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Rootbound in the Hills #110:
31 Oct 1989

by Rocky Macy

The Genealogy Friends of the Library in Neosho have informed Rootbound of their special publication, Records of the Bigham Funeral Home of Neosho, Missouri 1916-1945, are still available for purchase at a cost of only $13.00 plus $1.25 postage. This excellent genealogical reference tool contains the name of each decease, place of birth, place of death, place of burial, father's name and birthplace, mother's maiden name and birthplace, and name of spouse. Orders may be placed by sending a check or money order to the Genealogy Friends of the Library at 507 W. Hickory, Neosho, MO 64850.

Margaret T. CROSS (300 Stewart Drive, Marble Falls, TX 78654) is searching for descendants of Morgan O'BRIANT. He died somewhere in Missouri in 1899. She would also like to contact others researching Ada O'BRIANT who lived near Parkerville, Morris County, KS, in 1892. Ada's children were John, Robert, Frank, and Theodore.

Another line that Margaret T. CROSS (address above) is tracking is that of Thomas and Mary (WARREN) RODGERS. He was the son of Josiah and Chloe RODGERS. Thomas and Mary moved to Missouri in 1835 with their children: Josiah (married Cynthia Ann FERGUSON), Edd, Elizabeth Jane, Louisea, Chloe Ann, James K. Polk, Sarah Ellen, Mary Mirinda, Tom, and Rhoda Terrece. Mrs. CROSS would appreciate hearing from any of our readers who might be working a related RODGERS or FERGUSON line. (Are you out there, Leonard DAMRON?)

Jennie SLATON (Rt. 1, Box 92, Seneca, MO 64865) is looking for descendants of Nelson Howard MOREY who moved from Missouri to Wisconsin over one hundred years ago. He married Charlotte LUKE, and they had five or six daughters and one son , Howard Nelson, who married Elizabeth CRAWFORD. Can any of our readers help Jennie in her search?

Joe CAMPBELL (22 Basildon Drive, Bella Vista, AR 72714) reports running into several dead ends while pursuing the trail of his great-grandfather, John CAMPBELL (born 1778, Fincastle County, VA). The area of his birth was later Lincoln County, KY, and it is now known as Casey County, KY. John CAMPBELL married Eleanor SCOTT in 1802 in Lincoln County, KY. Do any of our readers have information that might help Joe in his quest?

Dixie HAASE (Rt. 1, Box 1057, Granby, MO 64844) wishes to locate descendants of Peter LONG and his sister, Mary LONG McNEW. They were the children of John Carlyle and Catherine BEELER LONG of Grainger County, TN. Peter (born 1822) married Lucy a PARKER. They were last seen floating down the river with their family on the way to Texas. A letter from Mary written in Drape, Denton County, TX, on 18 Dec 1889 refers to a "Mollie J. LONG / Uncle Peter's girl."

Mary LONG (born 1822) was the wife of William McNEW. She wrote a letter from Spartenberg, Dennison County, TX, on 25 May 1908 which listed her children as Permela Elizabeth GEMSHA, Haseltine, Sarah CHATHERAN, Jim, Isaac, James, and Joseph. That letter stated that she had twenty five grandchildren with fourteen living, and twenty great-grandchildren. Present day descendants should be numerous. Hopefully some will read this and contact Dixie.

Eufaula BICKLEY AILES (2665 Texas Drive, Dallas, TX 75211) would like information on the parentage of Reuben WRIGHT, a resident of Schuyler County, MO, circa 1841-1844. Reuben (born 1799, NC) married Mary Jane RHODES, a daughter of John and Ailsey (SUGGS) RHODES. The couple had many children. During his later years, Reuben lived in Farmersville, Collin County (state not given). He died there in 1875. Do any of our readers have knowledge of this individual?

Word off of the grapevine has it that the Genealogy Friends of the Library in Neosho are also putting together a publication containing copies of the discharge papers of Newton County World War I veterans. Rootbound will publish ordering information when it becomes available.

Do you have a pedigree chart laden with Ozark ancestors? Send it - or your queries, surname lists, or items of local historical interest - to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We won't keep any of it a secret!

Happy trails!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #109:
24 Oct 1989

by Rocky Macy

It's always gratifying to learn of people using information that they have found in Rootbound. As a case in point, Joyce PARRIS (220 Northwest Avenue, Swannanoa, NC 28778), the genealogy columnist for The Ashville Citizen-Times, has reported receiving several letters from the Ozarks since her column, Family History, was mentioned in Rootbound. Of course, that shouldn't be surprising because so many of our Ozark lineages extend back through Kentucky and Tennessee to Virginia and the Carolinas.

Mrs. C.E. SUTHERLAND (202 South 12th, Garland, TX 75040) has an ancestor who strayed into the Kansas City area from Kentucky. Samuel STEWART (born 1784, NJ) was supposedly in Madison County, KY, by the early 1800s, and he had become a resident of Jackson County, MO, prior to 1850. Samuel's son, Joshua, married Leanna KERR, daughter of Caleb KERR, a mail contractor in Kansas City. Joshua's son, Benjamin Franklin STEWART, married Martha Ethel NICHOLS in 1875 in Collin County, TX. Joshua also had a son named Ryle. Mrs. SUTHERLAND would appreciate any help that our readers could provide, especially with regard to Samuel and Caleb.

Another Texas researcher, A. Margaret BRINEGAR (2022 S. Tyler Street, Dallas, TX 75224) is well rooted in the Ozarks and on back through Tennessee to North Carolina. Margaret's parents and three of her grandparents were natives of Yellville, AR. Her line extends back to David JACKSON (born circa 1800, NC), a resident of Lincoln County, TN, in 1830. David was residing in Greene County, MO, in 1833 with his second wife, Penina S. BROWN (born 1807). Our correspondent would like to know where David and Penina were married, and also the name of David's first wife.

