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Rootbound in the Hills #122: 23 Jan 1990

by Rocky Macy

The best thing about writing Rootbound each week is that it provides this haggard columnist with the opportunity to meet so many great folks through the mail. Please read on...

Mary BOWEN (4885 Academy Street, San Diego, CA 92109) is a good friend of Rootbound's - though we've never met. Her current genealogical project is to locate a descendant or researcher of William DUNCAN. Mr. DUNCAN was born in 1831, probably in Indiana or Kentucky, and died in December of 1883 in Benton County, AR. He came to Arkansas circa 1867 from the state of Illinois. William and his wife, _____ HAYDEN, had two sons in Illinois, Willoughby (born 1852) and Riley (born 1853). The family is likely to be on an Illinois county census for 1860, but which one? Mary would appreciate hearing from her cousins in the Ozarks.

Charles N. FERGUSON (202 A.N. Tucker, Shawnee, OK 74801) wishes to pinpoint the date and place of the marriage of William M. FERGUSON/FURGUSON (born 1825-1827, TN) and Martha _____. He believes they may have been married in 1847 or as late as January of 1848. Martha was born in Missouri. The couple lived in Missouri prior to moving to Texas. They were in Red River County, TX, in 1850, and Martha, a widow, lived with her children in Hopkins County, TX, in 1870. William possibly died in Arkansas, as the youngest child was born there around 1869.

The children of William M. and Martha FERGUSON were (in 1870): Wesley (age 23, born MO), William R. (20, TX), John (18, TX), Amos (17, TX), Francis M. (13, TX), Coleman (12, TX), Richard B. (9, TX), and Charles A. (1, AR). (Eight children, all boys!) Charles is most anxious to learn if his ancestors left any trails across the hills and valleys of the Ozarks.

The COPE family of Newton County, MO, is of interest to Mary Jane GASS (4438 Gass Lane, Granite City, IL 62040). She would like to correspond with descendants of Joseph COPE (born 1817, NC) and the following: Thomas COPE (married Mary Jane _____, Newton County, MO, 1873), Martha COPE (married Merritt SMITH), William COPE, Laurene COPE, Sammie COPE, Jessie COPE, Lucinda COPE (married Samuel BROWN, Newton County, circa 1867), Jacob COPE (married Gertrude LOWREY, Newton County, circa 1893), Lavina Frances COPE (born 1869), Rosetta COPE (married Earnest SAMMONER, Newton County, circa 1885), Judson COPE (married Maggie ____, circa 1900), Lewellen COPE (married Lottie QUIMBY, Newton County, 1905), Archie COPE (married Hattie MORGAN, Newton County, 1897), and Cornelia COPE (married Frank MILLIGAN, Newton County, 1893).

Hundreds of descendants of the above mentioned COPEs must still be in this area. Hopefully, several will take pen in hand and write to Mary Jane!

Esther GRISWOLD (200 Sunnydel Circle, No. 16, South Hutchinson, KS 67505) reports that her grand-uncle, George BROWN, moved to Newton County, MO, in 1868 and died there the following year. A son, George, Jr., remained in Newton County and can be found on its 1880 census rolls along with his mother, Jemima. George, SR., was a native of Kentucky. Esther would like to find out exactly where in Kentucky her grand-uncle was born, and she is also searching for the names of his parents. She will exchange information with any descendants of George BROWN, Sr. that still reside in this corner of the Ozarks.

Linda WORSTELL (2218 East 10000 South, Sandy, UT 84092) wishes to communicate with others researching the surname MOSMAN, MOSIMAN, and MOSSMAN. She has tracked one line from Switzerland into the St. Louis, MO, area. Any Takers? This columnist's wife also has a MOSMAN ancestry in Switzerland. Those who write to Linda might do well to send a copy to Rootbound as well.

Rootbound offers the following advice for those starting to develop an interest in genealogy: get thee to a library! Almost all of our local libraries have sections devoted to family history, and they are staffed with employees and volunteers eager to help the novice with his or her ascent up the family tree!

Until next week...happy trails!

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