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Rootbound in the Hills #156:
18 Sep 1990

by Rocky Macy

The small community of Rocky Comfort, MO, located in eastern McDonald County, is well known to most of us who reside in this part of the world. But did you know that there are several landmarks in Benton County, AR, that bear the same name? Please read on...

Raymond E. JEFFERIES (Jeff-Gen Research, P.O. Box 369, Pea Ridge, AR 72751), a frequent contributor to Rootbound, wishes to learn more about a Rocky Comfort Cemetery and Church near Hiwasse, Benton County, AR. He is also collecting information on two Rocky Comfort Schools, one near Hiwasse and the other located somewhere in southern Benton County. Raymond is hopeful that some of our readers will be able to provide him with material on those places. Rootbound would also be interested in hearing about those and any other Rocky Comforts of the Ozarks.

Sandy McGUIRE (29226 SW Baker Road, Sherwood, OR 97140) is tracing the ancestry of James W. WHITEID (born 1844, TN) who married Virginia WILLIAMS of Lawrence County, MO, around 1870. The WHITEIDs settled in Stone County, MO, and both eventually died there. They are buried at Ponce de Leon, MO.

Sandy McGUIRE (above) is also on the trail of Edward ROGERS (born 21 Feb 1840, Green County, IN) who married Sarah SHEETS of Monroe County, IN, on 22 July 1858. Edward died 6 Mar 1922 at Reed Springs, MO, and is buried at the Coon Ridge Cemetery along with his wife, Sarah, who died 16 Mar 1916. Can any of our readers assist Sandy with her WHITEID or ROGERS lines?

Jonathan G. HANKS (1827-1886) was buried at either Bowdry or Baker Cemetery located on private property north and east of Pineville, McDonald County, MO. His descendant, Darlene HANKS SLAPAR (Box 31, Eudna, KS 66025) wants to learn why he came to be buried there. Are descendants of Jonathan G. HANKS still in the area? Darlene would also like to visit her ancestor's grave, but to do this she needs to know the name and address of the property owner. Who can help our friend from Kansas?

Charisse FLOYD (34 Eve Lane, Conway, AR 72032) is researching the lineage of John Irvin SPARKS (born 3 Mar 1851) and his wife, Mary Belle SCOBEE (born 1854), residents of Missouri. She was the daughter of Steven Jackson SCOBEE and the granddaughter of Christie SCOBEE. John and Mary Belle (SCOBEE) SPARKS were the parents of Ida Mae, William, Jim, Roy, Marvin, Lee Rice, Pearl, Scobee, and Sally. Do they have descendants in the Ozarks?

Mary E. WHITE (2 Matlock Circle, Bella Vista, AR 72714) recently forwarded some interesting notes on her ancestry. Mary's parents were Charles MILLER and Gladys Evelyn WALL. Gladys was the daughter of Joseph WALL (Dierks, AR) and Mary Ellen JONES (born 11 Feb 1844, Mt. Willing, AL). Other surnames on Mary's maternal family tree include: BROWN, CARPENTIER, CORBEL, HAWKINS, HOLLADAY, and HUGHES. Those researching any of the above mentioned surnames, especially those rooted in Alabama or Arkansas, might do well to contact Mary.

Leslie ERICKSON (600 East Ocean Boulevard, Apt. 701, Long Beach, CA 90802) wants information on Robert MORROW and his wife, Julie SIMPSON. Robert was born around 1796 and died in 1849 at Ozark, MO. L.J. MORROW and I.N. MORROW were the administrators of his estate. L.J. MORROW may have had a brother names Demosthenes.

L.J. MORROW (above) married Harriet Boliver TIPTON on 24 Nov 1847. Harriet, a daughter of John TIPTON, was born 28 Dec 1830. L.J. and Harriet were living in Springfield, MO, in 1850. Nancy TIPTON (age 37) was the head of another household in Springfield at that time. A John TIPTON (age 6) resided in Nancy's house. L.J. MORROW and this young John TIPTON eventually went to California together. How were they related? Who has material to share on the MORROWs and the TIPTONs?

Ancestry, Inc. (P.O. Box 308, Salt Lake City, UT 84110-0308) publishes a wide array of books and forms that are of value to genealogists. For a free copy of Ancestry's 1990 catalogue, write to the address listed above or phone 1-800-531-1790. And don't forget to tell those good folks that Rootbound sent you!

Happy hunting!

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