David JACKSON had ten children, eight of whom were: George Washington (married Mary COOK), Nancy Ann (married John Jackson HAGGARD), John J., William L., Sarah, Martha (married Ben ESTES), David, Jr. (born 1851, married Emily Alice NOE, died 1937), and Joseph Porter. David, Jr. and Emily were Margaret's grandparents. Are any of our readers working a related line?

LTC George H. CARLTON (101 Noel, Waxahachie, TX 75165) has a line extending from North Carolina to the Ozarks. Mary "Polly" CARLTON married Eli STORIE on 1 Oct 1828 in Wilkes County, NC. Mary and several of her children had moved near Proctor or Mack's Creek, MO, by 1870, at which time she was living with her son and daughter, Joshua and Louisa, next door to another son, Nimrod W. STORIE. By 1880 Mary was at home with her widowed daughter, Louisa Caroline COFFEY.

LTC George H. CARLTON (address above) is also on the trail of John and Rosamond (HAZIAH) CARLTON, who came to Miller County, MO, circa 1850. Two of the couple's sons, Addison Y. and Haziah, lived in Camden County, MO, and a probable son, Morgan, was a resident of Barry County, MO. Other sons of John and Rosamond were Franklin S., William, and Ambrose. LTC CARLTON is waiting to hear from our readers.

Though somewhat beyond the normal Rootbound reach, Marguerite ANDERSON (800 Custer Road, Apt. 150, Richardson, TX 75080) is trying to locate the grave of Hugh Morgan POWERS, a Confederate soldier in the 19th Texas Cavalry Regiment. Hugh died of a gunshot would in the USA Hospital at Cape Girardeau, MO, on 6 May 1863. Any takers?

In our continuing search for those communities of yesteryear, several more letters have arrived confirming the location of Pond, AR. One of our helpful readers even forwarded a map showing the town of Pond, MO - near St. Louis! And Pauline CARNELL of Jane, MO, has notified ROOTBOUND that the McDonald County Historical Society once had a program on Elk Mills and Enterprise, MO. The group took a school bus from Anderson and visited both sites on the same day. Those interested in learning more about Elk Mills or Enterprise might do well to contact Pauline. (By the way, Rootbound is still searching for the Arkansas hamlet of Dump!)

Need help shaking the old family tree? Write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're as close as the mailbox.

Happy trails!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #108:
17 October 1989

by Rocky Macy

Remember our story about the Kodak Brownie 2-A box camera that this columnist unearthed in a flea market? It had been purchased new on 27 June 1914 by Miss Alice GIETT of Seneca. It turns out that Miss Alice (Mrs. Alice GIETT McDANIELS), a very bright ninety-year-old, currently resides in Joplin and is a regular Rootbound reader!

Alice and her late husband were long-time residents of the Frog Pond community near Racine, MO. The camera, it seems, went to the highest bidder at her big farm sale last year. Alice told me over the phone that she had used the old box camera as recently as five years ago - and it still worked fine!

Mrs. Theresa BOWERS FORREST (Rt. 2, Box 306, Seneca, MO 64865) is the reader who brought Alice GIETT McDANIELS' whereabouts to the attention of Rootbound. Her letter also contained a query regarding her grandfather, Leonard V. BOWERS. Mr. BOWERS was a Baptist minister, and Mrs. FORREST reports that he helped to organize New Salem Church in Newton County. His wife was Manerva COX of Newton County. Mrs. FORREST is interested in learning where Leonard V. BOWERS became a minister and where he resided before coming to Newton County. She will share information with others who are researching the same individual.

LTC George H. CARLTON (101 Noel, Waxahachie, TX 75165) is tracking Eunice "Nicey" CARLTON who married William Rufus KNIGHT in Jackson County, AL, on 16 Oct 1851. They moved to the Granby (Newton County, MO) area around 1859. Children of the couple included Amanda (Mrs. William MEADOR), Elzie A. (Mrs. Franklin CORMER), Nancy, and William Thomas (married Carrie Alma PERKINS). Rufus was supposedly "bushwhacked by mistake" in January of 1865. Family members are buried in Powers Cemetery. LTC CARLTON will exchange information on this family and their descendants.

And that's not all the mail from Waxahachie! Please read on...

Donna LONAN (201 Avenue C, Waxahachie, TX 75165) wishes to correspond with anyone having a knowledge of Thomas TAYLOR (born 1802, NC). a resident of Tennessee in 1820 and 1830, and southern Missouri in 1840. Thomas TAYLOR was living in Fulton County, AR, in 1850 with his sons, Hampton, Benjamin, Thomas Jefferson, Henry, and Berry. Thomas Jefferson TAYLOR (the son) married Elizabeth GREEN in 1855, and he served in the Civil War from Pope County, AR. Thomas Jefferson TAYLOR was a resident of Baxter County, AR, until his death in 1904.

Donna LONAN (address above) writes a weekly genealogy column entitled Missing Links for the Ellis County Genealogical Society. She will print queries concerning north or central Texas. Correspondence can be sent directly to the Ellis County Genealogical Society at P.O. Box 385, Waxahachie, TX 75165. And remember to mention Rootbound when mailing those queries to Texas!

Harriett K. WALTERS (1203 South 4th Street, Effingham, IL 64201) received a response to her recent Rootbound query from a reader in Phoenix, AZ! She is researching Abraham and Elizabeth (MENDENHALL) YORK of Newton County, MO. Tradition has it that Elizabeth died in 1891 and is buried in Neosho. Is that right. Harriett would like to know!

