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Rootbound in the Hills #178:
19 Feb 1991

by Rocky Macy

Rootbound recently invited our readers to share their special family trees in this column. Grace WASHBURN JORDAN (P.O. Box 245, Centerton, AR 72719) has responded with a copy of her lineage to the Pilgrims that includes two signers of the Mayflower Compact. The material is included below and is numbered according to generations:
1. Governor William BRADFORD (1590-1657 married Alice (CARPENTER) SOUTHWORTH (1590-1670).

2. William BRADFORD (17 June 1624-20 Feb 1703) married Alice RICHARDS (died 12 Dec 1671).

3. Lt. Samuel BRADFORD (1688-11 April 1714) married (1689) Hannah ROGERS (See more on Hannah at the end of this lineage.)

4. Elizabeth BRADFORD (15 Dec 1696-10 May 1777) married (10 Jan 1716/1717) Lt. Charles WHITING (1659-1724).

5. Sybil WHITING (1722-27 April 1790) married (1739) William NOYES, Jr. (2 Mar 1715-1809).

6. William NOYES, III (13 April 1743-28 Aug 1798) married (1764) Elizabeth GILLET.

7. Whiting NOYES (22 Feb 1777-1857) married _____.

8. George Washington NOYES (12 Aug 1799-1874) married (6 Feb 1831) Nancy W. BROWN (died 1887).

9. Merritt William NOYES (23 Sep 1836-21 Dec 1915) married (18 June 1867) Fanny Ann LONG (8 June 1849-31 Jan 1920).

10. Grace Myrtle NOYES (8 June 1877-5 May 1950) married (22 Sep 1896) Jesse Edgar DeCAMP.

11. Fannie Louise DeCAMP (21 Feb 1899-4 May 1989) married (7 Dec 1921) George Raymond WASHBURN (26 Jan 1887-28 Sep 1970).

12. Grace Arlene WASHBURN (our correspondent) married Albert Vernon JORDAN.

Hannah ROGERS (above - generation #3) was the daughter of John ROGERS, Jr. (1640-1723) and Elizabeth PAYBODIE (born 1647). Elizabeth was the daughter of William PAYBODIE (1620-1707) and Elizabeth ALDEN (1634-31 May 1717). Elizabeth ALDEN, in turn, was the daughter of John ALDEN (born 1598) and Priscilla MULLINS. John ALDEN and Governor William BRADFORD were signers of the Mayflower Compact.

A couple of years ago Rootbound published a similar genealogy on Amber and Nicki YOUNKER of Noel, McDonald County, MO, who can trace their ancestry back to Frances EATON, also a Pilgrim. Amber and Nicki and Grace WASHBURN JORDAN are all eligible for membership in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (4 Winslow Street, Plymouth, MA 02361).

As a point of interest, Grace WASHBURN JORDAN (above) also noted that her WASHBURN ancestry extends back to Sir Roger de WASHBOURNE who was born around 1219 in the southern part of Worcestershire, England. The first immigrant to America was William WASHBOURNE who arrived around 1647. He changed the spelling to its present form.

Although Grace didn't elaborate, persons who can connect with British or other European royalty can often extend those lines back through CHARLEMAGNE and into the early Middle Ages. CHARLEMAGNE's lineages down into various royal families are so extensive and well documented that he is sometimes referred to as the "Grandfather of Europe." Are some of his grandchildren reading Rootbound?

Until next week...happy hunting!

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