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Rootbound in the Hills #152:
21 Aug 1990

by Rocky Macy

Rotbound's story regarding the old family Bible of J.H. and Martha (GARNER) WEEMS stirred six phone calls and one letter. The heirloom, which contained much genealogy as well as the 1899 wedding certificate of J.H. and Martha, was purchased by this columnist at a flea market near Goodman, McDonald County, MO. The family record included entries up into the 1970's. It was a treasure trove of family history!

And the winner was...

David WEEMS of Newtonia, Newton County, MO, (the hometown of J.H. and Martha) was the first claimant. His father and J.H. WEEMS had been first cousins. At the time David picked up the Bible, he offered to share the information that it contained with other family members, and he volunteered to pass the Bible along to anyone who might have a more direct claim than his.

And then a wonderful letter arrived! Zella SAULSBURY (P.O. Box 239, Sarcoxie, MO 64862) wrote to report that David WEEMS had brought the Bible to her. In her thank you note, Zella went on to explain that she was the daughter of J.H. and Martha WEEMS.

So the real winners were...

David WEEMS for being able to help Zella SAULSBURY reclaim an important part of her heritage...and the other Rootbound readers who assisted David in making contact with his second cousin. When things like that happen - Rootbound is working!

An effort is being made to identify and catalog the graves in the Greenwood Cemetery located northwest of Granby, Newton County, MO, on Highway E. Persons having information on unmarked graves at that cemetery (locations, names, dates, etc.) should contact Dixie HAASE at Rt. 1, Box 1057, Granby, MO 64844. Historical information regarding the chapel at Greenwood is also being sought. Anything that is learned about the cemetery or the chapel will be made available to the public.

Tom WILBUR (1060 Melrose, East Lansing, MI 48823) is on the trail of his ancestor, Martha Jane "Jennie" BROWN. She was born in Indiana in 1832 or 1834, and married John Franklin RICE on 30 May 1850 in Jasper County, MO. The census for that same year lists the couple as living in Marion Township of Newton County, MO, along with three children: Mary (age 15), Isaac (age 13), and Nancy (age 4). The children would indicate that John had been married at least once previously.

John and Jennie RICE had two sons of their own. The boys were Christopher Columbus George (born 28 Jan 1851, Carthage, Jasper County, MO) and Joshua Bristo (born 30 Jan 1852, also in Carthage). Another source agrees with the birth date and name of Joshua, but states that the other boy was Elisha Christopher (born 28 Feb 1854) and that both boys were born in Hermitage, MO. Which is correct?

John Franklin RICE was either deceased or had left the area by 1857 at which time Jennie Married James LAWSON. Their son, Wade Hampton LAWSON, was reportedly born in Missouri (possibly at Hermitage) on 11 Dec 1858. The LAWSONs and the RICE boys moved to California in 1859.

Tom WILBUR (address above) has contacted several of Jennie's Ozark relatives, but he believes that there may be others of whom he is not aware. Related surnames might possibly include ALLEN, BROWN, GILMAN, GLAISBROOK, GLAZEBROOK, LAWSON, and RICE. Tom would certainly appreciate hearing from any of our readers who have knowledge of his ancestry.

The current issue of Southern Queries magazine includes an article by this columnist entitled How to Build a Better Query. It is a set of query-writing guidelines that have evolved from nearly three years of reading that wonderful Rootbound mail. Basically, the advice offered is this: be clear, concise, and legible - and if you desire a reply from Rootbound, please enclose that self-addressed, stamped envelope.

And speaking of the mail...Rootbound is waiting on yours!

Happy hunting!

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