Now that the Ozark foliage has begun to turn, foretelling the passing of yet another season, wouldn't it be a great time to take pen in hand and begin preserving those family memories for the next generation and beyond? Keeping a journal or diary only takes a few moments a day, but those little daily memories, once written down, become a legacy that will reach across time and space to touch and brighten the lives of countless others. And who better to tell your story than you!

Send those queries to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. Barring an accidental bushwhacking, we'll be back next week - same time, same place!

Happy trails!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #107:
10 Oct 1989

by Rocky Macy

Rootbound has been out prowling through the area flea markets again, and this time we've come up with a little metal box of records and receipts which were the original property of the H.H. STRONG family of Granby, MO. The two items of greatest genealogical significance in the box were marriage certificates honoring the union of Henry H. STRONG of Jasper County, MO, and his bride, Susie REBER of Newton County, MO. Their marriage occurred on 9 Feb 1901 at the home of Susie's father, Edward F. REBER.

The reverse side of one of the marriage certificates has a good deal of family history. It states that Henry H. STRONG was born 6 Jan 1876 in Douglas County, MO. Susie REBER came into this world in Berks County, PA, on 27 April 1879. Her father, Edward F. REBER died 3 Mar 1938 in Ritchey, MO, and her mother, Loand (?) REBER passed away on 7 Dec 1938, also in Ritchey.

Henry and Susie had ten children: Leland O. (born 10 Feb 1902, Carthage, MO; died 7 Oct 1911), Emmit T. (born 4 Oct 1904, Sarcoxie, MO; died 27 May 1913), Dora F. (born 5 Dec 1906, Fayetteville, Ar; married Mr. TURNER on 15 Aug 1926;), Gertie A. (born 5 Oct 1908, Fayetteville, AR; married Clem CUNNINGHAM on 21 June 1936), David M. (born Jan 1911, Newton County, MO; married Grace PUTMAN on 9 Feb 1936), Velma R. (born 16 Oct 1913, Newton County, MO; married Ray Ratliff on 9 Feb 1936 - perhaps a double wedding with David and Grace?), Hubert C. (born 1 April 1915, Ritchey, MO; married Pauline BAKER on 31 Dec 1944), Maie N. (born 1 June 1917, Newton County, MO; married Glen HAWK in November of 1936), Henry H. (born 14 Feb 1920, Newton County, MO; married Esther STAGE in June of 1941), and Ruth M. (born 25 April 1922, Newton County, MO; married Fred OWING).

The little metal box also has various tax, gas, and hospital receipts for Henry and Susie up through the early 1960s - at which time they were living near Granby. Rootbound would be very happy to return this family treasure to the first direct descendant of Henry and Susie STRONG who comes forth with a reimbursement a reimbursement of the three dollars and fifty cents that we paid the lady at the flea market. Heirlooms don't get much cheaper than that!

The Regional National Cemetery Improvement Corporation (RNCIC) of Fayetteville, AR, is trying to raise funds to purchase 4.5 acres of land adjacent to the National Cemetery in Fayetteville. Unless additional land for the cemetery is acquired, the RNCIC reports that existing burial spaces will be depleted in 1990. the added land should insure burial space until the year 2050. Persons interested in contributing to this worthy cause should contact the group's president, Elvie HEINEY (5688 E. Huntsville Road, Fayetteville, AR 72701).

It's unlikely that any of our readers would need a good excuse to visit Eureka Springs, AR, but if you do, consider this: The Arkansas Genealogical Society will hold its 1989 fall seminar on November 3rd and 4th at the Inn of the Ozarks in Eureka Springs. The main speaker at the Saturday session will be Marsha HOFFMAN RISING, a nationally known certified genealogist from Springfield, MO. Her topic will be "How To's of Hunting in the Hills." For further information, write (quickly) to Carolyn Earle BILLINGSLEY at 270 Midland Road, Alexander, AR 72002. Rootbound will be there - and so should you!

Good friend Raymond E. JEFFRIES (Jeff-Gen Research, P.O. Box 369, Pea Ridge, AR 72751) has also been out rummaging through the flea markets. Ray has found a framed certificate from the Monett (MO) Public Schools which "certifies that Mildred NORTHERN has completed the course of study prescribed by the grammar department of public schools of Monett, MO, and is entitled to admission to the high school." The certificate was granted on 20 May 1921 and was signed by Daisy JOHNSON (teacher) and Guy H. CAPPS (superintendent of schools). Ray will return the certificate to a relative of Mildred's for reimbursement of the purchase price (he didn't say how much he gave) and postage.

And if we don't run into each other in the flea markets, let's at least keep in touch through the mail! Write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. Our mail backlog is growing, but we will answer every letter - sooner or later!

Happy trails!

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Rootbound in the Hills #106:
3 Oct 1989

by Rocky Macy

The nicest people write to Rootbound, and a few even telephone! Floyd CHAMBERLAIN (4225 N.E. Laddington Court, Portland, OR 97213) called the house a few weeks ago with a query regarding his ancestry. Please read on...

Floyd is on the trail of John CHAMBERLAIN/CHAMBERLIN (born circa 1823, IN) who was a resident of Lawrence County, AR, in 1850, Newton County, MO, in 1870, and Lawrence County, MO in 1880. John married Elizabeth (born VA) and their issue included Elizabeth (married Jacob E. CROTZER), Esther A. (or possibly "Hester" - married John M. WATERS), James K., Margaret, and Alvin P. This Oregon correspondent hopes that our Rootbound readers will be able to help in his quest.

Floyd CHAMBERLAIN's Ozark ties reach right up to the present generation. He reports that his father was a native of Stella, MO, and his mother was from Newtonia, MO. And Floyd also mentioned that a query from a relative in Spokane, WA, that ran in Rootbound last spring brought some very useful information from a reader in Goodman. It sounds as though Rootbound is working!

