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Rootbound in the Hills #172:
8 Jan 1991

by Rocky Macy

Several weeks ago we mentioned that Rootbound continues to receive more mail from Texas than any other state. By way of explanation of this Ozarks-Texas connection, Fred O. LEAF (13152 Blodgett Avenue, Downey, CA 90242) has written to tell of the role that Stephen AUSTIN played in strengthening this migration pattern. Please read on...

According to our correspondent, back during the time when Texas was part of Mexico, Indians around the area of what is now Brownwood, TX, were routinely killing Mexican soldiers and stealing their supplies. The government was ready to give up in despair when Stephen AUSTIN approached Mexican officials and offered to bring settlers form Missouri and Arkansas to help control the Indians. The new settlers arrived and were given land by the government of Mexico, but within a couple of years they became unhappy with proposed taxes. Many banded together and resettled in East Texas. In later years others were lured to Texas by the prospect of quick wealth in the cattle business.

Regardless of the reasons, it is abundantly clear to this columnist that many modern-day Texans have roots in the Ozarks, and that, of course, is something to be very proud about!

Margaret A. FRANDSEN (6417 Brushwood Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89107) wishes to contact descendants of of her g-g-grandparents, William and Rebecca L. (WALKER) VAUGHAN. They were residents of Benton County, AR, in 1850 with the following children: Francis (born 1840), ANDREW (1842), Martha (1844; married Mr. DUNHAM; died circa 1925), Defthsey (1846; married Silas NICHOLSON), John Benton (1847; married Julia McGINNIS, died 1934), Willaim C. (1848), and Marion (1850).

Other children born to William and Rebecca VAUGHAN (above) include Columbus (born 1854), George (1855), Mary (1857), Rebecca L. (1859; married William G. HAYS; died 1934), and James (1862, married Miss LEE). Are descendants of any of these people still in the Ozarks?

Margaret A. FRANDSEN (above) learned about Rootbound through the courtesy of one of our regular readers, Mrs. Marie KING of Rogers, AR. Thanks, Marie. We appreciate all that our readers do to keep this column working.

Rootbound has recently acquired two books that would be of interest to descendants of the brave Pilgrims who arrived at Plymouth Rock aboard the Mayflower in 1621. Mayflower Increasings provides and accurate and reliable summary of all that is presently known about the passengers of the Mayflower for the first three generations in America, including names, dates, places, spouses, and children. Mayflower Marriages chronicles the marriages of Mayflower descendants for two hundred years. Both books were compile by Susan E. ROSER. They are well organized and completely indexed. For more information, please write to The Genealogical Publishing Company, at 1001 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.

Are you a descendant of one of the Pilgrims? A U.S. President? European royalty? How about sharing those unique family trees with Rootbound? This first cousin (ten times removed!) of Benjamin FRANKLIN would be more than happy to make Rootbound readers aware of your special family heritage.

Happy hunting!

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