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Rootbound in the Hills #161:
23 Oct 1990

by Rocky Macy

Did you know that McDonald County, MO, was organized on 3 Mar 1849 from Newton County and named after Alexander McDONALD, a Revolutionary War soldier? Or than Newton County was organized on 31 Dec 1838 from Barry County and named for another Revolutionary War soldier, John NEWTON? And Barry County, it seems, was created on 5 Jan 1835 from Greene County and named for William T. BARRY, U.S. Postmaster General. Those facts, as well as other useful information, can be found in the booklet, A Guide to County Records on Microfilm, which was published by the Missouri State Archives. To learn more about the activities and publications of the Missouri State Archives, write to P.O. Box 778, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Barbara LAWSON WILLS (112 N. Birmingham (112 North Birmingham Place, Tulsa, OK 74110) is a professional writer and genealogy enthusiast. She is seeking information on some of her ancestors, and promises to answer every letter that she receives. The following individuals are of interest to Barbara:

Thomas A. LAWSON (born circa 1835, TN; died circa 1870, AR) who married Nancy Ann BUSBY (born 14 Oct 1833, TN; died 1920, Newton County, AR). Thomas and Nancy were possibly married in Missouri around 1864.

Our correspondent (above) also wishes to learn more about John Hudson COWLES (born 26 Aug 1825, MA; died 23 Feb 1904, Newton County, AR) and his wife, Margaret Lueretta SMITH (born 10 Dec 1849, KY; died 5 Dec 1925, Muskogee County, OK). Margaret was the daughter of Godfrey SMITH and Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" MILEMS/MILAMS. The children of John and Margarett were: Leuretta May (1871, AR - 1952, OK; married Thomas A LAWSON), Hiram Dexter (1875, AR - 1973, OK; married Nancy Ann LILES), Bertha Beatrice (1879, AR - 1943, OK; married Joseph HELT), Harry Eddy (1882, Marion County, AR - 1950; married Belle COLLINS), Margaret Elizabeth (1883, Newton County, AR - 1924, OK; married Joe BUSBY) and Carrie Viola (1887, AR - 1926, Muskogee County, OK; married Doc LILES).

Other surnames that are listed on the five generation chart of Barbara LAWSON WILLS include: BELL, HALE, HUBBS, JAMES, JONES, ROBERTS, STEPHENS, and YANLY. Anyone tracking one of those names might benefit from writing to Barbara at her home in Tulsa.

Betty DUCKWORTH (Rt. 5, Box 159, Jasper, TX 75951) is searching for descendants of Ezekiel Sylevester and Lucinda (NELSON) DUCKWORTH. The couple left Effingham County, IL, for Franklin County, MO, in 1900. Their children were William, Monroe, Stephen, George, Theodore Grant, Harriett, and James. Theodore Grant DUCKWORTH and his wife, Effie Cora, were in Reynolds County and Poplar Bluff, MO, in 1910 along with their family. Hopefully some of our readers can help Betty get her DUCKWORTHs all in a row!

Mary Ann CREASON ROHDE (5797 Sycamore, Rialto, CA 92376) is seeking to discover more about James and Rachel CREASON who arrived in the United States around 1776. The couple had nine sons: Peter, James, Isaac, William, Jacob, Gilbert, Willis (born 1800, Madison County, KY), Owen, and Elijah. The paths of this family eventually led through Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Mary Ann CREASON ROHDE (address above) also wishes to exchange information on the following individuals: Michael DOLAN (born circa 1854, MA), his wife, Anna FITZPATRICK (circa 1857, MA), their son, George DOLAN (circa 1888, CO), Alonjo PRESLEY (ca. 1851, GA), his wife, Eliza RENFRO (1859, GA), and their daughter, Erma Lena PRESLEY (1896, TX). Although none of those names show a local connection, they do appear to be spread out enough to have possibly left trails across the Ozarks. Mary Ann hopes so!

Rootbound has several postcards that were mailed to Mrs. F. L. "Gertie" PLOTNER of Anderson, MO, between 1957 and 1977. We would like to return those cards to Mrs. PLOTNER or one of her relatives. They may be had by writing to Rootbound in the Hillsin care of this newspaper. What could be easier!

Happy hunting!

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