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Rootbound in the Hills #163:
6 Nov 1990

by Rocky Macy

Her letter began, "Rootbound - what a very nice idea." And, of course, Mary had more to say. Please read on...

Mary LaRUE (P.O. Box 542, Nowata, OK 74048) is searching for any information on the family of J.H. and Rachel MOUNTS. He died in 1924 and she passed away in 1926. Mary has only recently discovered that they are buried in Fairview Cemetery. (She didn't mention where the cemetery was located - perhaps Fairview, Newton County, MO.) Anyone with a knowledge of this couple or their family is asked to please contact Mary LaRUE at her home in Nowata.

In the mid-1800s a family named WHITSON (WITSON) and another family named McDANIEL took in some orphaned children by the name of McMURTREY. They were located near Dardanelle, AR. Now, Mrs. Leona NEEL (P.O. Box 132, Langley, OK 74350) is trying to find descendants of these children. Which of our readers can assist Leona in her quest?

J.R. DENNINGTON (Rt. 2, Box 12, Bonham, TX 75418) is tracking the surname DENNINGTON in Missouri and CODY in Arkansas. Do we have readers working either of those lines?

The surname BRIGGS is of interest to Barbara C. LONG (12555 Valley View Drive, Chesterland, OH 44026). Her ancestor, Archibald BRIGGS (1818-1911), son of John BRIGGS, Jr. and Mary BOAL, resided in Anderson County, TX, prior to migrating to Cole County, AR, before 1860. Archibald's wife was Mary E. BARNETT, a daughter of Abner and Catherine BARNETT. Archibald and Mary BRIGGS had three children: Thomas Benton "Ben", Florence Emily, and Benjamin Franklin "Frank" BRIGGS.

Ben BRIGGS (above) was born in 1850 in Texas. He married a woman named Sarah, and they had the following ten children: R.E., Roger, Viola, Lee, Carl, Virgil, Gertrude, Garry, Oma, and Jesse. All of the children were believed to have been born in the area of Washington County, Ar. Ben may have eventually mored to Stilwell, OK, along with his father, Archibald.

Frank BRIGGS (above) (1851-1911) married Martha F. HAYMAN in Belle Plains, TX. Their three oldest children (Walter F., Archibald, and Florence Belle) were born in Texas, and the younger ones (Nancy Ann, John F., William Alva, and Ida Ellen) were born in Washington County, AR. Descendants of the BRIGGS family are undoubtedly in the Ozarks today, and Barbara C. LONG would like to correspond with them.

French ancestry is of interest to Patsy DeLARODERIE (P.O. Box 58, Grosse Tetem, LA 70740). She is looking for material on the AUDIBERT and DeLARODERIE families who arrived from France around 1814. The families are believed to have settled near St. Louis, MO, and Alphonse DeLARODERIE and Madam Francois AUDIBERT were in New Madrid, MO, in 1816. Did they make it on over to the Ozarks?

Most family tree charts only have room to list individuals for four or five generations, and a few extend up to ten generations. (A ten-generation chart will provide room for information on one thousand and twenty-three people.) Rootbound has recently received a flyer from Dana J. MARTIN (P.O. Box 4382, Houma, LA 70361) who states that he has developed a seventeen-generation chart that measures only two feet by three feet. For more information on this unique item, contact Mr. MARTIN at his home in Louisiana. The cost of the chart is $6 for one or three for $16, postage included.

Expanded Ego Department: Thank you Heritage Quest magazine for making an article by this writer, "Genealogy Meets the Next Generation," your cover story for issue number thirty! The piece dealt with ways to interest children in family tree research. For more information on Heritage Quest or a subscription, please write to the magazine at P.O. Box 40, Orting, WA 98360.

And while you're at it, why not write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper? We'll help you shake that old family tree!

Happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #162:
30 Oct 1990

by Rocky Macy

Rootbound's best friend in the Far North, Sue HANNAH (7048 Timothy Street, Anchorage, AK 99502), has written to say that although her query on the M.E. and Elledn KEEGAN family of the Seneca, MO, area stirred no new information, a couple of our readers did send her a copy of the column, and one even sent the entire newspaper! Our readers care!

Virginia COTTRELL (2013 Cherry Lane, Durant, OK 74701) wishes to correspond with anyone tracking a COSTEN family line. Her ancestor, William COSTEN, married Cassa Ann McALLISTER. William and Cassa COSTEN had twelve children, each born in Tennessee. The youngest child, Thomas, was born in September of 1854. Their other children were Meredith, James A., Sam Houston, Mary Ann (married William DUDLEY), William W., John C., George W., Andrew J., Eliphas P., Frances M., Susan E., and Thomas J.

Sam Houston COSTEN (above) was a Confederate soldier who was captured at Vicksburg. He received a pension in Oklahoma, and spent the last years of his life with a niece, Cassie HERN, in the vicinities of Dewar and Westville, OK. He died in Westville in 1928. Eliphas COSTEN (above) married Zalmona McCRACKEN at Eureka Springs, AR, in 1869. Their father, William COSTEN, died in Pope County, AR. Are these COSTEN lines still in the Ozarks?

The HOCKENBERRY family of this area will be the subject of an upcoming genealogical book by Anna B. METTZ (4009 East Northwestern Drive, Edmond, OK 73034). To complete her work, Anna needs to contact descendants of Bob and Roxie STEEL whose farm south of Neosho, Newton County, MO, was incorporated into Camp Crowder during the 1940s. Bob was born near Marshall, OK, on 6 July 1893 to James and Rosa Lee HOCKENBERRY STEEL. Roxie was born 5 June 1905. Descendants of any of these people should contact Anna so that they might be included in her book.

Genevieve POPE HERMAN (1904 Patricia Lane, Billings, MT 59102) submitted a query to Rootbound last year and reports that it produced some valuable results. She is currently seeking the family history of James H. POPE (alias John H. POPE) who was born approximately 1826 in Tennessee. James was first married around 1848, possibly in Tennessee. His second marriage was to Delila KIRBY RISENHOOVER COX around 1860. He resided in Missouri from 1880 until 1891. Genevieve will answer all correspondence.

Wilma JONES DANIELS (2041 Legrand Road, Columbia SC 29223) wishes to contact others researching the surname GRIFFITH. She has extensive material on her line that goes back to Wales.

The surname RUTLEDGE is being researched by Laurence E. SEITS (155 Buckhorn Drive, Apt. 203, North Aurora, IL 60542). His branch is rooted in Virginia. And that same surname is also being worked by Lois WATSON RUTLEDGE (HC 30, Box67, McCook, NE 69001). Her lines are from West Virginia and Colorado.

Eunice WILKERSON DINSMORE (227 South Dryden, Stillwater, OK 74074) is tracking the following family names in southwest Missouri - particularly McDonald and Barry County: RADER, JEFFERS, CRAWFORD, WILKERSON, and GRANT. She will exchange material with others doing similar research.

ANDRIESSEN is a Swedish surname that is being explored by Linda J. STELPFLUG (W214N10357 Oak Lane, Germantown, WI 52022). One common derivative of that name is ANDERSON. Linda would enjoy hearing from any of our readers who have this unusual surname in their family tree.

The fourth PITMAN/PITTMAN/PITMON reunion will be held on 3 Nov 1990 at the UAW Hall in Hurst, TX. Those desiring further information should contact Frances PITTMAN MALCOM at 2116 Shady Brook, Bedford, TX 76021.

Good friend and genealogy columnist for The Dallas Morning News, Margaret Ann THETFORD (3725 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX 75205-2124) has announced that a 1979-1989 compilation of her column, Family Tree, is now available on microfilm or microfiche, $25 postpaid. Those with Texas roots might benefit from this unique collection.

And we hope that our readers are benefiting from Rootbound! We're still as close as the mailbox.

Happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #161:
23 Oct 1990

by Rocky Macy

Did you know that McDonald County, MO, was organized on 3 Mar 1849 from Newton County and named after Alexander McDONALD, a Revolutionary War soldier? Or than Newton County was organized on 31 Dec 1838 from Barry County and named for another Revolutionary War soldier, John NEWTON? And Barry County, it seems, was created on 5 Jan 1835 from Greene County and named for William T. BARRY, U.S. Postmaster General. Those facts, as well as other useful information, can be found in the booklet, A Guide to County Records on Microfilm, which was published by the Missouri State Archives. To learn more about the activities and publications of the Missouri State Archives, write to P.O. Box 778, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Barbara LAWSON WILLS (112 N. Birmingham (112 North Birmingham Place, Tulsa, OK 74110) is a professional writer and genealogy enthusiast. She is seeking information on some of her ancestors, and promises to answer every letter that she receives. The following individuals are of interest to Barbara:

Thomas A. LAWSON (born circa 1835, TN; died circa 1870, AR) who married Nancy Ann BUSBY (born 14 Oct 1833, TN; died 1920, Newton County, AR). Thomas and Nancy were possibly married in Missouri around 1864.

Our correspondent (above) also wishes to learn more about John Hudson COWLES (born 26 Aug 1825, MA; died 23 Feb 1904, Newton County, AR) and his wife, Margaret Lueretta SMITH (born 10 Dec 1849, KY; died 5 Dec 1925, Muskogee County, OK). Margaret was the daughter of Godfrey SMITH and Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" MILEMS/MILAMS. The children of John and Margarett were: Leuretta May (1871, AR - 1952, OK; married Thomas A LAWSON), Hiram Dexter (1875, AR - 1973, OK; married Nancy Ann LILES), Bertha Beatrice (1879, AR - 1943, OK; married Joseph HELT), Harry Eddy (1882, Marion County, AR - 1950; married Belle COLLINS), Margaret Elizabeth (1883, Newton County, AR - 1924, OK; married Joe BUSBY) and Carrie Viola (1887, AR - 1926, Muskogee County, OK; married Doc LILES).

Other surnames that are listed on the five generation chart of Barbara LAWSON WILLS include: BELL, HALE, HUBBS, JAMES, JONES, ROBERTS, STEPHENS, and YANLY. Anyone tracking one of those names might benefit from writing to Barbara at her home in Tulsa.

Betty DUCKWORTH (Rt. 5, Box 159, Jasper, TX 75951) is searching for descendants of Ezekiel Sylevester and Lucinda (NELSON) DUCKWORTH. The couple left Effingham County, IL, for Franklin County, MO, in 1900. Their children were William, Monroe, Stephen, George, Theodore Grant, Harriett, and James. Theodore Grant DUCKWORTH and his wife, Effie Cora, were in Reynolds County and Poplar Bluff, MO, in 1910 along with their family. Hopefully some of our readers can help Betty get her DUCKWORTHs all in a row!

Mary Ann CREASON ROHDE (5797 Sycamore, Rialto, CA 92376) is seeking to discover more about James and Rachel CREASON who arrived in the United States around 1776. The couple had nine sons: Peter, James, Isaac, William, Jacob, Gilbert, Willis (born 1800, Madison County, KY), Owen, and Elijah. The paths of this family eventually led through Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Mary Ann CREASON ROHDE (address above) also wishes to exchange information on the following individuals: Michael DOLAN (born circa 1854, MA), his wife, Anna FITZPATRICK (circa 1857, MA), their son, George DOLAN (circa 1888, CO), Alonjo PRESLEY (ca. 1851, GA), his wife, Eliza RENFRO (1859, GA), and their daughter, Erma Lena PRESLEY (1896, TX). Although none of those names show a local connection, they do appear to be spread out enough to have possibly left trails across the Ozarks. Mary Ann hopes so!

Rootbound has several postcards that were mailed to Mrs. F. L. "Gertie" PLOTNER of Anderson, MO, between 1957 and 1977. We would like to return those cards to Mrs. PLOTNER or one of her relatives. They may be had by writing to Rootbound in the Hillsin care of this newspaper. What could be easier!

Happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #160:
16 Oct 1990

by Rocky Macy

Whenever a few words in this column help to forge a family connection, Rootbound is working...and nothing could make us happier! Please read on...

G. Don HOBSON (8 Hollow Way, Bella Vista, AR 72714) has recently written to report that he has been contacted by two other HOBSON researchers since Rootbound mentioned that he has a lengthy HOBSON genealogy in his possession. In fact, one of the ladies who wrote to him shared the same third and fourth great-grandfathers as Don. His newly discovered cousin is from Bartlesville, OK.