As long as we're concentrating on the great northwest, notice should be directed to Don VINCENT (10223 Meridian E. B212, Puyallup, WA 98373) who forwarded a nice note of thanks for the review of his book, 800 Missouri Families, Volume 1, that ran in Rootbound several weeks ago. Don has finished Volume 2, and he is now busy compiling Volume 3. Rootbound has donated a copy of the first volume to the Genealogy Section of the City-County Library of Neosho, and it's waiting there to be enjoyed by all.

Michael KELSEY (905 Duval, Temple, TX 76501) has recently compiled three sets of valuable Texas genealogical materials on microfiche. The first is 220 pages of various types of legal notices (marriages, deaths, runaway slaves, etc.) of Milan County, TX, that were printed in the Austin Texas State Gazette (1849-1859). Item number two is 219 pages of miscellaneous Texas newspaper abstracts centering on Titus, Bowie, Shelby, Jasper, Houston, and Milam Counties in the years 1840-1858. And the final set is Miscellaneous Texas Newspapers, Volume II (1856-1870) which has a focus on Titus, Tarrant, and Milam Counties, and has legal sources printed from many papers including The Dallas Herald.

All of Michael KELSEY's materials are indexed. Each set may be purchased from the compiler for six dollars plus one dollar postage and handling. These microfiche contain a substantial amount of important Genealogical data.

Michael KELSEY (address above) is also chasing his forebears across the Ozarks. He is searching for James Madison HUFF (born 1812, TN), possibly the son of Samuel and Phebe HUFF. James married Elizabeth _____ (born circa 1815, AR or TN). They had the following children: Samuel (1831, AR or MO), Polly (1832, AR), Nelly (1835, AR), Hannah (1837, AR), Peter (1843, AR or MO), and James (1849, TX). James Madison HUFF was living in Izard County, AR, in 1839-1840. By 1850 he was in Shelby County, TX, and he was located in Panola County, TX, in 1860. Do any of our readers have ties to this family?

Last Call: The time is fast approaching for the big Everton's Family Tree Climbing Can Be Fun workshop in Vinita, OK. This genealogical gathering will take place on Saturday, 14 Oct 1989 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. in the Recreation Building three miles east of Vinita. The $20 fee not only covers the entire presentation, but also entitles participants to lunch and a year's subscription to The Genealogical Helper - and the magazine subscription itself is a $21 value!

Sponsors for the above event are the Northeast Oklahoma Genealogical Society and the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Further information may be obtained by calling 918-256-3921 or 918-256-7333. We'll see you there!

And if we don't meet in Vinita, let's keep in touch through the U.S. mail. Write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're here to help!

Happy trails!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #105:
26 Sep 1989

by Rocky Macy

The McDonald County Library at Pineville has recently announced the following additions to their genealogy bookshelves: Virginia Northern Land Grants 1694-1775 (compiled by Gertrude E. GRAY), Early East Tennessee Taxpayers (Pollyanna CREEKMORE), Ohio Valley Genealogies (Charles A. HANNA), North Carolina Taxpayers 1701-1790 (Clarence E. RATCLIFF), The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660 (Peter Wilson COLDHAM), War of 1812: Virginia Bounty Land and Pension Applicants (Patrick G. WARDELL), and Land Claims Vincennes District (Indiana Historical Society).

Other new titles in the library at Pineville include: A History of Bristol Parish, Virginia (by Rev. Philip SLAUGHTER), Marriages and Deaths from Richmond, Virginia Newspapers 1780-1820 (The Virginia Historical Society), Quaker Marriage Certificates (Gwen BOYER BJORKMAN), Founders and Patriots of America Index (National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America), The Original Scots Colonists of Early America 1612-1783 (David DOBSON), The Bristol Register of Servants Sent to Foreign Plantations 1654-1686 (Peter Wison COLDHAM), The Douglas Register (W. Mac JONES), and Genealogical Data Relating to the German Settlers of Pennsylvania and Adjacent Territory (Edward W. HOCKER).

Debbie JONES (595 S.E. Elmhurst, Bartlesville, OK 74006) is searching for material on John Washington POE who was born to William and Sarah Elizabeth (MACKEY) POE in Georgia on 5 April 1835. He married Sarah Jane STEPP on 26 July 1855 in St. Clair County, AL, and their daughter, Frances Evelyn, was born 29 Jan 1858 in Mississippi. By 1866 John Washington POE was a resident of White County, AR, where he married his second wife, Nancy Caroline SPRINGER, on 18 Feb of that year. They had ten children including a set of twins.

Although it would be of doubtful benefit to Debbie JONES at this stage in her research, Rootbound did publish a column two years ago focusing on the children of William Carroll and Cofmort (POE) ROARK. The couple migrated to southwest Missouri from Kentucky in the 1850s and founded a line of ROARKS that has grown and flourished across the Ozarks. Readers who would like to have a copy of that column need to send a request accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper.

Mrs. C. BLANKENSHIP (P.O. Box 157, Springtown, AR 72767) ran a POWE query with Rootbound several months ago. She is now tracking a McCLELLAND line. Please read on...

