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Rootbound in the Hills #175:
29 Jan 1991

by Rocky Macy

Although the holiday season will have long since passed when this column appears in print, the columnist could not put his Christmas mail away without sharing portions of the letter that arrived from Rose STAAUBER. Rose, an old friend of Rootbound, created a beautiful letter for the season in which she let her ancestors do the talking. It is a gathering of statements from her proud heritage and includes the following:
"9 January 1815. My children are slumbering in bead, my neighbours have stopt' comeing in. Travelers have ceased pasing by. Nature seems to have hushed all in silence...If we with humility, and with an eye single to the glory of God...I believe we shall be directed in the path of duty. And add to our is my intention to make you a visit in the course of the winter if the Lord is pleased to bless my endeavours..." (Aden STEVENS , Bradford County, Penn., to prospective second wife, Rebekah SOMERS, Brookfield, Conn. The couple were married in February.)

"18 July 1882. To Carrie, Leangth of life consists not in the multitude of days spent, but in the judicious division and improvement of all your time. Stevensville, Pa. By your Grand Pa C. STEVENS." (Caroline Francis AVERY STAUBER's autograph book.)

"11 November 1903. St. Catherine, Mo. Dear Mother and Father Avery: Your Grandson Martin Stevens STAUBER was born yesterday evening at 6 o'clock. He is a very fine 9 lb boy seemingly perfect in every way." (James Benjamin STAUBER to Alexander James and Ruie Rebeccca (STEVENS) AVERY at Noel, MO.)

Martin STAUBER (above) resides at Noel and is the patriarch of one of the finest families ever to grace the Ozarks. Our thanks to his daughter, Rose for agreeing to share segments of her Christmas letter with Rootbound.

Rowena OGDEN (8865 East Baseline Road, Space 1257, Mesa, AZ 85208) wrote to Rootbound last year seeking information on her great-grandmother, Narcissis LONGHORN PIERSON. Although she has yet to receive any responses to her query, Rowena is still hopeful that one of our readers will recognize her ancestor's name and get in touch.

Philip C. ALLEN (10 Pine, Bella Vista, AR 72714) is trying to locate a copy of The POSEY Family in America by Lloyd Franklin POSEY. The book was probably published by a company called "Meet Your Ancestors" of Hattiesburg, MS, in the early 1950's. If any of our readers know where to obtain a copy of this work, please contact Philip.

Roger SHAW (102 W. Knickerbocker, Midwest City,, OK 73110) is seeking material on the SHANNON family that would involve his g-g-grandmother, Emily Lenora SHANNON, born in 1863 around Monett, MO. She died in 1945 in Oklahoma City, OK. Regarding Emily, our correspondent has the following information: She had an uncle named David N. SHANNON. David N. SHANNON had a nephew, Robert F. SHANNON, who resided in Barry County, MO. R.E. SHANNON, another relative, died in Fairview, MO, in 1911. And, Emily had a nephew by the name of Archie SHANNON. Do any of our readers have connections to this family?

Back to Rose STAUBER's beautiful Christmas letter: How many of you are providing similar opportunities to your descendants by saving family correspondence and keeping a journal? Family history begins with! Get to it!

Happy hunting!

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