Leeta GUNN ROBINSON (2320 Wallace Street, Clovis, NM 88101) wishes to identify all descendants of Reuben and Mary GOFORTH GUNN. Their children were Charles, James, Abisha, Elisha, William, Lawson, John, and Mary. Leeta is also interested in the Ozark lines of GREENUP, GUINN, and HART. She would particularly like to hear from any of our readers who have a knowledge of William J. HART, James Henry HART, and William F. GUINN who married Ann E. GREENUP.

Lynette KLEINPETER (Rt. 1, Box 1319, Ethel, LA 70730) is seeking to learn the ancestors and siblings of William Douglas LAWSON. Mr. LAWSON was born 19 July 1920 in Quapaw, OK, and died 20 Oct 1979 in Wichita, KS. His parents were William McKinley LAWSON and Laura Mae COMBS.

Lynette KLEINPETER (address above) also desires to exchange information on Ray Robert HATFIELD, a resident of Chillicothe, MO, who was born 6 Jan 1899 on died 12 Oct 1944. Ray was the youngest of thirteen children. He married Marie Pauline BURTON, a daughter of John Newton and Emma Grace GODSEY. Do we have readers working one of these lines?

And this from Kansas...Jane Kay BROWN (2215 Hageman, Salina, KS 67401) would like to correspond with all descendants of Napoleon B. HOPPER and his wife, Mary Virginia McQUEEN. They were the parents of twelve children. Four of their sons (Frank, Tom, Leonard, and Willard HOPPER) were living in the area of Pagemine and Rogers, AR, when Napoleon died in 1924. Are their descendants still in the Ozarks?

Willis CREASON and his wife, Ruth MOODY, had eight children, all born in Missouri between 1818 and 1834. The children were Isaac, Andrew, Riley, James, Howard, Perry, Jane, and Nancy. Mary Ann CREASON ROHDE (5797 Sycamore, Rialto, CA 92376) would like to hear from any descendants of this CREASON family, or from anyone researching any other CREASON/CRESON/CRESSON line.

Two other midwestern families are also of interest to Mary Ann CREASON ROHDE (address above). William STEWART/STUART and his wife, Mary ERICKSON, had four daughters born in Missouri. They were Sarah, Mary, Jane, and Clair. Abraham and Mary Matilda (MAIDEN) MOHNEY were married in Missouri in 1862. Mary Matilda was born in Missouri in 1844. Who were her parents?

John FOWLER (5121 Turnstone, Austin, TX 78744) has roots in Newton County, MO. His g-g-grandparents, James S. and Sarah Jerusha FOWLER, resided in Newton County in the last century along with the following children: Richard G., James C. (possibly moved to Arkansas), Joel Hawkins (stayed in Newton County), Margaret Frances (married John G. WILSON), Andrew J. (moved to Texas), Lucy Ann, Eliza Jane, and Sarah J. (married Lafayette GRIMES). Mr. Fowler would like to exchange information with any of his Ozark cousins.

The VAN WINKLE Family, a new genealogy that focuses on Peter Marselis VAN WINKLE (1814-1882) and his ancestors (back to the 16th century) and descendants, has been published by Marilyn LARNER HICKS (3621 Duchess Trail, Dallas, TX 75229). Although Rootbound has not seen a copy of this work, we do know that it contains over five hundred pages and sells for $50 plus $3 postage and handling. For more information or to order, please contact the compiler at the address listed above.

Footsteps Through Time is the national newsletter for persons with a MACY lineage. The editor, Anna J. BEDROSIAN (510 Superior Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904-2569) sent a complimentary copy of the most recent issue to Rootbound, and we were delighted to find that the lead article dealt with the line of John MAYSEY of Fairfax County, VA, the progenitor of the branch that came to reside in the Ozarks. The cost of this quarterly publication is seven dollars per year, and back issues are available.

Until next week...happy hunting!

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Rootbound in the Hills #159:
9 Oct 1990

by Rocky Macy

We're not exactly sure what a "Missouri Barn Sale" is, but that's where Rootbound's good friend, Raymond E. JEFFERIES, claims to have come up with his latest genealogical treasure. Ray's find, the ledger of an unidentified doctor who might have been from the Pineville, McDonald County, MO, area, contains the names and medical backgrounds of numerous individuals who lived in this area in the late 1800's. Some of the names gleaned from the ledger include:
John B. STILLEOUS, Lemuel WYATT, Jack CRAFONT, Jess WALKER (Mountain Home, AR), Jessie LILES (Mountain Home, AR), George and John MORGAN (Rocky Comfort, MO), Milton H. LILLEY, Mose HODGE, Ed EDWARDS, Lee SHEPHERD, Gellim COOK, Mr. McKELSEY, Nathan CARTER, Mike KELLY, Walter HANKINS, William MAYFIELD, John BELER, and Mr. COSTNEY.

If Grampa's name is on that list, Raymond E. JEFFERIES (c/o Jeff-Gen Research, P.O. Box 369, Pea Ridge, AR 72751) might have some valuable family medical information to share!

Sarah HUDSON PIERCE (P.O. Box 683, Plain Dealing, LA 71064), a poet with Ozark roots, wishes to exchange information with anyone working the surname RITZ. Sarah is a native of Sulphur Springs, Benton County, AR. Responses to her query do not have to be in rhyming verse!

Although Jareta BISHOP TUGMON (Rt. 2, Box 610, Locust Grove, OK 74352) was raised as a daughter of William Perry BISHOP (born 15 Nov 1906, Fulton County, AR) and Opal POWELL BISHOP (born 1906, Paden, OK), she believes that she was actually the daughter of William's sister, Nellie Zadie BISHOP. Nellie was born 12 Feb 1904 in Fulton County, AR, and died 25 May 1984 in Sand Springs, OK. She was the wife of C.F. DADD. He is also deceased. Nellie and William were the children of George Perry BISHOP (born 15 Nov 1878, Louisville, KY) and Ella DUNKERSON BISHOP. Jareta BISHOP TUGMON has many family questions that need to be answered. Who can help?

Georgia BALL FARWELL (HCR 01, Box 227, Eagle Rock, MO 65641) is trying to identify descendants of James Crutcher BALL and his second wife, Jammina BRINKLEY. They were married in Orange County, NC, in 1821. (James had married his first wife, Elizabeth FREEMAN, in 1818, also in Orange County.) James and Jammina's children were born in Bedford County, TN, and Kentucky. The family later lived in Missouri and were in Benton County, AR, by 1860. James passed away between 1850 and 1860 at an undetermined location.

The children of James and Jammina BALL were: Winnie (born circa 1830), Sarah (circa 1834), James (circa 1836), Manerva (circa 1839), William (circa 1841), Benjamin (circa 1842), and Elizabeth (circa 1850). Winnie married James THREAT in Kentucky or Tennessee, and she moved with her parents to Missouri and Benton County, AR.

Georgia BALL FARWELL (address above) is busy writing two books on her family history. She would appreciate any help that our readers could provide.

Mrs. Eloise C. MABEE (1303 Oak Street, Oregon City, OR 97045) has recently learned that her late husband's great-grandparents are buried in Neosho, Newton County, MO. She would enjoy hearing from anyone who might have of knowledge of this couple, Nathaniel and Susannah (STOVER) FOSTER. The FOSTERs lived in Ontario Canada, and Iowa before moving to southern Missouri. Mrs. MABEE would especially like to have a photograph or description of Nathaniel and Susannah's tombstones. Is there a Good Samaritan with a camera reading Rootbound?

Jo JONES (Rt. 1, Box 126, Bentonville, AR 72712) is tracing her husband's Benton County, AR, lineage. Of particular interest to Jo is the following line: Chauncey G. JONES (born 1910) married Vivian D. CARR (born 1918) on 16 Feb 1937. He was the son of Gabe C. JONES and Rosie Lee JAGGERS. She was the daughter of Herbert CARR (born 1882) and Armentoria "Mint" WILLIAMS (born 1880). Herbert was the son of Bryant CARR (born 1856) and Martha Mahalia ETRIS (born 1857). Mint was the daughter of Henry Franklyn WILLIAMS (born 1849) and Sarah Ann FRANCIS (born 1845). Other Benton County, AR, surnames that Jo is researching include BELL, COLLINS, OFFENBAKER, and PRICE. She would appreciate any assistance that our readers could provide.

Until next week...happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills # 158:
2 Oct 1990

by Rocky Macy

Rootbound continues to find its way to new places. It's only been a few short weeks since we printed our first query from Alaska, and now the mail has yielded a letter from Alabama - also a first! Please read on...

Ann GREGATH (P.O. Box 1045, Cullman, AL 35056) would like to know more about the GROGAN and NANCE families of southwest Missouri. Her ancestors, William GORGAN (born 1800, SC) and his wife, Permelia (born 1805, GA) were in Missouri by 1844. They were on the McDonald County census in 1850 and 1860. Permelia and her youngest son were residents of Grant County, AR, in 1870, and she died in Grant County, a widow, in January of 1880.

The children of William and Permelia GROGAN were: Hyram (born 1824, GA),Marion (1828, GA), Marcellus (1830, TN), Artilisha Lucretia (17 Feb 1834, TN), Mary J. (1838, TN), and William Lafayette (1844, MO). Hyram married America M. _____ before 1849 in Missouri. Artilishas Lucretia (our correspondent's ancestor) was first married to a Mr. WAKEFIELD, and then became the wife of Anderson HANCE in Missouri in 1859.

Ann GREGATH (address above) would enjoy hearing from any of our readers who have a knowledge of her Ozark ancestry.

Thomas Fletcher ROSE married Mary Lucinda MARQUIS on 23 Sep 1877 in McDonald County, MO. She was the daughter of William Maxwell MARQUIS, originally of Bellefontaine, Logan County, OH. Bellefontaine Presbyterian Church records provide a complete genealogy back six generations to the immigrant, William MARQUIS, who came to Opequon Valley near Winchester, Frederick County, VA, in 1720. Descendants or relatives of William Maxwell MARQUIS who would like to share this family history need to contact their cousin, Rose STAUBER (Rt. 3, Box 1084, Grove, OK 74344). It's a family treasure to be had for the asking!

Lena C. HIGH (9000 Brockington #58, Sherwood, AR 72120) is researching Peter KELLER (born 1812, Rockingham County, VA), a son of Lewis KELLER. Peter was married twice. His second wife, Julia (last name unknown), was born in Arkansas between 1838 and 1841. Peter and Julia had five children born in Vernon County, MO. He died in Coleman County, TX. Do these individauls enter into the research of any of our readers?

Gertrude GAYLOR NOLAN (10846 Biddinger Road, Harrison, OH 45030) is trying to obtain information on the GAYLOR/GAYLER surname in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. She has the following trails into the Ozarks:

Jesse GAYLOR (born 1815, VA) settled in an area of northwest Arkansas called Gayler Mountain. Calvin Smith GAYLOR (born 1822, TN) resided in Polk and Taney County, MO. One of Calvin's sons settled in Stone County, AR, and another came to live in Newton County, MO. William GAYLOR (born 1825, GA or AL) had descendants in Yell County, AR, and Coal and Wagoner County, OK. And Eli GAYLOR (born 1840, AL) had descendants in Carter, Love, Latimer, and Pittsburg County, OK.

Undoubtedly many descendants of these GAYLORs must still reside in the Ozarks. They might be able to learn a great deal of family history by taking pen in hand and writing to Gertrude in Ohio.

Kay ROBERTS MARTIN (Rt. 4, Box 440-1, Oak Grove, MO 64075) is on the trail of Mary Elizabeth RUTLEDGE (born 1 Dec 1870, MO; died 6 June 1947, Pitttsburg County, OK). She married Obadiah GOODMAN around 1890 in Arkansas or southwest Missouri. Mary Elizbeth's parents supposedly came to Missouri from Kentucky, where he father (name unknown) was a Methodist minister. She had a sister named Rosa and a brother, Charlie. Their mother's name was Mary. Do any of our readers have information to share with Kay?