It was in Tennessee in 1849 when Jesse Calvin McCLELLAND (born 1827, TN) married Malissa Ann WADE (born 1832, TN or KY). Their children included: Cassa Ann (1850, Bradley County, TN; married Calvin B. BLANKENSHIP, TN; homesteaded in Flint Township, Benton County, AR), Oloven or Cloven, George Reece (1856, Knoxville, TN; married N.R. _____; buried Sneed Cemetery, Carroll County, AR), Thomas Green (1860, Knoxville, TN; blind), Adeline, Robert Neslon (1867, Knoxville, TN; married Mary Lou FRANKLIN, AR, both killed by a hit-and-run driver in Henryetta, OK, July, 1934; buried at Henryetta, OK), Nancy Elizabeth (1863, Knoxville, TN; married John Leonard ELLIS, 1881, Benton County, AR), Mary Jane (married William KIRKSEY), and Jarrett Andrew (1872, Knoxville, TN; married Eliza Jane COXSEY, Old Carrolton, AR).

Readers with any information to share on the ancestry or descendants of Jesse Calvin McCLELLAND and Malissa Ann WADE should get in touch with Mrs. BLANKENSHIP at her home in Springtown. She's waiting by the mailbox!

While browsing throught he new books at the McDonald County Library, ask about the inter-library loan program available through the Mid-Continent Public Library of Independence, MO. This service places numerous genealogy books and the complete United States Census (microfilm up through 1910) within reach of local libraries for only the cost of postage. It's a great way to do research!

Until next week...happy trails!

Rootbound in the Hills #104:
19 Sep 1989

by Rocky Macy

The bitterness and destruction of the Civil War would have still been starkly evident upon the land as Joseph and Altha (COX) PARKS, along with their baby daughter, Mary Jane, struggled northward from Georgia to Benton County, AR, in 1871. Where did the family come from in Georgia? Did they migrate to Arkansas in the company of relatives or friends? Rose PARKS (Rt. 1, Box 119-B, Avery, TX 75554) would like to know.

Mary Jane PARKS was born in Georgia in 1870. Other children of Joseph and Altha were Willis (born 1872, AR), Nancy (born 1874, AR; married Delos MARTIN), and twins Allison and Harrison Joe (born 1877, AR). Joseph PARKS died in 1877 and left an estate that included one hundred acres of land. His probate records are on file in Bentonville. Altha died in 1890. Do some of our Rootbound readers have further information about the PARKS family that would help Rose in her research? Get in touch!

We'll be printing some more Texas letters over the next few weeks. Good friend Margaret Ann THETFORD again commented on Rootbound in her genealogy column, Family Tree that runs each week in The Dallas Morning News. Margaret's address is Family Tree c/o The Dallas Morning News, P.O. Box 655237, Dallas, TX 75265). Her column is first-rate, and, quite obviously, has a large readership.

Joyce ATTUSO (1316 N. Parsell, Mesa, AZ 85205) is on the trail of several of her McDonald County, MO, ancestors. John SUTHERLAND (born ca. 1803, VA or TN) and his wife, Agenss _____ (born ca. 1821, TN) were listed on the McDonald County censuses for 1850, 1860, and 1870. Their son, Oliver (born Feb 1850, MO) married Myriah (or Maria) Elizabeth LEWIS (LOUIS) in McDonald County in 1868. Oliver supposedly died at the age of thirty-five. Joyce would like to know where Myriah was born, as well as the names of her parents and siblings, and she would like to find out when Oliver and Myriah died ahd where they are buried.

Joyce ATTUSO (address above) wishes to learn if Sarah EPPERSON (born 15 Dec 1827, TN; married Martin MEADOR, 1844, IL) was the daughter of Ashrey and Elizabeth EPPERSON. Where in Tennessee were Ashrey and Elizabeth born, and who were their parents and siblings? Martin and Sarah MEADOR are buried in the Anderson (MO) Cemetery, but there are no dates on Martin's stone.

And finally, Joyce is trying to establish the parentage of Sarah Elizabeth LEWIS (born 19 April 1869, Franklin County, TN) as well as identify her brothers and sisters. When did Elizabeth marry Francis Marion MITCHELL of McDonald County? He was the son of Nathan MITCHELL (born 1820, TN) and Martha BARNETT (born 1823, TN). Where in Tennessee were Nathan and Martha born? Who were their parents? Joyce is waiting to hear from her Ozark cousins!

And while we're in McDonald County, which of our readers can assist with material on Milton COOPER, his wife, Elizabeth, and their sons, Kinderdine and William? The COOPERs were in McDonald County around 1880. Those with information to share on this family should contact Mrs. Polly SMITH (1840 Madison Street, Quincy, IL 62301).

Note This: The next meeting of the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society will be held at 7:00 p.m. Monday, Sept. 25, in the Hospitality Room of the Farmers and Merchants Bank, Fourth and Chestnut Streets, Rogers, AR. The program will be presented by Jean and Harry HECKMANN who will tell about their recent genealogical trip to southern Germany. There will be a time before the program for asking individual questions about genealogical problems. And, as always, visitors are welcome.

The MACYs have recently moved to within walking distance of the City-County Library of Nesoho. Perhaps now this procrastinating columnist can get back to climbing his own family tree. The genealogy room at the City-County Library is great - and those wonderful long hours that the library stays open (until 9:00 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays) give even the busiest of people an opportunity to use the facility.

And if we don't meet at the library, let's all stay in touch through Rootbound!

Happy trails!

Rootbound in the Hills #103:
12 Sep 1987

by Rocky Macy

On the 27th day of June in 1914, Miss Alice GIETT of Route 2, Box 79, Seneca, MO, purchased a new Brownie 2-A camera for three dollars and fifty cents from Kings Book Store. She filled out the coupon in the front of the instruction booklet which would have entitled her to a free one-year subsciption to the company's magazine, "Kodakery," but for some reason never mailed it in. The camera and the instruction booklet, both in excellent condition, were recently liberated from a local flea market by this columnist - and he would enjoy hearing more about Miss Alice and her camera from any of our readers who might have known the lady.

