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Rootbound in the Hills #155:
11 Sep 1990

by Rocky Macy

Three years ago Rootbound ran a lengthy column on the family of William Carroll ROARK and his wife, Comfort POE, who settled in Newton County, MO, between 1853 and 1855. That article noted that Nathan ROARK, a son to William and Comfort, had two children living in his household in 1870 who were, due to their ages, probably step-children. The youngsters' names were John and Mary, and their mother, Nathan's first wife, was Margaret MEADOR.

Now from Rubelle ROARK RICKETT (Rt. 3, Box 246, Anderson, MO 64831), a granddaughter of Nathan ROARK's, comes the evidence to support our initial educated guess. Mrs. RICKETT has forwarded the text of an Affidavit of Heirship that was filed with the Clerk of McDonald County on 23 March 1885. The affidavit was submitted by Joel HIRE(S) of McDonald County. In it he testified that he was the father-in-law of Francis W. MEADOR, and that Francis W. MEADOR had only two heirs, J.N. (John) MEADOR and Mary E. MEADOR (Mrs. Jas. W. FLEMING).

That document, taken with the fact that Margaret was listed on the 1860 census of McDonald County as the wife of Francis MEADOR and the mother of one-year-old John, and that information on her and John agrees with that contained in the 1870 census entry on the family of Nathan ROARK, would strongly indicate that John and Mary were Nathan's step-children. According to Rubelle RICKETT, the children's natural father, Francis W. MEADOR, was killed in the Civil War.

Thank you, Rubelle RICKETT, for adding another piece to the ROARK family portrait. William and his son, Nathan, each fathered large families, and their descendants number in the hundreds - or more!

Copies of the special column on the ROARK family may be obtained by sending a request along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. And while you're at it, why not jot down some of your ROARK genealogy and include that as well!

Joseph H. CAMPBELL (22 Basildon Drive, Bella Vista, AR 72714) is one researcher who never gives up. In a recent letter he outlined eight steps that he has taken in order to ascertain the parentage and ancestry of his great-grandfather, John CAMPBELL. As it is with most common names, our correspondent has found this problem to be very difficult, and, as yet, unsolved. Perhaps some of our readers will be able to lend a hand. Please read on...

John CAMPBELL (above) was, according to a Bible notation, born in Lincoln County, KY, in March of 1778. Kentucky had not achieved statehood at that time, and his birthplace may have actually been Pincastle County, Virginia. He married Eleanor in August of 1802. Beyond those few facts, Joseph H. CAMPBELL knows very little about his ancestor. He is hoping that some of our readers might have the key to this family puzzle.

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Mark Those Calendars: The Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society has announced that it will host a Heritage Quest Road Show on 8 Oct 1990. An interesting program will be presented by Leland MEITZLER, a co-founder of Heritage Quest magazine, and participants will have the opportunity to preview and purchase a wide array of genealogical books and materials. The free program will be held at 7 p.m. at the Rogers Chamber of Commerce which is located at 113 North Fourth in Rogers, AR. Rootbound will see you there!

Until next week...happy hunting!

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