Need help in tracking those Benton County, Arkansas, roots? One excellent resource is the Benton County Historical Society. They may be contacted at P.O. Box 1034, Bentonville, AR 72712. And remember to tell those good folks that Rootbound sent you!

Happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #157:
25 Sep 1990

by Rocky Macy

Remember the family Bible of J.H. and Martha (GARNER) WEEMS of Newtonia that stirred so much interest in Rootbound a few months ago. That Bible is now safely in the possession of J.H. and Martha's daughter, but the interest hasn't dissipated. Please read on...

Mrs. Ed LAUGHLIN (118 South 2nd, Goodman, MO) 64843) relates that Martha GARNER was a sister to her grandfather, Eli GARNER. Martha and Eli also had a sister, Angie GARNER CHURCH. Eli GARNER's first wife was Sarah HOLLOWAY, and his second wife was Sarah LEWIS. Eli's daughter, Mattie Lee GARNER, married Claude E. WOLFENBARGER - and they were the parents of our correspondent. Mrs. LAUGHLIN also reports that her grand-aunt, Martha GARNER WEEMS, ran a hotel in Newtonia or Stark City for several years. Mrs. LAUGHLIN would appreciate hearing from others who are researching this family.

A year ago this month Rootbound printed a query from Reba Jo CURRY JONES (4712 29th Street, Lubbock, TX 79410) regarding her great-grandparents, Joseph and Martha (SMITH) OWENS, who lived in Missouri before the Civil War. She received a reply from a reader in Bentonville, AR, suggesting that Joseph may have been Joseph William "Joe Bill" OWENS, the son of Peter and Nancy (Patterson) OWENS of Kentucky. Other children of that couple included: Elizabeth Long (married Sam STAPLES), Chenelsy Sharp (Mrs. Jacob HARDY), Susan Leach (Mrs. Burks HARDY), John Simeon, and Walter Henry.

Reba Jo CURRY JONES (above) needs to know if any of our readers have more specific information on Joseph William OWENS, the son of Peter and Nancy OWENS. Was he her great-grandfather?

Leslie ERICKSON (600 East Ocean Boulevard, Apt. 701, Long Beach, CA 90802) is seeking information on William Thomas Lester (born 27 Oct 1802, KY) who died 13 Mar 1859 in Crawford County, AR. He married Margaret TALKINGTON in 1830, and they resided in Hempstead and Washington County, AR, before settling in Crawford County around 1844. Leslie would be pleased to exchange material with anyone working this family line.

Lillie M. SMITH (204 South 25th, Temple, TX 76504) wishes to learn more about the following individuals: James BRADLEY (resided in Clark County, AR, 1820-1830, and in Independence County, AR, 1840); Robert MARSHALL (resided in Washington County, AR, 1830-1840); and John MARSHALL (resided in Washington County, AR, 1830-1840). Which of our readers can assist Lillie with her quest?

The fish must not be biting in Grand Lake because Rose STAUBER (Rt. 3, Box 1084, Grove, OK 74344) is back at work on her genealogy! Rose is still looking to contact descendants of Stephen Grant ROSE and Ida May ANDERSON. The couple were married in McDonald County, MO, on 5 Mar 1885. Ida May was reportedly a native of Anderson, MO. According to her 1933 obituary, Stephen Grant preceded her in death. Each of the couple's seven children survived to adulthood, and at the time of Ida May's death were living in Elk City and Independence, Kansas, and the Bartlesville and Tulsa areas of Oklahoma. Rose would exchange information with any descendants of this couple.

Rootbound tried unsuccessfully a few months ago to find a descendant of Cora E. KELLY KING who had a portrait photograph taken by Duncan Studios of Pierce City, MO, during the early days of this century. Rose STAUBER (above) mentioned in her letter that her grandfather's brother, Charles Marquis ROSE, married a Cora KELLY on 14 Jan 1910 in Grove, OK. Cora KELLY ROSE, a Cherokee Indian, died 4 Sep 1918 and is buried at Fairland, OK. Unfortunately, Rose can't make a connection between her Cora KELLY and ours - and the photograph is still in the Rootbound files waiting on anyone who can show a relationship.

Send those queries to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're as close as the mailbox and always eager to help!

Happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #156:
18 Sep 1990

by Rocky Macy

The small community of Rocky Comfort, MO, located in eastern McDonald County, is well known to most of us who reside in this part of the world. But did you know that there are several landmarks in Benton County, AR, that bear the same name? Please read on...

Raymond E. JEFFERIES (Jeff-Gen Research, P.O. Box 369, Pea Ridge, AR 72751), a frequent contributor to Rootbound, wishes to learn more about a Rocky Comfort Cemetery and Church near Hiwasse, Benton County, AR. He is also collecting information on two Rocky Comfort Schools, one near Hiwasse and the other located somewhere in southern Benton County. Raymond is hopeful that some of our readers will be able to provide him with material on those places. Rootbound would also be interested in hearing about those and any other Rocky Comforts of the Ozarks.

Sandy McGUIRE (29226 SW Baker Road, Sherwood, OR 97140) is tracing the ancestry of James W. WHITEID (born 1844, TN) who married Virginia WILLIAMS of Lawrence County, MO, around 1870. The WHITEIDs settled in Stone County, MO, and both eventually died there. They are buried at Ponce de Leon, MO.

Sandy McGUIRE (above) is also on the trail of Edward ROGERS (born 21 Feb 1840, Green County, IN) who married Sarah SHEETS of Monroe County, IN, on 22 July 1858. Edward died 6 Mar 1922 at Reed Springs, MO, and is buried at the Coon Ridge Cemetery along with his wife, Sarah, who died 16 Mar 1916. Can any of our readers assist Sandy with her WHITEID or ROGERS lines?

Jonathan G. HANKS (1827-1886) was buried at either Bowdry or Baker Cemetery located on private property north and east of Pineville, McDonald County, MO. His descendant, Darlene HANKS SLAPAR (Box 31, Eudna, KS 66025) wants to learn why he came to be buried there. Are descendants of Jonathan G. HANKS still in the area? Darlene would also like to visit her ancestor's grave, but to do this she needs to know the name and address of the property owner. Who can help our friend from Kansas?

Charisse FLOYD (34 Eve Lane, Conway, AR 72032) is researching the lineage of John Irvin SPARKS (born 3 Mar 1851) and his wife, Mary Belle SCOBEE (born 1854), residents of Missouri. She was the daughter of Steven Jackson SCOBEE and the granddaughter of Christie SCOBEE. John and Mary Belle (SCOBEE) SPARKS were the parents of Ida Mae, William, Jim, Roy, Marvin, Lee Rice, Pearl, Scobee, and Sally. Do they have descendants in the Ozarks?

Mary E. WHITE (2 Matlock Circle, Bella Vista, AR 72714) recently forwarded some interesting notes on her ancestry. Mary's parents were Charles MILLER and Gladys Evelyn WALL. Gladys was the daughter of Joseph WALL (Dierks, AR) and Mary Ellen JONES (born 11 Feb 1844, Mt. Willing, AL). Other surnames on Mary's maternal family tree include: BROWN, CARPENTIER, CORBEL, HAWKINS, HOLLADAY, and HUGHES. Those researching any of the above mentioned surnames, especially those rooted in Alabama or Arkansas, might do well to contact Mary.

Leslie ERICKSON (600 East Ocean Boulevard, Apt. 701, Long Beach, CA 90802) wants information on Robert MORROW and his wife, Julie SIMPSON. Robert was born around 1796 and died in 1849 at Ozark, MO. L.J. MORROW and I.N. MORROW were the administrators of his estate. L.J. MORROW may have had a brother names Demosthenes.

L.J. MORROW (above) married Harriet Boliver TIPTON on 24 Nov 1847. Harriet, a daughter of John TIPTON, was born 28 Dec 1830. L.J. and Harriet were living in Springfield, MO, in 1850. Nancy TIPTON (age 37) was the head of another household in Springfield at that time. A John TIPTON (age 6) resided in Nancy's house. L.J. MORROW and this young John TIPTON eventually went to California together. How were they related? Who has material to share on the MORROWs and the TIPTONs?

Ancestry, Inc. (P.O. Box 308, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-0308) publishes a wide array of books and forms that are of value to genealogists. For a free copy of Ancestry's 1990 catalogue, write to the address listed above or phone 1-800-531-1790. And don't forget to tell those good folks that Rootbound sent you!

Happy hunting!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #155:
11 Sep 1990

by Rocky Macy

Three years ago Rootbound ran a lengthy column on the family of William Carroll ROARK and his wife, Comfort POE, who settled in Newton County, MO, between 1853 and 1855. That article noted that Nathan ROARK, a son to William and Comfort, had two children living in his household in 1870 who were, due to their ages, probably step-children. The youngsters' names were John and Mary, and their mother, Nathan's first wife, was Margaret MEADOR.

Now from Rubelle ROARK RICKETT (Rt. 3, Box 246, Anderson, MO 64831), a granddaughter of Nathan ROARK's, comes the evidence to support our initial educated guess. Mrs. RICKETT has forwarded the text of an Affidavit of Heirship that was filed with the Clerk of McDonald County on 23 March 1885. The affidavit was submitted by Joel HIRE(S) of McDonald County. In it he testified that he was the father-in-law of Francis W. MEADOR, and that Francis W. MEADOR had only two heirs, J.N. (John) MEADOR and Mary E. MEADOR (Mrs. Jas. W. FLEMING).

That document, taken with the fact that Margaret was listed on the 1860 census of McDonald County as the wife of Francis MEADOR and the mother of one-year-old John, and that information on her and John agrees with that contained in the 1870 census entry on the family of Nathan ROARK, would strongly indicate that John and Mary were Nathan's step-children. According to Rubelle RICKETT, the children's natural father, Francis W. MEADOR, was killed in the Civil War.

Thank you, Rubelle RICKETT, for adding another piece to the ROARK family portrait. William and his son, Nathan, each fathered large families, and their descendants number in the hundreds - or more!

Copies of the special column on the ROARK family may be obtained by sending a request along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. And while you're at it, why not jot down some of your ROARK genealogy and include that as well!

Joseph H. CAMPBELL (22 Basildon Drive, Bella Vista, AR 72714) is one researcher who never gives up. In a recent letter he outlined eight steps that he has taken in order to ascertain the parentage and ancestry of his great-grandfather, John CAMPBELL. As it is with most common names, our correspondent has found this problem to be very difficult, and, as yet, unsolved. Perhaps some of our readers will be able to lend a hand. Please read on...

John CAMPBELL (above) was, according to a Bible notation, born in Lincoln County, KY, in March of 1778. Kentucky had not achieved statehood at that time, and his birthplace may have actually been Pincastle County, Virginia. He married Eleanor in August of 1802. Beyond those few facts, Joseph H. CAMPBELL knows very little about his ancestor. He is hoping that some of our readers might have the key to this family puzzle.

Missouri Queries is a quarterly magazine published by Carolyn WILSON WEIDNER (West 2206 Borden Road, Spokane, WA 99204-9968). Queries that have a Missouri connection are printed free, and the magazine itself sells for $3 per issue plus $1.25 postage and handling. The current issue has thirty pages and is completely indexed. Mrs. WEIDNER also publishes a similar magazine entitled New York State Queries.

Mark Those Calendars: The Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society has announced that it will host a Heritage Quest Road Show on 8 Oct 1990. An interesting program will be presented by Leland MEITZLER, a co-founder of Heritage Quest magazine, and participants will have the opportunity to preview and purchase a wide array of genealogical books and materials. The free program will be held at 7 p.m. at the Rogers Chamber of Commerce which is located at 113 North Fourth in Rogers, AR. Rootbound will see you there!

Until next week...happy hunting!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #154:
4 Sep 1990

by Rocky Macy

Rootbound does enjoy the mail - especially notes of appreciation like the one received recently from Charles W. GIVENS (21401 County Road G, Cortez, CO 81321). Mr. GIVENS reported that his query in Rootbound had been very successful, and that he had acquired new information on his great-grandfather, John E. GIVENS. Great work, readers!

Harrison MILNE (25 Sherman, Bella Vista, AR 72714) states that he has fairly complete genealogies for seven generations of the families of Thomas BAILEY and Benjamin WILLIAMS. Some of their descendants eventually migrated from eastern Tennessee to McDonald County, MO. The surnames WEEMS and POGUE also figure prominently in these genealogies. Those with an interest in a local BAILEY or WILLIAMS lineage might do well to contact Harrison.

