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Rootbound in the Hills #194:
11 June 1991

by Rocky Macy's just one mystery after another! And you, Good Readers, are always welcome to help the detectives. As a case in point, who among you has clues to fill in the gaps in the life story of Lucinda POGUE? Please read on...

Mrs. Jeanne MOULTON (Box 220, Hussar, Alberta, Canada TOJ 1SO) is very interested in identifying the parents and siblings of Lucinda POGUE. Lucinda first appears on the 1850 McDonald County, MO, census as an eighteen-year-old living with the Austin CARBEY family. By 1860 she is reported as being thirty-years-old and in residence with the Nathan KIRBY family of McDonald County. (Could CARBEY and KIRBY have been the same name?) The 1860 census also reported that Lucinda had a two-year-old daughter, Mary Elizabeth ROBERTS.

Lucinda POGUE had her own home by 1870 where she lived with her daughter, Mary, and Lucinda's twenty-five-year-old, insane sister, Henrietta POGUE. Mary was the wife of John ADDINGTON by 1876 at which time she was residing with Lucinda and Henrietta in Pineville, McDonald County, MO, along with her two sons, Joab and John ADDINGTON. Mary's husband, John ADDINGTON, died between 1876 and 1878, and she then married Simon BROOKS. Their baby, William BROOKS, was listed on the 1880 census. Lucinda and Henrietta were both in Pineville in 1880.

John ADDINGTON, Mary ROBERTS' husband, had a sister who married into the NOEL family. It is possible that he is buried in one of the two or three unmarked graves at the Shelt Noel Cemetery near Pineville. Does anyone know? Does anyone know if Lucinda was ever married and to whom? And how did she come to live with the CARBEY and/or KIRBY families? Our friend in Canada is looking for answers!

Rosemarye ADAMS (P.O. Box 333, Ft. Gibson, OK 74434) is searching for any information on her grandfather, Apslum (or Absolom) Prairie HOLMES. He was reportedly born in Missouri on 16 Jan 1853. One family story indicates that he was born on a prairie, hence the unique middle name. He was the son of Ben and Norcis (or Noracis) HOLMES. Does that family connect with any of our readers?

Sonia KAMMILLER (2609 Canterbury, Ponca City, OK 74604) learned about Rootbound through a query that this columnist placed in the newsletter of the GOODENOW Family Association. She is trying to find descendants of Daniel Long KELLEY and his wife, Malvina ROOK. Three of their children were married at Diamond, Newton County, MO, near the turn of this century. The children and marriage dates were: Benella KELLEY BUCHANAN (1898), Edward P. KELLEY (1900), and Roy Bell KELLEY (1904). Are any of their grandchildren reading Rootbound?

Descendants of Leonard and Barbara (SLEMP) SHOUN (SHOWN/SHAWN) of Johnson County, TN, are being invited to show up at the annual family reunion to be held in McKinney, TX, on July 6-7, 1991. All cousins are encouraged to come share in the fun, fellowship, and family history. For more information, please contact LaVerne GRAVES at 402 South Bass Street, McKinney, TX 75069.

Mayre TUBBS WISEMAN (2100 Santa Fe, #1009, Wichita Falls, TX 76309-3454) needs information on the parents, siblings, and first wife of Abraham RICHARDSON who was born in Ohio in 1802 and was a resident of Milam County, TX, in 1850. The following children of Abraham's were all born in Missouri: Daniel (born 1833; went to California), Isaac (1833), Sally (1835), Abraham (1836), James (1837), Elizabeth (1839), and Jane (1841). Were their other children?

Grace CROWDER (Rt. 2, Box 53-A, Noel, MO 64854) wrote for a copy of our article, "How to Build a Better Query." In her letter Grace went on to say that she has documented her CROWDER ancestry to about 1670. Grace and General CROWDER (the one for whom Ft. Crowder was named) are both descendants of Bartholomew and Elizabeth who were granted land in Charles City and Prince George Counties, VA, as early as 1700.

Copies of the article that Grace requested are still available. Just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper along with each request.

Until next week...happy hunting!

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