Miss Alice should have taken the year's free subscription to "Kodakery" - it was a regular value of fifty cents. Fifty cents would have also purchased a special portrait lens for her camera. Would't it be wonderful to live in a world where we had today's incomes and yesterday's prices!

Two readers responded to our request for the location of Pond, AR. Ray JEFFERSON (206 S.W. D Street, Bentonville, AR 72712) relates that it was located in the SE quarter of Section 28, Township 20, Range 32, or, in laymen's terms, at the intersection of what is now known as Mount Olive Road and Stage Coach Road, approximately four miles southeast of Gravette, AR.

Billie JINES (Rt. 2, Box 52, Pea Ridge, AR 72751) gives that site as being about midway and a little to the southeast of an imaginary line betweek Decatur and Hiwasse, AR. She reports that the book, Handling the Mail in Benton County, Arkansas 1836-1976, authored by an individual names PHILLIPS, notes that the Pond Post Office was established on 31 Jan 1891 with Hiram POND serving as postmaster. Shortly thereafter service at the post office was discontinued, but it was reestablished on 10 June 1992 with Hiram POND again in charge. The next two postmasters were John M. JOHN and Joseph A. RAIR. The Pond Post Office closed its doors for good on 31 Dec 1904.

Special thanks to Ray and Billie for responding to our call for information. Now the only community that we are still trying to pinpoint in northwest Arkansas is Dump, and we do know that Dump was "past Sunset a little." Any takers?

Jeanne MILLS (5915 West Quinault, Kennewick, WA 99336) is searching for ancestors and descendants of Pinkey WOODS and his wife, Elizabeth. She has found several references to Pinkney WOODS, A. WOODS, A.P. WOODS, and Andrew P. WOODS - and Jeanne suspects that they are all the same individual. An A.P. WOODS married Eliza McCALL in Barry County, MO, on 7 Dec 1843. Pinkney WOODS (age 50) was living in McDonald County, MO, in 1870 with his wife, Elizabeth (age 44), and the following children: Margaret (age 17), Mary E. (14), Lavina (11), Emma (8), and Saphrona (6). The two younger daughters were born in Texas.

Jeanne is particularly interested in an older daughter, Nancy Jane WOODS (born 1850, MO), who had married Joshua MONTGOMERY in April of 1870 and was therefore not listed with her parents's household on the 1870 census. Joshua and Nancy Jane lived in Barry County until sometime between 1891 and 1900 when they moved to Okmulgee, Indian Territory (Oklahoma).

One additional note: Margaret A. WOODS married Louis C. ROSEBERRY at the home of A.P. WOODS in McDonald County in 1873. Can some of our readers lead Jeanne through her WOODS?

Jerri McLEMORE recently presented a very interesting program on the uses of computers in genealogy to the Genealogy Friedns of the Library in Neosho, MO. She is also available to speak to local groups on tracing Chreokee ancestry. Jerri may be contacted at P.O. Box 487, Disney, OK 74340. And if any of the area societies schedule Jerri to speak on Cherokee Genealogy, please notify Rootbound. We'd like to attend!

Send those genealogical queries to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're here to help!

Happy trails!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #102:
5 Sep 1989

by Rocky Macy

The limbs of some Ozark family trees apparently dangle over California. Ann McDANELL (2328 Oleander, Delano, CA 93215) received queries from a few of our readers after Rootbound mentioned her column, Ancestor Ambling, this past June. Ann, who is much better organized than this columnist, noted that we had exchanged information several years ago over our KELLY lines. Anyone with a California or KELLY connection might do well to drop Ann a line or two.

My KELLY ancestor was Sarah. She was born in North Carolina in 1817, and married Joshua C. ELLIS (born 31 Jan 1814, NC). The couple lived for a time in Georgia where the following children were born: William J. (my ancestor), Hiram Kelly, Joshua Thomas, James, Adeline (O'CONNER), and Sarah. Joshua and Sarah (the parents) were residing in Prairie Township, Madison County, AR, in 1880. He died there on 21 Dec of that same year and is buried at the Vaughn Cemetery near Hindsville, AR. Are any of our readers working this same line?

Sharon TURNBOUGH (105 Mescalero, Amarillo, TX 79118) is tracking the family of Edward Bolen CLARK (born 16 Oct 1843, KY; married 30 Jan 1868, Logan, KY; died 18 Sep 1885). Edward, a carpenter, died from a fall and is buried in Newton County, MO. His wife, Amanda Taylor ROSS, moved from Rocky Comfort, MO, to Wise, TX, in 1892. Children of the couple included Edgar Alonzo, Fanny Marschell, Amanda Emmaline, Edward Bolen, Gabriel Tucker, Audley Everet, and Lilla Mae. Sharon would like to hear from any of our readers who might be researching the same family.

The GOWEN Research Foundation, a non-profit heritage society devoted to the preservation and publication of GOWEN family history, was organized recently through a grant from Miller A. GOWEN of Geneva, Switzerland, a member of the Swiss financial community. Announcement of the newly chartered international organization was made by its president, Arlee GOWEN, of Lubbock, TX, who has spent forty-eight years researching the family.

The surnames GAWAN, GOAN, GOEN, GOIN, GOINES, GOING, GOVAN, GOVEN, GOWAN, GOWIN, GOWINE, GOWING, GOUR, GOUWEN, GOYEN, GOYN, GOYNE, and GUYNES are also of interest to the GOWEN Research Foundation. Any person submitting an ancestor chart on one of these allied names will be placed on the group's mailing list and receive their newsletter free. Further information can be obtained by writing to the GOWEN Research Foundation at 5708 Gary Avenue, Lubbock, TX 79413. And, as always, remember to mention Rootbound when you write.