Rootbound received a letter from Mrs. Ray L. GREER (107 SE 14th Street, Bentonville, AR 72712) who told about her great-grandmother, Rachael Elizabeth BURKS HARDY, an herb doctor who treated Rebel soldiers in Kentucky during the Civil War. Many Ozark families arrived via Kentucky, so perhaps Rachael has other descendants in this area as well.

Mrs. Jacquie SHORES CARTMELL (8029 NW 20th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73127-1132) is researching William Gus CARTMILL/CARTMELL, the son of William CARTMILL (born MO) and Mary Jane BURRIS (born October 1845/1846, AR). Mary Jane was the daughter of James and Nancy BURRIS She may have been married to a LOVE before her marriage to William.

Mary Jane BURRIS CURTMILL (above) married James Allen FLIPPIN in Neosho, MO, on 10 Mar 1883. The couple had two children, Ethel (born August 1885, MO) and William A. (born May 1887, MO). The FLIPPIN family was living in Pawnee County, Oklahoma Territory, in 1900. Are their descendants still in the Ozarks?

Jacqueline WILLIAMS JUDAH (P.O. Box 3924, South Padre Island, TX 78597) ran a query in Rootbound last winter on her MILAM and SUTTLE Ozark lineages. She has recently written to say that she received one letter on each surname. Are there others in this area working those same names?

Ruth CLINE (1120 Pepper Drive, Sp. 77, El Cajon, CA 92021) wishes to learn more about Guilford BRIDGES (born cicra 1810). Guilford was a resident of Newton county, MO, in 1840, along with his wife (name unknown) and six children. He is listed on the 1850 census of Lawrence County, MO, with a wife, Luranda or Lorania, and eight children. The 1850 census indicates that Guilford and his wife had been married within the year. The youngest child in the family at that time was Samuel, aged six months.

Benjamin Franklin BRIDGES, son of Guilford (above), was born 13 Mar 1840 in Missouri. He married his first wife, Susan WOODS, on 4 Aug 1859 in Lawrence County, MO, and married wife number two, Penelope AKE, on 7 Sep 1868 in Williamson County, TX. What became of Susan?

Ruth CLINE (above) is eager to hear from her Ozark cousins. Perhaps some of the BRIDGES still residing in Newton County will be able to assist her with her genealogy - or vice-versa.

Kay ROBERTS MARTIN (Rt. 4, Box 440-1, Oak Grove, MO 64075) is tracking the line of Mary Elizabeth RUTLEDGE (born 1 Dec 1870, MO; died 6 June 1947, Pittsburg County, OK). She was the daughter of John B. RUTLEDGE and Elizabeth ROARK. John B. RUTLEDGE was born 15 Aug 1853 in Tennessee and died 4 Dec 1889 in Dent or Texas County, MO. John was the son of Stephen W. RUTLEDGE (born 1833, TN; died 1910, Texas County, MO) and Mary MASSEY, a daughter of Richard MASSEY and Mary ALSUP. Stephen's parents were Wilson RUTLEDGE and _____ WILSON. Which of our readers can assist Kay with her research?

Why not let Rootbound help bag your elusive ancestors? We're as close as the mailbox!

Happy hunting!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #153:
28 Aug 1990

by Rocky Macy

The best thing about writing Rootbound is being able to play a small part in helping people to track down their ancestors. The second best thing is meeting some of those people that we've helped. Please read on...

Don HOBSON (8 Hollow Way, Bella Vista, AR 72714), a former Rootbound correspondent, stopped by the house recently to introduce himself and discuss genealogy. Don brought along a most interesting book which traced some of America's HOBSONs back to the early 1700s. Those with a HOBSON limb on their family tree might benefit by writing to Don.

Sandy McGUIRE (29226 SW Baker Road,Sherwood, OR 97140) is on the trail of Martha L. TODD who was born on 6 June 1837 in Washington County, AR, to Elijah Smith TODD (born 6 July 1811) and Martha BOYD (born 9 Dec 1811, Washington County, AR). Martha L. TODD married Jacob L. DAVIS on 16 May 1861. Jacob died on 21 Aug 1908, and Martha passed away on 12 Dec 1912 - both near Crane in Stone County, MO. Are their descendants still in the Ozarks?

Charles Monroe CRAVENS and Tennessee Jane BRADLEY were reportedly married in McDonald County, MO, by a minister from Washington County, AR, on 5 April 1877. Unfortunately, their great-granddaughter, Claudia J. BROKER (540 E. 2nd, Hutchinson, KS 67501), has yet to find an official record of that marriage. Can any of our readers assist Claudia in her search?

Claudia J. BROKER (address above) relates that Charles and Tennessee CRAVENS resided with their family in Benton County, AR, during the 1880s through the early 1900s. Their children were Viola Grace, Alonzo Ulysses, James Alexander, Samuel Carle, Mary Eunice, Roy Sherman, Robert Lee, and Lilah Margaret. James Alexander CRAVENS (above)
supposedly left Arkansas around 1903 and became a semi-professional baseball player. Which team?

Charles Monroe CRAVENS (above) was the son of James and Salina CRAVENS who arrived in Benton County, AR, between 1870 and 1873. Their other children were Meredith, Sarah E., Martha J., William H., John D., Thomas m., Rufus, James, and Mary A. Charles and Meredith became employees of the Rogers Milking Company of Rogers, AR.

Tennessee Jane BRADLEY CRAVENS (above) was born in Taney County, MO, in 1856, the daughter of Samuel Carle BRADLEY. Her younger brother, James Harvey BRADLEY, was born two years later in Benton County, AR, where the family remained.

Our correspondent, Claudia J. BROKER, would especially like to hear from anyone with information on BRADLEY and CRAVENS lineages in the Ozarks. She would also like to learn some of the history of the Rogers Milking Company. Who can help?

Helen L. SELBY (303 E. Hickory, Apt. 411, Neosho, MO 64850) heard that Rootbound had mentioned the surname SELBY recently with regard to a family Bible. Unfortunately, our previous one hundred and fifty-two columns have yet to be indexed, and this faltering columnist cannot remember that entry. If anyone has that particular item or knows about a SELBY family Bible, pleased get in touch with Helen. (Research note: A notebook containing all Rootbound columns is kept downstairs in the genealogy room of the Neosho City-County Library.)

Summit Publications (P.O. Box 222, Munroe Falls, OH 44262) has announced publication of the 1990-1991 edition of Family Associations, Societies, and Reunions. It contains the names and addresses of over 2,800 family organizations and their contact persons. An index of variant spellings is also included. This very useful publication may be ordered from the publisher for just $7 plus $1 postage and handling. And when you write to those folks, let them know that you heard about their work through Rootbound!

Stuck out on a limb on the old family tree? Write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're as close as the mailbox!

Happy hunting!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #152:
21 Aug 1990

by Rocky Macy

Rotbound's story regarding the old family Bible of J.H. and Martha (GARNER) WEEMS stirred six phone calls and one letter. The heirloom, which contained much genealogy as well as the 1899 wedding certificate of J.H. and Martha, was purchased by this columnist at a flea market near Goodman, McDonald County, MO. The family record included entries up into the 1970's. It was a treasure trove of family history!

And the winner was...

David WEEMS of Newtonia, Newton County, MO, (the hometown of J.H. and Martha) was the first claimant. His father and J.H. WEEMS had been first cousins. At the time David picked up the Bible, he offered to share the information that it contained with other family members, and he volunteered to pass the Bible along to anyone who might have a more direct claim than his.

And then a wonderful letter arrived! Zella SAULSBURY (P.O. Box 239, Sarcoxie, MO 64862) wrote to report that David WEEMS had brought the Bible to her. In her thank you note, Zella went on to explain that she was the daughter of J.H. and Martha WEEMS.

So the real winners were...

David WEEMS for being able to help Zella SAULSBURY reclaim an important part of her heritage...and the other Rootbound readers who assisted David in making contact with his second cousin. When things like that happen - Rootbound is working!

An effort is being made to identify and catalog the graves in the Greenwood Cemetery located northwest of Granby, Newton County, MO, on Highway E. Persons having information on unmarked graves at that cemetery (locations, names, dates, etc.) should contact Dixie HAASE at Rt. 1, Box 1057, Granby, MO 64844. Historical information regarding the chapel at Greenwood is also being sought. Anything that is learned about the cemetery or the chapel will be made available to the public.

Tom WILBUR (1060 Melrose, East Lansing, MI 48823) is on the trail of his ancestor, Martha Jane "Jennie" BROWN. She was born in Indiana in 1832 or 1834, and married John Franklin RICE on 30 May 1850 in Jasper County, MO. The census for that same year lists the couple as living in Marion Township of Newton County, MO, along with three children: Mary (age 15), Isaac (age 13), and Nancy (age 4). The children would indicate that John had been married at least once previously.

John and Jennie RICE had two sons of their own. The boys were Christopher Columbus George (born 28 Jan 1851, Carthage, Jasper County, MO) and Joshua Bristo (born 30 Jan 1852, also in Carthage). Another source agrees with the birth date and name of Joshua, but states that the other boy was Elisha Christopher (born 28 Feb 1854) and that both boys were born in Hermitage, MO. Which is correct?

John Franklin RICE was either deceased or had left the area by 1857 at which time Jennie Married James LAWSON. Their son, Wade Hampton LAWSON, was reportedly born in Missouri (possibly at Hermitage) on 11 Dec 1858. The LAWSONs and the RICE boys moved to California in 1859.

Tom WILBUR (address above) has contacted several of Jennie's Ozark relatives, but he believes that there may be others of whom he is not aware. Related surnames might possibly include ALLEN, BROWN, GILMAN, GLAISBROOK, GLAZEBROOK, LAWSON, and RICE. Tom would certainly appreciate hearing from any of our readers who have knowledge of his ancestry.

The current issue of Southern Queries magazine includes an article by this columnist entitled How to Build a Better Query. It is a set of query-writing guidelines that have evolved from nearly three years of reading that wonderful Rootbound mail. Basically, the advice offered is this: be clear, concise, and legible - and if you desire a reply from Rootbound, please enclose that self-addressed, stamped envelope.

And speaking of the mail...Rootbound is waiting on yours!

Happy hunting!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #151:
14 Aug 1990

by Rocky Macy

Sulphur Springs, Benton County, AR, has many unique claims on history, one of which is that of being the birthplace of a prolific poet. Sarah HUDSON PIERCE, a former classmate of this columnist while at the Noel School, has two volumes of poetry to her credit, Friendship is a Journey and The Warming of Winter. The latter book contains many old family photos. Some of the surnames gleaned from those photos include: ANDRES, BRAGG, CANTRELL, HILER, HUDSON, MAPLES, MORRIS, PETTIGREW, PETTIS, RITZ, SLAUGHTER, SPORLEDER, and WOMACK.

Old friends may write to Sarah HUDSON PIERCE at P.O. Box 683, Plain Dealing, LA 71064. She would especially like to hear from any of our readers who knew her grandmother, Sarah RITZ HUDSON. Sarah's poetry books may also be ordered from the address listed above. Friendship is a Journey sells for $5, and the Warming of Winter is $7.50.

Sue HANNAH (7048 Timothy Street, Anchorage, AK 99502) wishes to correspond with anyone who has a knowledge of her great-grandparents, Michael Emmett and Ellen C. KEEGAN. The KEEGANs had a horse farm near Seneca, Newton County, MO, from the early 1880s until after the beginning of this century. Ellen C. KEEGAN died in Joplin, Jasper County, MO, in 1915 at the age of eighty-one.

William Patrick KEEGAN, the son of Michael and Ellen, left the Seneca farm around 1902 with his wife, Myrtle, and three-month-old daughter, Mary Elenore. They moved to Tulsa, OK, via horse and buggy. Another son, John T. KEEGAN, was a physician in Louisville, KY. He was declared insane and died at the state hospital in Nevada, MO, in 1929. A third son, Michael Emmet KEEGAN, Jr., was a ward of the state of Missouri in 1929. He signed John's death certificate. Michael Emmett KEEGAN, Jr. may have died at a Poor Farm near Oronogo, MO.

