD. They had the following children: William Franklin, Henry Almon (married Blanch CARDARELLI), and Lewly Frances (married 1. Charley HARTMAN, and 2. Oscar ALREAD).

Some members of the STEPP family were known to be around Ft. Smith, AR, in the 1930s, while others were living near Vian, OK, at that same time. Our correspondent would certainly enjoy hearing from any of their descendants.

James E. GENTRY, Jr. (1004 N. Frederick, Mountain Grove, MO 65711) is searching for the parentage of Catherine HOLT (born 10 Jan 1824, Lincoln County, TN) who married Henry COBLE on 21 April 1844 in Greene County, MO. Their children were Peter Nicholas, John Marion, and Alfred Luther. Catherine HOLT COBLE died in Neosho, Newton County, MO, on 18 April 1854. Does she have grandchildren in our area today?

Clyde D. MEADOR (2244 Bromfield Circle, Wichita, KS 67226) wishes to correspond with anyone having a MEADOR lineage. His particular lines extend from Virginia, through the Carolinas, and into Alabama.

The Topeka Genealogical Society will host its 19th Annual Topeka Genealogy Conference and Workshop on Friday and Saturday, April 26th and 27th, 1991, at the Maner Conference Centre, 17th and Western, Topeka, KS 66604-0048.

James PLYANT, editor of American Genealogy has recently announced that his magazine will begin featuring a regular column by this writer in its April issue. Although the column will probably titled Rootbound in the Hills, it will have a different format than the one carried in your local newspaper, focusing on general Ozarks research rather than queries. For further information or a subscription, please write to the editor at P.O. Box 1587, Stephensville, TX 76401.

Misplaced an ancestor? Write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're here to help!

Happy trails!

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