Janet K. PEASE 10310 West 62nd Place, Apt. 202, Arvada, CO 80004) is seeking to locate descendants of Jennette "Nettie" JUSTUS who was born to James H. and Nancy (BENNETT) JUSTUS in Benton County, MO, in 1865. Nettie married Columbus H. DORRIS in 1882 in Polk county, MO, and by 1900 she was living as a widow in Esculpia Township, town of Rogers (state not given). Children of the couple were Jessie L. (born 1888), James (born 1890), John H. (born 1893), Nellie G. (born 1897), Sharkes Shakes (male - born 1900), and an older child whose name is not presently known. Nettie JUSTUS DORRIS was Mrs. W.S. BURDEN of Colorado in 1935.

Janet K. PEASE (address above) ought to be a familiar name to Rootbound readers. Last December she submitted ten queries to Rootbound, and those have run, one at a time, until this one - number ten! Other surnames that she has pursued across the Ozarks ahve included: ALLEN, BRANSTETTER, BROOKS, CARR, CORALSON, DUNCAN, EDGER, FAULKNER, GATES, GRIFFEN, IAMS, JACKSON, KEITHLEY, KILEY, McELHANY, MINSER, PINTS, POINTS, ROBBSON, ROBINSON, SHEPHERD, SNUFFER, TAYLOR, TILLEY, TRUMAN, WOLFINBARGER, and YOUNG. Hopefully many of our readers have taken the time to correspond with Janet regarding these lines.

Don't forget the big Everton's Family Tree Workshop to be held on October 14th in Vinita, OK. Further information can he had by writing to the Northeast Oklahoma Genealogical Society at P.O. Box 484, Vinita, OK 74301. Rootbound will be there - and so should you!

Happy trails!

Rootbound in the Hills #101:
29 Aug 1989

by Rocky Macy

Katie NEATHERRY, the wonderful lady who found a memory book at a flea market in Fayetteville and managed (with a little assist from Rootbound) to track down its original owner, has forwarded a most interesting newspaper article on the Frisco Springs (AR) Cemetery. The article, entitled "Cemetery Awakens Musings," ran in the Rogers Daily News on 26 April 1962. It was written by the newspaper's Frisco Springs correspondent - Katie NEATHERRY.

The following names and dates have been extracted from Katie's article and refer to some people at rest in the Frisco Springs Cemetery:
David Lee AUTRY (age 86), Bertha AUTRY (age 31), Lane JOIEP (died 1891, age 42), Jetty P. EVENS (born 1919, died 1931), Betty D. HIGGINS (born 2 May 1927, died one week later), J.H. SEAT (born July _____, died 13 Mar 193__), Delmar L. REE (born 13 July 1940, died 18 July 1940), Mary D. BARNES (born 7 Jan 1858, died 22 Nov 1937), Sarah M. McGARRAH ((born 1873), Guire Lee McGARRAH, Anna McGARRAH (born 1881), Betty McGARRAH (age 12), Susie F. Clardy HIGGINS (age 5 months, died 1907), Billy Glen DRYMAN (age 6 months), William DRYMAN, and Martha DRYMAN.

The Frisco Springs Cemetery is located atop Monte Ne Hill where it joins Frisco Road. Katie reports that she knows descendants of some of the people interred there, so readers with an interest in any of the names mentioned in the article might do well to contact Katie NEATHERRY at 508 Johnson Drive, Noel, MO 64854.

Katie NEATHERRY (address above) is also researching the bygone community of Engerprise, MO, which existed in McDonald County somewhere east of Ginger Blue. Can any of our readers provide Katie (and Rootbound)with information on Enterprise?

And speaking of those towns of yesteryear, Peggy OBENSHAIN (Rt. 2, Box 49, Noel, MO 64854) has forwarded a copy of a 1940 Arkansas road map that shows the town of Sunset as being situated in extreme southeast Washington County on Highway 74 between Winslow and Combs. Thanks, Peggy! Now, we're still looking for the communities of Dump and Pond in Arkansas. Any takers?

Rootbound has received letters from two individuals who are looking for misplaced relatives. We've shied away from this type of request in the past because some folks just don't want to be found. However, recognizing the importance of reuniting families, we'll run the following queries - but without the addresses of the writers. If the missing persons wish to make contact with their searching kin, they may get in touch with Rootbound in the Hills via this newspaper.

Mykie (RAY) SANDERS (address withheld by Rootbound) is looking for Ruth HAYDEN (widow of Richard HAYDEN) and her daughter, Cathy Marie HAYDEN. The ladies formerly lived in St. Louis, MO, and Illinois. Cathy was married in McNatt, MO, four or five years ago. Shelly HAYDEN CLEGG is Ruth's niece.

If any of our readers know Cheryl VANDENBERG, Ruth HAYDEN, or Cathy Marie HAYDEN, please bring this column to their attention.

Floy SCROGGINS (103 Lowell road, Springdale, AR 72764) would like to hear from any of our readers tracking a BALLENGER line. She knows that there are family members in the Miami, OK, area and southwest Missouri. If Mrs. SCROGGINS' name sounds familiar, it is because she hosted the popular radio show, Fishing and Outdoor Sports, in northwest Arkansas for many years. Which of our readers can assist Floy with her research?

Need a boost up the old family tree? Write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're as close as the mailbox!

Happy trails!

Rootbound in the Hills #100:
22 Aug 1989

by Rocky Macy

This week's column is special - a milestone of sorts - because it is Rootbound's one hundredth issue. That's right! For almost two years Rootbound in the Hills has been helping folks track their ancestors across these old Ozarks...and what a trip it has been!