Rose KEEGAN, a sister of Michael Emmet KEEGAN (the father), may have lived on the Seneca farm for a while also.

Rootbound readers who remember the KEEGANs are urged to contact Sue HANNAH at her home in Alaska. She is anxious to learn more about her Ozark ancestry.

Wilma O'CONNELL (4105 Main Street, #31, Vancouver, WA 98663) is trying to obtain a copy of a genealogy on the BEARD family of northwest Arkansas. She believes the book was put out by an area genealogical or historical society. Wilma's father was William Franklin BEARD He was a son of Samuel Franklin and Mattie E. (LANGLEY) BEARD. Samuel was the son of Syrus BEARD. All were residents of Benton County, AR.

Wilma O'CONNELL's mother was Mary Nina WRIGHT, a daughter of Jacob and Margaret Belle (RAMEY) WRIGHT. Jacob was the son of Burle WRIGHT - and Burle is buried in Bentonville, Benton County, AR.

Those tracking a BEARD or WRIGHT line in the Ozarks might do well to write to Wilma. She would like to correspond with anyone who has information on the written genealogy of the BEARD family.

Bernadine HAYWORTH CREWS (2231 E. Cherryvale, Springfield, MO 65804) is searching for ancestors and descendants of William D. COLE (born 1842; died circa 1916) and his wife, Mary D. BISHOP (born 1842, KY; died 1917, East Benton, Newton County, MO). They were married in 1864, and both are buried at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Newton County, MO. The children of the couple were Nancy (HAYWORTH), Samuel, James, Henry,
and Winford. Do any of our readers have material to share on this family?

Need help shaking the old family tree? Write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're as close as the mailbox!

Happy hunting!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #150:
7 Aug 1990

by Rocky Macy

No one has yet to claim the old photograph of Cora E. KELLY KING that was mentioned in Rootbound a couple of weeks ago, but one of our readers has supplied some information about the photographer. Thelma KELLY SCHNAKE (Rt. 1, Stark City, MO 64866) reports that Mr. DUNCAN was a well respected photographer in the Pierce City area for many years. He took Mrs. SCHNAKE's baby picture, and also photographed her mother as an infant in 1890.

Thelma KELLY SCHNAKE would like to learn more about her own KELLY ancestry. She knows that JOLLY (Bethel) Methodist Church was organized by a Reverend Jeptha KELLY in 1846. Her grandfather, Thomas Jeptha KELLY, was one of a family of eight boys and four girls. One of his brothers served in the Confederate Army. Do any of our readers have more to share on this particular KELLY family?

Fred and Alice LEAF (13152 Blodgett, Downey, CA 90242) have forwarded copies of articles on the LOVE family of Chillicothe, Hardeman County, TX, and the McCLELLAND family of Decatur, Benton County, AR. Those researching a LOVE or McCLELLAND line might profit by contacting Fred and Alice.

Dorothy C. RYAN (Rt. 1, Box 147, Decatur, AR 72722) would like to learn more about Colonel Henry C. HASTINGS (1793-1877), a veteran of the War of 1812, and his wife, Mary D. WORD (1807-1877). The couple migrated through Bedford County, TN, and Lincoln County, KY, before eventually arriving in Decatur, Benton County, AR. Colonel and Mrs. HASTINGS had three sons and seven daughters. They were: James M., John H., William C., Sarah H. (DAVIDSON), Nancy (PHILLIPS), Emily (RIDDLE), Eliza Belle (CURTIS, JONES), Margaret (JANUARY), Frances C. (BAKER), and Elizabeth C. (JANUARY). Those with material to share on these individuals should write to Dorothy at her home in Decatur.

Mrs. Sharon L. FULLER (11515 Roundup Road, Mead, WA 99021) will exchange data on the family of her great-grandmother, Jennie HESS, who was born on Christmas Day 1881 in Kansas City, MO. Jennie's parents were William Henry and Charlotte (HOLLY/HOLLEY) HESSEN. (William Henry shortened the name to "HESS" upon his arrival in America from Germany.) Jennie's siblings were Louisa (HELMING), Minnie (KUESTERMAN), William, Jr., and Jospehine (ESSIG). Which of our readers can assist Sharon with her search?

Louise STONE (1501-C West 5th, Plainview, TX 79072) wishes to make contact with anyone having knowledge of Fisher A. WRIGHT and his wife, Susannah PENCE, who moved from Hunt County, TX, to McDonald or Newton County, MO, after 1860. They were possibly residents of Newtonia in Newton County. Did these people spend the rest of their lives in this area or move on to someplace else?

Sandy McGUIRE (29226 SW Baker Road, Sherwood, OR 97140) needs information on Long DAVIS, a landowner around Fayetteville, Washington County, AR, who died in that county sometime during 1841 or 1842. His wife's name was Milly, and the children were Jacob Long, James, Gabriel, John, Thomas, William, and Jane. Jacob Long DAVIS (born 1 Feb 1842-1843) enrolled on 1 June 1863 in Company K of the 1st regiment of Arkansas Volunteers. Are descendants of this DAVIS clan still in the Ozarks?

And how about Roughriders? Karen GREEN (Sul Ross State University, Box 5048, Alpine, TX 79830) is writing a thesis on Teddy ROOSEVELT's Roughriders, and she wishes to make contact with deescendants of any of the twelve hundred men who joined and fought with that famous unit. And when you send a letter to Karen, why not mail a copy to Rootbound? We'd be interested in hearing of any Ozark natives who charged up San Juan Hill.

And meanwhile, let's keep charging up those family trees! Send your genealogy queries to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're here to help!

Happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #149
31 July 1990

by Rocky Macy

Remember our correspondent a couple of weeks ago who was seeking information on the GIVENS family of southwest Missouri and northwest Arkansas? Bobbie WYLIE of Neosho phoned to say that she has a great deal of material on the family that she will share. Thanks to her helpfulness, Charles W. GIVENS (21401 County Road G, Cortez, CO 81321) will be getting a nice surprise package of genealogy soon. Great work, Bobbie...that's the way Rootbound is supposed to work!

Waunita BEASLEY (P.O. Box 53, Noel, MO 64854) is tracking the lineage of George W. HOWELL who married Mary Jane NOX (KNOX) on 12 June 1869 in Benton County, AR. George had been married twice previously, first to Margaret G. MARTIN and then to Martha _____. He had three children by each of his first two wives, all born in Georgia. George and Mary Jane had four children, all born in Arkansas. They were: Joseph Columbus (born circa 1878), Francis Marion (circa 1872), Mary (HAILEY) (circa 1873), and Mahalda (circa 1875). The family was at home in Benton County in 1870 and 1880.

Joseph Columbus HOWELL (above) and his wife, Minnie C. HOWELL, were residing in Sequoyah County, OK, in 1910 along with their seven children and her step-father, Steve NOBLETT.

Waunita BEASLY (address above) is also interested in learning more about William D. GATTON (born circa 1819) and his wife, Parmelia J. (born circa 1824). He was the son of Joseph (born circa 1788, NC) and Elizabeth (born ca. 1787) GATTON. William and Parmelia were early residents of Arkansas, but were living in Lawrence County, MO, in April of 1859 when their 5th daughter, Sarah Angeline, was born. Sarah married John T. OWEN (born July, 1856. Wilson County, TN). Sarah and John T. both died in 1920 and are buried in Beaver Cemetery, Benton County, AR.

The Beaver Cemetery, according to Mrs. BEASLEY, is located five or six miles east of Noel and just inside of the Arkansas line. Most of the graves are unmarked, but some of the people believed to be interred there were members of the following families: BEAVER, HANSON, COLLIER, GAROUTTE, WEKKSM CULPP, PUTMAN, DOUGHTERY, and DOFFIELD. If any of our readers have information on this cemetery or on Waunita BEASLEY's ancestors, please contact her at her home in Noel.

Pierre (Peter) COURTEOL (born 1824, France) came to Granby, MO, with his son, Julian, and one other child in the 1860's from Carondolet, near St. Louis, MO. W.S. MESPLAY became Julian's guardian after Peter's death in 1880. Now, a century and a decade later, Julian's granddaughter, Julie COURTEOL STERLING (1718 SW Myrtle Street, Portland, OR 97201), would like to gather more information on the COURTEOL and MESPLAY families of Granby. Julian lived in Granby until his death in 1940. Are there still people in this area who remember his and can help Julie with her research?

Nancy HARRIS (8750 E. Coronado Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85257) is tracing the descent of Isaac and Sarah (ROBINS) BIRKES who lived in Carroll County, AR, in 1880. They had several children, some of whom eventually moved to Benton County, AR. The children were: Martha (married James Harrison HENSON), William Marion (married Margaret Ellen EVANS), Julia Ann (married Sam HAYS, George R. (married Susan HAYS), Bertha, Henry, Richard, and Tom. Those with material to share should contact Nancy in sunny Arizona.

The Genealogy Friends of the Library of Neosho have recently come into possession of the original Newton County marriage licenses and applications that were issued from 1930 until 1984. Persons desiring to obtain their actual marriage license and application should send a long self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Genealogy Friends of the Library at 507 West Hickory, Neosho, MO 64850. Please provide the date of marriage, or at least the year of the marriage. For more information, contact the group's president, Phyllis CHANCELLOR HOLLEY, at 417-451-4523. There is no charge for this service.

Until next week...happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #148:
24 July 1990

by Rocky Macy

It sometimes seems that there is more genealogy waiting to be discovered on the shelves of America's flea markets than there is in all of her cemeteries, libraries, and courthouses. Take for example the old Bible that once belonged to the J.H. WEEMS family of Newtonia, Newton County, MO, and was recently purchased by this columnist at a local seconds shop. The volume is rich in genealogical data, a smattering of which follows:

J.H. WEEMS and Martha E. GARNER, both residents of Newtonia, were married in that community on 13 Feb 1899. He was apparently the son of Jones WEEMS (born 6 Nov 1899; died 13 Jan 1908) and Mary F. POWERS (born 2 Feb 1849; died 19 Oct 1916). Jones was the son of John WEEMS and Nancy ISBELL.

Many birth, marriage, and death dates have been entered into the family record section of this Bible, as well as a listing of when certain family members joined the Methodist Church. The most recent entry notes the death of Fred E. WEEMS on 5 Sep 1979. Several loose-lead pages of genealogy were also stored in the Bible, as was the original marriage certificate of J.H. and Martha (GARNER) WEEMS.

Rootbound wishes to see this material returned to descendnts of J.H. and Martha WEEMS. The first person to show proof of relationship to this couple and reimburse our purchase price ($12) will own a fine lot of family history.

Mrs. Lydia PYLE (105 Westwood Drive, Troup, TX 75789) is searching for clues as to the parentage of her husband's ancestor, Mary Frances May HAYWORTH, possibly a native of Missouri, who was born 30 May 1886. She married Gustav H. ZIMMERMAN. Mary Frances died in Ft. Worth, TX. Do any of our readers have information that would help Lydia in her quest?

Gerald H. FORMAN (1508 West View Drive, Berkeley, CA 94705-1657) reports that he has had very little success in researching his CHEEK ancestry in northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri. Gerald's g-g-grandmother was Julia Catherine CHEEK. She was born in Indian Territory in 1850 and married John Preston PURKHISER on 13 Oct 1867 at Carthage, MO. Her father was born in Tennessee and her mother was a native of Missouri. John and Julia were residents of Erie Township, McDonald County, MO, in 1880, along with their children: Dora Y., William G., Julia Belle, and John. John was a sawmill operator and ultimately moved his family throughout much of northwest Arkansas. Are descendants of John and Julia still in these Ozark hills?

Mary A. DAVIS (15979 State Route 691, Nelsonville, OH 45764), President of the STOVALL Family Association, has recently announced that the Second National STOVALL Family Reunion will be held at the Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza in Memphis, TN, on August 3-5, 1990. The reunion is open to descendants of Bartholomew STOVALL. For further information, please contact Mary at her home in Ohio, or telephone 614-753-2660.

Rootbound has received a packet of material on the HUDSON Family Association. Persons with an interest in this surname might benefit from contacting the group's membership secretary, Lucy HUDSON, at 232 Loop Drive, Slidell, LA 70458.

