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Rootbound in the Hills #159:
9 Oct 1990

by Rocky Macy

We're not exactly sure what a "Missouri Barn Sale" is, but that's where Rootbound's good friend, Raymond E. JEFFERIES, claims to have come up with his latest genealogical treasure. Ray's find, the ledger of an unidentified doctor who might have been from the Pineville, McDonald County, MO, area, contains the names and medical backgrounds of numerous individuals who lived in this area in the late 1800's. Some of the names gleaned from the ledger include:
John B. STILLEOUS, Lemuel WYATT, Jack CRAFONT, Jess WALKER (Mountain Home, AR), Jessie LILES (Mountain Home, AR), George and John MORGAN (Rocky Comfort, MO), Milton H. LILLEY, Mose HODGE, Ed EDWARDS, Lee SHEPHERD, Gellim COOK, Mr. McKELSEY, Nathan CARTER, Mike KELLY, Walter HANKINS, William MAYFIELD, John BELER, and Mr. COSTNEY.

If Grampa's name is on that list, Raymond E. JEFFERIES (c/o Jeff-Gen Research, P.O. Box 369, Pea Ridge, AR 72751) might have some valuable family medical information to share!

Sarah HUDSON PIERCE (P.O. Box 683, Plain Dealing, LA 71064), a poet with Ozark roots, wishes to exchange information with anyone working the surname RITZ. Sarah is a native of Sulphur Springs, Benton County, AR. Responses to her query do not have to be in rhyming verse!

Although Jareta BISHOP TUGMON (Rt. 2, Box 610, Locust Grove, OK 74352) was raised as a daughter of William Perry BISHOP (born 15 Nov 1906, Fulton County, AR) and Opal POWELL BISHOP (born 1906, Paden, OK), she believes that she was actually the daughter of William's sister, Nellie Zadie BISHOP. Nellie was born 12 Feb 1904 in Fulton County, AR, and died 25 May 1984 in Sand Springs, OK. She was the wife of C.F. DADD. He is also deceased. Nellie and William were the children of George Perry BISHOP (born 15 Nov 1878, Louisville, KY) and Ella DUNKERSON BISHOP. Jareta BISHOP TUGMON has many family questions that need to be answered. Who can help?

Georgia BALL FARWELL (HCR 01, Box 227, Eagle Rock, MO 65641) is trying to identify descendants of James Crutcher BALL and his second wife, Jammina BRINKLEY. They were married in Orange County, NC, in 1821. (James had married his first wife, Elizabeth FREEMAN, in 1818, also in Orange County.) James and Jammina's children were born in Bedford County, TN, and Kentucky. The family later lived in Missouri and were in Benton County, AR, by 1860. James passed away between 1850 and 1860 at an undetermined location.

The children of James and Jammina BALL were: Winnie (born circa 1830), Sarah (circa 1834), James (circa 1836), Manerva (circa 1839), William (circa 1841), Benjamin (circa 1842), and Elizabeth (circa 1850). Winnie married James THREAT in Kentucky or Tennessee, and she moved with her parents to Missouri and Benton County, AR.

Georgia BALL FARWELL (address above) is busy writing two books on her family history. She would appreciate any help that our readers could provide.

Mrs. Eloise C. MABEE (1303 Oak Street, Oregon City, OR 97045) has recently learned that her late husband's great-grandparents are buried in Neosho, Newton County, MO. She would enjoy hearing from anyone who might have of knowledge of this couple, Nathaniel and Susannah (STOVER) FOSTER. The FOSTERs lived in Ontario Canada, and Iowa before moving to southern Missouri. Mrs. MABEE would especially like to have a photograph or description of Nathaniel and Susannah's tombstones. Is there a Good Samaritan with a camera reading Rootbound?

Jo JONES (Rt. 1, Box 126, Bentonville, AR 72712) is tracing her husband's Benton County, AR, lineage. Of particular interest to Jo is the following line: Chauncey G. JONES (born 1910) married Vivian D. CARR (born 1918) on 16 Feb 1937. He was the son of Gabe C. JONES and Rosie Lee JAGGERS. She was the daughter of Herbert CARR (born 1882) and Armentoria "Mint" WILLIAMS (born 1880). Herbert was the son of Bryant CARR (born 1856) and Martha Mahalia ETRIS (born 1857). Mint was the daughter of Henry Franklyn WILLIAMS (born 1849) and Sarah Ann FRANCIS (born 1845). Other Benton County, AR, surnames that Jo is researching include BELL, COLLINS, OFFENBAKER, and PRICE. She would appreciate any assistance that our readers could provide.

Until next week...happy hunting!

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