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Rootbound in the Hills #182:
19 Mar 1991

by Rocky Macy

It never fails. Just when the stack of letters to Rootbound begins to dangerously dwindle, something always comes along to stir another flurry of correspondence.

The latest case in point involves publication of an article by the columnist entitled "How to Build a Better Query" that ran in the most recent issue of The Genealogical Helper. The piece was a reprint that had originally appeared in Southern Queries last summer. The Helper, with its national publication of around 50,000, prompted query-laden mail to Rootbound from such divergent points as Virginia and Hawaii, with many stops in between. We'll take a look at those letters over the next few weeks.

Buddy SAMUELS (Rt.3, Box 190, Concordia 64020) is on the trail of Basil WILSON who resided in Reynolds and Madison County, MO 1850-1860. Basil's parents were most likely William WILSON and Delilah BUSH, both Carolinians. Basil married Lucinda VANCE, possibly a native of Wisconsin. Who were Lucinda's parents?

Buddy SAMUELS (above) has volunteered to assist any of our readers with research in Lafayette or Johnson County, MO. She also reports that she has a huge file on the surname LEE. Those writing to Buddy for assistance should do her the courtesy of including a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Don MITCHELL (611 Fields, Canon City, CO 81212) is the grandson of Harvey C. and Dona (COVEY) MITCHELL who were residents of Gravette, Benton County, AR, during the early years of this century. Harvey was born in 1847 in South Carolina, and died in May of 1909 - place unknown.

The children of Harvey and Dona MITCHELL (above) were a son, Welcome (born Oct 1889), a son, Evert (1892-1957), a daughter, Alfa Marie (born Feb 1896), and a son, Luther (June 1903-1939). Luther was the father of our correspondent. He is buried in Anderson, McDonald County, MO. Do any of our readers have other information regarding this family.

Raymond E. BARNTHSON (Rt. 2, Box 296, Troy, KS 66087) is trying to locate the cemetery where Matthias CLEMENTSON is buried. Matthias, the husband of Tobina LARSON, moved to Anderson, McDonald County, MO, by covered wagon in the early 1900s. He died on 1 April 1918 and is presumed to be buried somewhere in the vicinity of Anderson. Does anyone know where he is buried?

Jo Ann S. JACKSON (8017 Calmont #208, Ft. Worth, TX 76116) is seeking to learn more about two of her forebears who were residents of northwest Arkansas during the last half of the 19th century. James E. JACKSON was born in May of 1861 in Newton County, AR. In 1900 he was living in Newton County, AR, with his wife, Nancy, and the following children: Mills, William, James, Sarah, George, David, John, Asher, and Sherman.

The other individual of interest to Jo Ann is Alexander "Doc" JACKSON who was born in September of 1865 in Newton or Washington County, AR. In 1900 Doc and his wife, Minnie, had the following children living at home: Clayton, Myrtle, Sylvania, Claud, and Zedia. Doc JACKSON may have lived on a farm near Siloam Springs, AR, as late as the 1930s. Our correspondent is anxious to hear from any of our readers having a knowledge of her Ozark roots.

Connie DAWE of Arvada, CO, described "How to Build a Better Query" as a "valuable reference tool," Mary J. PETERSON of Eugene, OR, said it was "interesting and informative." and Mary MINT PARRISH of Temple City, CA, felt that it should be "in the front of every genealogical quarterly and newsletter." What nice folks! If you would like a free copy of these guidelines for good query writing, just send a request and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. It's as simple as that!

Happy hunting!

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