The Newton County (MO) Historical Society operates a museum that should be of interest to anyone with roots in this area. The museum is located one block northeast of the square in Neosho. Hours of operation are 12:30 p.m. until 4:30 pm. Wednesday through Sunday. And while you're viewing their displays, why not consider becoming a member of the group? Dues are still only $6 per year. To learn more about the work of this fine organization, please write to the Newton County Historical Society at P.O. Box 675, Neosho, MO 64850.

Rootbound would be happy to publicize the activities of any historical or genealogical group in our readership area. Just jot down the details and send them to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. Nothing could be simpler!

Happy hunting!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #147:
17 July 1990

by Rocky Macy

Any list of notables in the field of genealogy would have to include the EVERTON family of Logan, UT. Since 1947 the EVERTONs have published The Genealogical Helper, a quality magazine that is essential equipment for serious ancestor hunters. As a loyal subscriber to the Helper for over a decade, this columnist was duly impressed when he had the opportunity to visit briefly with the magazine's current president and publisher, George B. EVERTON, Jr., at a recent workshop sponsored by the Joplin Genealogical Society.

The EVERTON's Family Tree Climbing Can Be Fun workshops are conducted in numerous locations around the country each year. They are beneficial for the beginner and the advanced researcher. Mr. EVERTON's presentation began with an in-depth look at various ways to use The Genealogical Helper. This was followed by segments centering on proper note-taking skills, sources of information on immigration and emigration, ways to locate female ancestors, and unusual sources in genealogy. Those in attendance also had the opportunity to use various research aids created by the EVERTONs.

For information regarding subscriptions to The Genealogical Helper, please write to The Everton Publishers, P.O. Box 368, Logan, UT 84321. And don't forget to tell them that Rootbound sent you!

Ava Nell CHEEK (39 Tamworth Circle, Bella Vista, AR 72714) is seeking information on her great-grandmother, Eliza Jane MATHIS. Eliza was born around 1848 in Jefferson City, MO. She later lived near Joplin, MO, before moving to Hunt County, TX, where she married Francis Z. "Zack" TURNER in 1870. Eliza's parents were both born in Kentucky. She had an older brother called "Mike" and a younger brother named Dan. The name MATHIS was spelled "MATHEWS" on Eliza's marriage license, and some of the family eventually changed their names to MATHEWS. She and her husband both died in the 1920s near Merkel in Taylor County, TX. Do any of our readers have a knowledge of Eliza Jane MATHIS TURNER or her descendants?

Edith KELLER (7131 Kermore Lane, Stanton, CA 90680) wishes to correspond with anyone having information on her g-g-grandparents. He was John Wesley BIFFLE (born 20 Feb 1852, McDonald County, MO), and she was Rennie Louise BUCHANAN WALL of Texas. They met and married sometime after John moved to Oklahoma in 1900. Who can assist Edith with her search?

Charles W. GIVENS (21401 County Road G, Cortez, CO 81321) is tracking descendants of John GIVENS who was born in 1806 and died on 22 Aug 1885 in Sulphur Springs, Benton County, AR.

Rootbound has written to Charles W. GIVENS (address above) to inform him that there are three people with that surname buried in the Butler Creek Cemetery in McDonald County, MO, just north of Sulphur Springs. They are: Silas (11 Jan 1838 - 31 July 1855), Lora Lana (15 Feb 1814 - 28 Aug 1855), and George W. (3 Sep 1832 - Sep 1855). Were these people related to John? Why did they all die within a two-month time span? Rootbound and Charles W. GIVENS want to know!

Flea Market Find: Sometime before she married Mr. KING, Cora E. KELLY sat for a portrait photographer named DUNCAN in Pierce city, MO. The year would have been circa 1900. Rootbound has that beautiful photo and would love to return it to one of Cora's descendants. It will go to the first claimant to contact Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. Cora E. KELLY KING deserves to be reunited with her loved ones in the family album!

Do you have a "flea market find" that would be someone else's family treasure? Just let Rootbound know - and we'll get the word out!

Happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #146:
10 July 1990

by Rocky Macy

Philadelphia HARRISON DENNIS borrowed some business stationery from her husband, I.M. DENNIS, to write to a relative on 20 Jan 1902. the letterhead read: DENNIS and WHITENELL - Manufacturers and Dealers in Mining Supplies - Dealers in Fine Vehicles and Harness. The firm was located in Joplin, Jasper County, MO, with a factory and office at 501 Virginia Avenue, buggy and harness repository at 412-415 Virginia Avenue, and a warehouse on Grande Avenue.

A copy of thst letter has come into the possession of Delphia's first cousin (twice removed), Agnes M. DEES CROMIE (900 West 8th, Apt. 3, Odessa, TX 79763), and she, of course, would like to learn more about her Ozark connections.

Delphia's father was Benjamin HARRISON (born circa 1816), a Civil War veteran who owned a farm in Newton County, MO, thirty-five miles from Joplin. He had at least two brothers: Abner HARRISON (born around 1803 or 1804), a resident of Saline County, AR, who died in Arkansas in 1855. The other brother (our correspondent's great-grandfather) was Andrew HARRISON who lived in Laurel County, KY.

In addition to Delphia (born circa 1851), Benjamin was also the father of Margaret (born circa 1843) who became Mrs. Hugh CAUDELL of Webb City, Jasper County, MO, Martha (born circa 1839), the wife of Jack PARKER of near Siloam Springs, AR, Evaling (WHITING), and Charles (born circa 1856), a resident of Fayetteville, AR.

Benjamin HARRISON died in Newton County, MO, on 9 Oct 1905. During his declining years he lived with his widowed daughter, Evaline WHITING.

Agnes M. DEES CROMIE (address above) wishes that she had known more about her Ozark cousins when she was stationed at Camp Crowder (near Neosho, Newton County, MO) from 1943-1946. Now she has to play catch-up! Who can help?

Nova A. LEMONS (12206 Brisbane Avenue, Dallas, TX 75234) is seeking to determine the parentage of William A. LEMONS who was born around 1859 in Missouri. Will married Amanda Florence CARDER in Montgomery County, AR, in 1879. They lived in Polk County, AR, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma Indian Territory, and possibly Missouri. Will had three other wives: Clara HILLSBERRY, Ada WHITE, and Mattie REDDING CHAMBERS. He went by the alias "Burrell ODENWOOD" while staying in Indian Territory. Will LEMONS died in the 1920's, place unknown. Nova A. LEMONS (address above) would certainly enjoy hearing from any of our readers who might have a knowledge of Will LEMONS and his parents or descendants.

Rootbound has learned that our good friend, Dixie HAASE (Rt. 1, Box1057, Granby, MO 64844) is the unofficial historian for the town of Granby. She compiled information for the Granby history book and is still collecting material about the town's past. Those with stories or news articles related to Granby should contact Dixie - and tell her that Rootbound sent you!

Reunion News: The STAUDT - STOUDT - STOUT national family organization will hold its 16th annual family reunion on Sunday, August 26, 1990, at Umbenhauer's Park in Bernville, PA. for more information, please contact Mrs. Beulah STOUDT FOLLMER at RD 1, Box 897, Shillington, PA 19607.

Flea Market Find: On an old picture postcard postmarked in Walker, MO, on 29 May 1912, Gladys R. pencilled the following message to her friend, Miss Florence DAVIS of Shell City, MO:
Dear Florence, How are you? I heard you was sick. Was you sick long? Mamma wants your ripe tomato butter recipe, and send it by the mail. We had company Sunday, there were 24 here. All of you come over and take an auto ride. My Aunt Ada REMLY has a new auto. Uncle Wallie REYNOLDS has an auto, too. Yours Truly, Gladys R.

Rootbound will return this beautiful old card to the first of our readers who can show a proof of relationship to Florence, Ada, Wallie, or Gladys.

Until next week...happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #145:
3 July 1990

by Rocky Macy

Each day much of America's family history is auctioned off at estate sales, and from there winds it way to flea markets, collectors, and obscurity...often lost forever to those with family ties. Fortunately that process is occasionally derailed and something destined to disappear is, instead, brought to light and preserved. Such was the case of the recent estate sale "find" of Dick SHULTZ of Neosho. Please read on...

At the bottom of a box of assorted items, Dick found four handwritten pages of genealogical notes that connect to several families in this area. In order to make a permanent record of this material, Dick SCHULTZ provided it to Rootbound for publication. That genealogy follows:

Dates of birth of members of the EARL family: Ithama (30 Jan 1801), Susan (2 April 1806), Peter (2 Oct 1825), Mary Ann (8 Oct 1827), Charles (2 April 1829), Loretta (30 Jan 1831), Henry (4 Feb 1833), Phebe Maria (9 July 1834), Horace (25 Dec 1837), Daniel (25 Aug 1839), Thomas (3 June 1842), David (13 Aug 1844), and James D. (30July 1846).

Married names and dates of death for some members of the EARL family: Ithama (May 1863), Susan (5 Aug 1848), Loretta GILDERSLEEVE (17 Nov 1873), David T. (20 June 1871), James D. (20 April 1848), Peter (21 Oct 1826), Susie BURNOH (28 Aug 1874), Thomas (31 Dec 1862). Charles (4 May 1864), David (4 Oct 1884), and Mary Ann VAN HORN (10 July 1882).

Thomas Isaac GILDERSLEEVE (born 6 Sep 1825) married Loretta EARL (above) on 24 Sep 1849. Their sons were John M. (born 3 Dec 1856; died Dec 1885) and Benjajine I. (born 9 April 1858; died 25 Nov 1885). John M. GILDERSLEEVE married Josephine SNYDER on 11 Dec 1876. Josephine was born 20 Aug 1859, and she died on 14 Nov 1885) Benjamine I. GILDERSLEEVE married Mary Elizabeth HENRY on 20 Nov 1876. Mary Elizabeth was born 5 Nov 1858, and she died on 13 April 1928.

Additional GILDERSLEEVE data: Loretta Earl GILDERSLEEVE (born 1 Feb 1878) married Mr. GOULD on 2 Feb 1896. Thomas J. GOULD, son of Loretta, died 14 Feb 1959. Mary Ann Van Horn GILDERSLEEVE (born 1 Dec 1879; died 22 Oct 1956) married J.A. GUTHRIE on 11 Mar 1903. John Earl GILDERSLEEVE was born on 30 June 1881 and died 15 Sep 1905. Thomas Isaac GILDERSLEEVE was born 22 March 1883 and died 31 Dec 1905. Elizabeth GILDERSLEEVE (born 1 Jan 1885; died 16 Aug 1938) married William HYDE in 1901.

Three members of the HAWKINS family were mentioned. They were: Harry S. (born 13 Feb 1887; married 1915; died 10 Feb 1958), Catherine Ann (born 6 Jan 1889; died 31 July 1889), and Samuel Del A. Rue (born 15 Oct 1890; died 17 Dec 1892).

John GUTHRIE, Sr. (born 25 Dec 1817; died 14 Feb 1910) and Mary WALLACE (born 3 July 1821; died 19 Dec 1907) were united in marriage on 14 Jan 1841. their children were: Alexander (born 6 Dec 1841; died 20 Nov 1920), Harriet (born 12 Aug 1843), Nancy (19 Dec 1845 - 13 Feb 1846), Louise (11 Jan 1847 - 25 April 1847), Nathan (22 July 1848 - 4 May 1930), Virginia (14 Mar 1851 - 23 Mar 1935), Paulina (14 Sep 1854 - 19 April 1918), Joseph (born 11 Jan 1856), John I. (born 18 Mar 1858), Stephen (7 Dec 1861-1 Feb 1934), and William Grant (born 27 June 1863).

The material concludes with the following four entries: James GUTHRIE, brother of John, Sr., was born 18 June 1850 and died in January of 1895. Elizabeth GUTHRIE, daughter of Elijah GUTHERIE, was born in the 1850's and died in 1926. Agnes WALLACE was born on 18 Mar 1842, and Alexander WALLACE was born 18 Feb 1874.

Our thanks to Dick SHULTZ for sharing all of the above material with ROOTBOUND. We would enjoy hearing from descendants of any of the people mentioned in today's column. Just send those remarks and lineages to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper.

Happy hunting!

Rootbound in the Hills #144:
26 June 1990

by Rocky Macy

As a response to a recent column that mentioned three area men who died in the Civil War, good friend Rylen RUDY (143 South High Street, Neosho, MO 64850) has written to remind Rootbound that he is a descendant of Mark HARMON, one of the three fatalities. Rylen's mother was Clifford Eve MARTIN, a daughter of Horace Tong MARTIN and Christine Ann MAYFIELD. Christine was the daughter of John Franklin MAYFIELD and Elizabeth HARMON, and Elizabeth, in turn, was the daughter of John Mark Harmon (the murdered soldier) and Elizabeth S. KEY.

The death of Rylen's g-g-grandfather was recorded in Goodspeed's 1888 History of McDonald County, in the following manner:
"The second murder during the war was that of Uncle Mark Harmon, early in 1862, by Confederate bushwhackers. He was an uncompromising Union man, and on that date had attended a Union meeting at Poole's Prairie. He carried his gun, and while returning, saw a party advancing, on whom he called to declare themselves friend or foes. In reply they fired on him and then hacked his body, inflicting several wounds."

Thanks, Rylen, for sharing a portion of your family history. Rootbound would be pleased to hear from others who have Ozark lineages back to that troubled era.

Marie KING (1812 South 8th, Rogers, AR 72756) is seeking information on Freely Ann WEAVER, a daughter of Lorenzo and Martha (BRAY) WEAVER. Freely Ann (age 17) married John H. ONY (age 18) in Washington County, AR, on 28 May 1888. John was a blacksmith. Three of John and Freely Ann ONY's children (Sherman, May, and Lafate) were possibly living in Monett, MO, in the years around World War I.

John Wesley WEAVER, an older brother of Freely Ann's, married Flora MISER, and they had a son named William or Willie. After John Wesley died, Flora married his cousin, James Thomas WEAVER, on 26 Nov 1896 in Washington County, AR. He was the son of Hazy and Ike/Irick (THOMAS) WEAVER of the area around Westville, OK. If descendants of any of these individuals are reading Rootbound, they should get in touch with their cousin, Marie.

Helen MIZE CHRISTIAN (Rt. 1, Box 352, Mounds, OK 74047) is searching for descendants of Hannah (MIZE) MARCUM, a daughter of Logan MIZE and Eliza PING. Hannah and her siblings, Mary Ellen and George Bee, moved from Pulaski County, KY, to Benton County, AR, between 1875 and 1880. While in Benton County, the youngsters lived with their grandparents, Stephen and Nancy (SEWELL) PING. Mary Ellen married a Mr. WILSON, and George Bee became the husband of Rosa Essafern REYNOLDS. Hannah is believed to have eventually moved to Joplin, MO. Helen will answer all correspondence regarding these individuals.

Mrs. Ray L. GREER (107 SE 14th Street, Bentonville, AR 72712) would like to hear from anyone with a knowledge of Marshall and William MEREDITH, residents of Decatur, IN, circa 1870. She also wishes to contact descendants of Daniel MEREDITH who lived in Camden County, MO, at one time. Who can help?

Jeffrey C. WEAVER (2800 South 8th Street, Apt. 251-A, Arlington, VA 22204) edits a WEAVER family newsletter. those with an interest in that surname should contact Jeff for further information about the newsletter.

Rootbound has recently acquired copies of Missouri maps from 1885 and 1904. Readers who are trying to pinpoint Missouri communities of yesteryear might benefit by sending their questions to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. It never hurts to ask!

Until next week...happy hunting!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #143:
19 June 1990

by Rocky Macy

Nobody loves a success story more than Rootbound - especially when it involves one of our correspondents! Please read on...

Several weeks ago we printed a query from W.T. STORIE, Jr. (7232 Fernmeadows Lane, Dallas, TX 75248) regarding his ancestors, John R. and Malinda C. (LOVE) STORIE, residents of the Rocky Comfort area of McDonald County, MO, in the years just before and after the Civil War. Mr. STORIE reports that the mention in Rootbound stirred three replies - one from a lady in Cassville, Barry County, MO, and two from the Longview Community in McDonald County. The ladies who responded shared information on his LOVE lineage. He is still seeking to learn more about his STORIE ancestry, and he would like to determine the final resting place of John and Malinda. Who can help?

Mary Ellen LEDFORD (702 Fouts Drive, Irving, TX 75061) is tracking the descendants of George Washington LEDFORD (born 1840, NC; died 1912) and his wife, Elizabeth MODE (born 1841). Their children were: Manerva (born 1861, AR; married Randolph CHEER), Nancy Jane (born 1863, Marion County, AR; married George PANNELL), Mary (born 1865, AR; married Taylor BLANKENSHIP); John (born 1867, AR; married Neta ALEXANDRIA), Sarah (born 1869, AR; married J.I. PARMER, 1926), Kirt (born 1870, AR; married Dollie PARMER near Pyett, AR; died 1960, OK), Alfred (born 1875, AR; married Parisee MAGNESS), Franklin (born 1877, AR; married Della HETTSON), Zollie (born 1879, AR; married Will JERVIS), Vader (born 1881; married Marvin BROWN), Meady (born 1884, AR; married Will WADE), and Bert (born 1886; married Iva GLENN).

Mary Ellen LEDFORD (address above) has submitted several queries to Rootbound over the past few months. Other surnames that she is researching include: ALEXANDER, ANDERS, BANTA, BASHAM, BROWNING, CLARK, COOPER, COWAN, CRABB, DRENNEN, GREEN, HALL, HARPER, HINDS, HORNE, MAJORS, MARTIN, MATHEWS, MILLER, PARKER, PRIMM, ROGERS, STOVALL, TAYLOR, WHITE, and WINNIFORD. She would enjoy hearing from her potential cousins in the Ozarks.

Karyl NANCE HARDING (310 166th Place SE, Bothell, WA 98012) is researching Samuel NANCE who was born in 1816 in Green County, KY, a son of Robert NANCE. Samuel died in Lawrence County, MO, on 29 June 1848.

Also of interest to Karyl NANCE HARDING (address above) is Susannah ADAMS NANCE (born 1 Jan 1829), the mother of Robert NANCE (born 12 Aug 1848). Robert was born in either Lawrence or Christian County, MO. Karyl reports that she has been unable to ascertain the name of Robert's father, and her letter offers no clue as to the relationship between Samuel and young Robert. Persons having a knowledge of the NANCE family of southwest Missouri should contact Karyl at her home in the state of Washington.

Southern Queries (1115 Sundial Circle, Birmingham, AL 35215), a new (and surprisingly good!) magazine for people researching their southern roots, features queries, articles, calendar items, and even genealogical trivia. Rootbound found the premier issue to be well organized and enlightening. We suspect that Editor/Publisher Steve SMITH has a winner on his hands. For more information or a subscription ($18 per year) contact Steve at the address listed above - and don't forget to mention that you heard about Southern Queries through Rootbound!

Calling all FLIPPIN, FLIPPEN, and FLIPPING family researchers: Nova A. LEMONS (12206 Brisbane Avenue, Dallas, TX 75234) is the editor of the quarterly publication of the FLIPPIN Family Association. Her group wishes to exchange information with others who are working with one of those surnames.

Need an address for a newspaper genealogy column in another part of the country? Rootbound has a good list. Just send requests for the column addresses of any particular state to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper...and don't forget to include that self-addressed, stamped envelope!

Happy hunting!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #142:
12 June 1990

by Rocky Macy

Did Grampa fight in the Battle of Carthage? Was Gramma there tending the wounded? Descendants of anyone who participated in this major engagement (5 July 1861) will be recognized during a full reenactment of the battle that will be presented by the Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association on June 30 and July 1, 1990. Those desiring more information should contact Beverly NEAL at 323 South Main Street, Carthage, MO 64836.

Charles N. FERGUSON (202-A North Tucker, Shawnee, OK 74801) is tracking Aaron M.T. ZOOK (or ZUICK) who was born in Kentucky circa 1819 and married Heithey Ann LIPSEG on 10 June 1838 in Morgan County, IN. The couple may have been in Missouri in 1850. Heithey Ann died on 1 Sep 1858 in Cuba, Republic County, KS. Does this material strike a chord with any of our readers?

Nova A. LEMONS (12206 Brisbane Avenue, Dallas, TX 75234) is in the process of compiling a book on the HARDEGREE (HARDIGREE/HARDACRE) surname. All persons with this name in their family files should contact Norma in order to have their branches included in the book.

Mrs. Emma R. PIERCE (Rt. 1, Box 33, Galva, IL 61434) is the g-g-granddaughter of Joseph Cephas RENFRO, a Baptist minister who left trails across much of Missouri and Iowa before finally settling in northwest Arkansas. He was born 1804-1805 in Kentucky and was a resident of Boone County, MO, by 1820. Reverend RENFRO founded and/or pastored churches in the Missouri counties of Ralls, Washington, Ste. Genevieve, Jefferson, Callaway, Platte, Andrew,, Holt, Atchison, and Nodaway. By 1860 he had moved his family to Fremont County, IA. Joseph RENFRO was pastor of the Friendship Church near Springdale, AR, for a few years prior to his death in 1886 at Mountain Springs, AR.

The children of Joseph Cephas RENFRO were Sarah Ann (born 1827; married Henry BAILEY, Jr.), Absolom (born 1829-1830), Susan Jane (born 1835; married Hiram LEE, Jr.), Stephen Collier (born 1838; married Melinda ANTHONY), Mary (born circa 1840), Joseph Skelton (born 1839; married Paulian LANKFORD), Chloe Esther (born circa 1848; married John JONES of Stillwell, OK), Amanda (born circa 1849), Martha Alice (born 1851; married John C. BOATRIGHT of Madison County, AR), Permelia F. (born circa 1853), and Lucretia (born ca. 1859; married William EDEN of Springdale, AR).

Emma R. PIERCE (address above) would enjoy exchanging family information with her Ozark cousins. She is waiting to hear from our readers!

Rootbound mourns the sudden passing of Dr. William R. ORTON of Fayetteville, AR. Dr. ORTON, a long-time member of the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society, kept this columnist informed about the programs that the group hosted. If fact, he had been scheduled to speak at the May meeting on his recent trip to the LDS Family Research Center in Salt Lake Center, UT. Dr. ORTON was a knowledgeable and kind individual. He will be missed.

Anyone with genealogical information regarding Dr. John Sanford LINDLEY might do well to share that material with Emma LINDLEY (115 Grandview Boulevard, Muskogee, OK 74403).

More About Reunions: The Noel School at Noel, MO, will hold an all-school reunion on Saturday, June 9, 1990, in the school gym. The event, which will begin at 9 a.m., is open to anyone who ever attended school at Noel. Past reunions have attracted graduates from as far back as 1923.

Something good just got better! Heritage Quest, a national magazine with a respectable following, has recently announced that this year's July-August issue will focus on kids and genealogy. The feature article will be "Genealogy Meets the Next Generation". Modesty prevents ROOTBOUND from identifying the author of that essay!

Happy hunting!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #141:
5 Jun 1990

by Rocky Macy

Gramma was an American beauty - and Rootbound has photographs to prove it. Please read on...

A recent raid on the flea markets netted three small protraits that need to find their way home to family members. The first, taken in June of 1898, is of four very attractive young ladies dressed in stiff and formal attire reading a newspaper. They were Jenny BERRY, Emma WILSON, Jennie BAIN, and Edna LAWRENCE. Photo number two shows a very somber girl, Kathryn BAIN (age eight or nine), and her little brother, Edwin. It was taken by C.A. PENNELL of Trenton, MO, in 1909. and the third photo is also of Kathryn BAIN. That likeness, captured on film just after World War I, depicts Kathryn as the emerging modern woman, replete with a sleeveless dress, long strands of beads, and bobbed hair.

Descendants of any of the individuals mentioned above should contact Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We would like to get these photographs back into the pages of their respective family albums.

Ida MUNGER (P.O. Box 104, Marsing, ID 83639) is researching her g-g-g-g-g-grandparents, William Price CASEY (born 24 Jan 1826, KY) and Mary Ellen BALDRIDGE (born 11 July 1827). William was the son of Thomas and Susanna CASEY, both natives of Virginia. William and Mary Ellen (BALDRIDGE) CASEY were residents of Clinton County, IL, from 1840-1880. Mary Ellen died at Pea Ridge on 19 May 1887, and William passed away in the same community on 4 Feb 1898.

The CASEY children were born in Clinton County, IL, and most, if not all, migrated to Benton County, AR. They were: Mary Jane (born 1 Jan 1850; married Robert SANDERS on 26 July 1867 at Carlyle, Clinton County, IL), Alford S. (born 1860, Ira C. (1867), Ida (1870), and George W. (1872). The three youngest attended school at Buttram's Chapel in Benton County. Are descendants of the CASEY children still in the Ozarks?

James L. SPENCER (3712 Tanager Drive, N.E., Cedar Rapids, IA 52402) is searching for information on Watson LOWTHER who was born circa 1830 in Virginia and died in September of 1891 in Saratoga Springs, MO, near Southwest City, McDonald County, MO. He is also on the trail of Watson's brother, Arnold LOWTHER, and others with that surname who resided in the Ozarks. Which of our readers can assist James in his quest?

C. Don HOBSON (8 Hollow Way Drive, Bella Vista, AR 72714) reports that the 1930 senior class of Pittsburg, KS, High School will be holding its sixtieth class reunion this August. The reunion committee has lost track of the following individuals: Lucille BREIVOGEL DePRIEST, Helen FITTON HUTCHINSON, Marion SEABROUGH, Mary Jane MOFFATT BRANT, Francis RIORDAN, and V. Marie WAGAR. Those knowing the whereabouts of these good folks should contact G. Don at his home in Bella Vista.

Garland MACY, good friend and father of this columnist, has informed Rootbound that his old alma mater, Westview School, will hold an annual reunion along with Dessa and No. 4 Schools on June 9th. The doors will open at 4 p.m., and there will be a covered dish dinner at 6 p.m. with drinks, rolls, and table service furnished. A business meeting will be held at 7 p.m. those attending are encouraged to bring school pictures for display.

Westview School is located just off of Highway 60 between Neosho and Seneca, in Newton County, MO. At the time that my father attended it encompassed grades one through ten. He graduated there in 1940 and then moved to Neosho to finish high school. Dad, does it seem like fifty years?

Until next week...happy hunting!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #140:
29 May 1990

by Rocky Macy

How closely are we bound to our ancestors? Consider the thoughts of T.K. WHIPPLE:
"All America lies at the end of the wilderness road, and our past is not a dead past, but still lives in us. Our forefathers had civilization inside themselves, the wild outside. We live in the civilization they created, but within us the wilderness still lingers. What they dreamed, we live, and what they lived, we dream."

Could it be that learning about our ancestors teaches us about ourselves?

Alida LEWIS (5258 Kerr Drive, Helena, MT 59601) wishes to find the death date and burial place of Phillip WAGNER/WAGONER who married Arminda STILES in Bentonville, Benton County, AR, on 30 May 1869. What became of two of his children, Cordelia (born circa 1868) and Andrew (born circa 1875), both natives of Bentonville? Alida would like to know!

Arlida ROBERTSON GILYEAT (5421 Fallwood Drive #111, Indianapolis, IN 46220) is interested in learning more about the parents, siblings, and descendants of Thomas Y. ROBERTSON (born circa 1821 in SC or VA) and his wife, Eliza Ann MURPHY. The first two of their eight children were born near Nashville, TN. The children of this couple were: Virginia Ann (born 30 Dec 1841; married John G. SUTTON), Sarah Elizabeth (born 6 Oct 1843; married Mr. MYRICK), William, Jane (married Mr. SAWYER), Julie (married Mr. BAKER), Harriet (married Joe POLLOCK), Thomas Y., Jr (married Mary ROGERS), and Harrison (married Sarah WARD).

Thomas Y. ROBERTSON died in 1880. The place of his death remains a mystery. Did Thomas or any of his children make trails across our rugged Ozarks?

Rose STAUBER (Rt. 3, Box 1084, Grove, OK 74344) is trying to locate descendants of Stephen Grant ROSE and Ida May ANDERSON. The couple resided in McDonald County, MO, around the turn of the century. Their children, born between 1885 and 1897, were listed in Ida May's obituary. They were (in birth order): Blanche WAKEFIELD of Tulsa, OK, Bertha HINMAN of Bartlesville, OK, Ray ROSE of Tulsa, Ethel WHISTLER of Independence, KS, Edna WHISTLER of Tulsa, Ruth COX of Elk City, KS, and C.N. (Cahrles Norman) ROSE of Beggs, OK. Are descendants of the ROSE children reading ROOTBOUND?

The Fort Worth Genealogical Society (P.O. Box 9767, Fort Worth, TX 76147) has published two books by William Hunter McLEAN that might be of interest to our readers. The first, Alexander BEALL - 1649-1744 - of Maryland, traces the author's wife's BEALL lineage from Alexander's birth in Fife County, Scotland, more than 300 years ago. The second, From Ayr to Thurber, is a history of the author's own HUNTER ancestry, the tale of which begins in Ayrshire, Scotland, and winds its way to Thurber, TX. The focus of the volume is on three brothers: Robert Dickie, William, and David HUNTER. Their story encompasses much of the winning of the West.

Both of these books by William Hunter McLEAN are hardbound, completely indexed, and very well researched. They may be pruchased individually from the Fort Worth Genealogical Society for the postage-paid price of ten dollars.

Rootbound continues to receive requests for copies of our special column on the ROARK family of Newton and McDonald Counties. It is available free of charge by sending a request and a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. And for those cousins who send for the column, why not include a line or two about your ROARK ancestry?

Happy hunting!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #139:
22 May 1990

by Rocky Macy

The United States government publishes a booklet, Where to Write for Vital Records, that is extremely useful to family researchers. It provides the addresses necessary for obtaining birth, death, marriage, and divorce records for each of the fifty states. The booklet may be ordered from the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402 for only one dollar and fifty cents or readers may send specific requests for addresses to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. When writing to Rootbound please remember to enclose that self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Genevieve POPE HERMAN (1904 Patricia Lane, Billings, MT 59102) is seeking family history on James H. POPE (born circa 1826, TN) who was living at Pierce City, MO, in 1891. His wife, Delila, was born in Alabama around 1838. Genevieve will answer all correspondence and share what information she has.

Katherine F. WHITMIRE (289 Henry Avenue, Pocatello, ID 83202) is on the trail of Cynthia COATS (born 1865-1870, MO) and her husband, George WILSON. They were the parents of Bessie Elizabeth WILSON who was born 27 Sep 1890, probably at Carizozzo, NM.

Katherine F. WHITMIRE (address above) is also researching Wayne WHITMIRE (born 10 Sep 1852, AR), the husband of Lydia ZELL (or YELL). Lydia was born 17 Mar 1857 in Arkansas. They were the parents of the following three boys: Walter Wayne (born circa 1878, AR, Charles Lee (10 May 1881, AR), and Willie (April 1885, AR). Are descendants of any of these people still in the Ozarks?

J.B. WALKER, Jr. (P.O. Box 77, Bardwell, TX 75101) wishes to make contact with anyone working on the surname NORMAN. His particular line is rooted in Wayne County, KY.

Mary Ellen CRABB LEDFORD (702 Fouts Drive, Irving, TX 75061) needs help tracing the lineage of William P. CRABB (born 1829, Giles County, TN; died 1893, Yell County, AR) and his wife, M. Elizabeth HORNE (born 1828; died 1878, MS). He was the son of Joseph and Catherine (ROGERS) CRABB, and her parents were John and Nancy (HALL) HORNE. The children of William and Elizabeth were James Moore, Rutha, Rusey or Rosey, Mary, Nancy, Paul Asberry, William T., John A., Joseph M., Sarah Elizabeth, and George. Which of our readers can assist Mary Ellen in her search?

Calendar Items: the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society meets the fourth Monday of every month at 7 p.m. in the Hospitality Room of the Farmers and Merchants Bank, Fourth and Chestnut, Rogers, AR. The May meeting will feature William ORTON speaking on his recent trip to the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. Dr. ORTON's presentation will offer practical advice for those planning to visit this important research facility.

The Genealogy Friends of the Library will meet Monday, May 14th, at 7 p.m. in the Genealogy Room of the City-County Library of Neosho. The meeting will include a video presentation on the history of transportation in Missouri.

The Newton County Historical Society will hold its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, May 17th, at 7 p.m. in the Americana Room of the Bank of Neosho. The meeting will include a program on area rural schools.

Visitors are welcome at the meetings of each of these groups. Rootbound will try to attend...and so should you!

And what about those other genealogical and historical organizations within the reach of Rootbound? Let us know about your activities and we'll get the word out!

Until next week...happy hunting!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #138:
15 May 1990

by Rocky Macy

Rootbound loves those flea markets! Not only do they capture the cultural history of the country as no textbook can, they also offer up occasional gems of genealogy. As a case in point, Norma CREWS of Neosho phoned in a report that she and her husband had found an old family Bible at a flea market in Granby. The vendors said the Bible had come from a recent estate sale in Fairland, OK. Norma and her husband did not purchase the Bible, but they did copy the family information that had been preserved on its pages. That genealogical material follows:

The Bible was originally the property of Dr. Ireneus Duncan HITCHCOCK who was born in Iowa on 6 Sep 1864 and died on 24 Feb 1930. His wife, Lula OSBORNE, was born in Missouri on 11 Aug 1859. They were married in Bates City, MO, on 10 Oct 1893.

Dr. HITCHCOCK was the son of Isaac HITCHCOCK (born 28 Feb 1825, Indian Territory; died January 1911) and Elizabeth Ann DUNCAN (born Indian Territory; died 4 Oct 1886). Isaac and Elizabeth were married on 8 Feb 1857. Lula OSBORNE was the daughter of Syrus OSBORNE (born 26 Jan 1812, VA; died 20 July 1902) and Sarah Ann WALKER (born 8 April 1826, MO; died 23 July 1908. Syrus and Sarah were married 15 June 1843.

Dr. and Mrs. Ireneus HITCHCOCK had a daughter, Sarah Elizabeth (born 18 May 1895), and a son, Osborne Brown (born 25 June 1897). Sarah Elizabeth HITCHCOCK married Morgan STAPLES, a native of New York, on 10 Oct 1925. He died on 12 April 1942. Osborne Brown HITCHCOCK married Margaret ROGERS (born 26 July 1902) on 10 Jan 1925.

Thanks, Norma, for helping to preserve this important family history! Are Dr. HITCHCOCK's descendants reading this?

Ruth MEADOR SCOTT (1349 Briarcliff Drive, Rantoul, IL 61866) wishes to learn more about the parentage of her great-grandparents, Martin and Malinda EPPERSON, who were married in McDonald County, MO, around 1860. In 1880 the couple was residing in Pineville Township of McDonald County with the following children: Hezikiah (age 19), William (17), Silas Peter (15) Amanda J. (11), Charlotte (9), George W. (6), Mary A. (4), and Thomas Moore (2).

Ruth would enjoy hearing from any of our readers with a knowledge of Martin and Malinda EPPERSON. Perhaps they have descendants still living in this area.

Schuyler C. BROSSMAN (Box 43, Rehrersburg, PA 19550) has sent word that Rootbound's mentionis popular Pennsylvania genealogy column, Our Keystone Families brought mail from the Ozarks. In fact, the sample column that he sent had a query from a lady in Neosho. (Hope that she found what she was seeking!)

Schuyler's column runs each week in The Daily News of Lebanon, PA. He prints queries that have a Pennsylvania connection, at least one date, and do not exceed one hundred and fifty words.

Seymour and Christine ROSE (1474 Montelegre Drive, San Jose, CA 95120) have announced that the fourth ROSE Genealogical Conference, aptly titled, "Everything's Coming Up Roses," will be held at Salt Lake City, UT, this June 22-24. The event is open to all researchers interested in the ROSE surname, and it will feature several nationally known speakers. Our thanks to Rose STAUBER of Grove, OK for making Rootbound aware of this important family conference.

The stack of mail on the Rootbound desk is steadily diminishing. This would be a great time to write a genealogy query and send it to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're as close as the mailbox!

Happy hunting!