Getting started wasn't easy. Those early columns, the ones before people started writing to Rootbound, were often conglomerations of hints on how to climb family trees, lists of surnames taken from old public records, and queries about my own ancestors. It took some time for Rootbound to develop more substance and a loyal cadre of readers. The idea of a query-based genealogy column was, after all, fairly new to the Ozarks.

Yet despite the shortcomings of the first few columns, interest did begin to build. A list of surnames of Civil War pensioners from this area in issue number two caught the attention of a tourist who was just passing through. He spotted a familiar name on that list, contacted Rootbound, and discovered that the veteran in question was actually his great-grandfather! A small piece of family history that had been brought to light and preserved. It was a start, but if Rootbound was to succeed, more people had to become involved.

Assistance came from several quarters. Local librarians and courthouse clerks began telling researchers about Rootbound, and the column was plugged in some important publications including The Genealogical Helper and the genealogy columns of The Daily Oklahoman and The Dallas Morning News. Genealogy groups in the area were also cooperative. The Delaware and Ottawa County genealgoical societies of Oklahoma each hosted a program about Rootbound in the Hills, as did the Genealogy Friends of the Library in Neosho and the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society. The column was becoming known.

The trickle of mail soon hit flood stage. The first one hundred columns have carried queries and other information from two hundred and eight correspondents in thirty-three states. The surnames gleaned from thos queries have been sorted into a card file box that now has over thirteen hundred entries. That file, The Ozark Root Box, allows for quick cross-referencing to connect researchers who are working the same surnames.

As Rootbound has matured in style and substance, so too has it grown in circulation and readership. Originally with only one newspaper, the column has gradually found its way into thirteen newspapers in three states. And the mail keeps coming, a good sign that Rootbound is doing more than just taking up space on the printed page.

Writing anything on a regular basis can be a chore, but this particular endeavor is laced with rewards. Highlights of the past ninety-nine issues include winning an award from the Council of Genealogy Columnists (my peers), having the opportunity to pen special remembrances of two of my grandparents on what would have been their one-hundredth birthdays, helping an enthusiastic researcher in Tennessee find the grave of a grand-aunt and contact a cousin that she never knew, and assisting in reuniting a near-centenarian in Joplin with a memory book from her youth. Great moments, all! And there were many little victories as well!

But the highest reward has been meeting so many wonderful people through the mail. Each reader who has taken the time to submit or answer a query, offer assistance, or send a note of thanks, has helped to make this experience worthwhile and so very special!

Thank you, Good Readers, for nurturing Rootbound in the Hills through its formative phase. It couldn't have happened without you. Now let's all put our shoulders to the wheel and get started on the next one hundred columns.

Happy trails!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #99:
15 Aug 1989

by Rocky Macy

Doctors seems to have been a popular research topic in Rootbound over the past few months. Queries targeted Henry Oliver BEESON and John Pierce BEESON, a father and son physician team who practiced in the Noel-Southwest City area at the beginning of this century, as well as Dr. John Cole, a practioner of medicine at Vian, Indian Territory, in the 1890's. Now Rootbound is on the trail of a Barry County, MO, man of medicine. Please read on...

Don VINCENT (10223 Meridian E., B212, Puyallup, WA 98373) is interested in the ancestry of Dr. Samuel MORGAN and his wife, Margaret VIZANT (VINCENT, VANZANDT, etc.) The couple were married in McMinn County, TX, in the 1820s and migrated to Pulaski County, MO, between 1830-1840. John VINCENT moved from neighboring Rhea County, TN, to Pulaski County, MO, about the same time. Samuel and Margaret were in Barry County, MO, by 1850, where he was a practicing physician.

Don VINCENT reports that MORGAN and VANZANT marriages have been common throughout the years. He is speculating that John VINCENT may have been a brother to Margaret. In addition to determining their relationship, he would also like to find out if either or both were descendants of Isiah VANSANTE, Jr., a Revolutionary War veteran who moved from Bucks County, PA, to Botetourt County, VA, and finally to Greene County, TX, where he died in 1789.

Any of our readers with material on the surname VINCENT or its variant spellings should contact Don. He will share information from his extensive files.

Kay ROBERTS MARTIN (Rt. 4, Box 440-1, Oak Grove, MO 64075) is researching Obadiah GOODMAN who was born 26 Dec 1828 in Indiana and died 18 May 1923 in Pittsburg County, OK, where he is buried at the Lone Grove Cemetery. He married his first wife, Margaret GOLDMAN, in Indiana, and she died while the family was living in Arkansas. Obadiah's second wife was Mary Elizabeth RUTLEDGE. She was born 1 Dec 1870 in Missouri and died 6 June 1947 in Pittsburg County, OK. Kay would appreciate any help which our readers could provide.

The South Plains Genealogical Society of Lubbock, TX, has announced the publication of their new Family Research Directory. The eighty-four page book contains 3,063 surnames being researched by the 507 members of the society. Each member has indicated a willingness to exchange family history with fellow researcher everywhere. The volume may be ordered by sending twelve dollars plus one dollar for postage to Blanche PARK. SPGS Treasurer, 3420 57th Street, Lubbock, TX 79413.

A lady from Washburn, MO, telephoned the house recently to ask where she could purchase blank family tree forms. There are several genealogical supply houses in the United States that sell the various standard forms used by genealogists, and one of the best is Everton Publishers (P.O. Box 368, Logan, UT 84321). They will provide a catalogue upon request. Evertons also publish The Genealogical Helper, one of the best ancestor-tracking magazines available anywhere.

Ancestors in the Old South? If they put down roots in Georgia, Marie De LAMAR might be able to help. Her column, Knowing Your Ancestors, is published each Sunday in the Albany Hearld. Write to Marie at 1006 Sixth Ave., Albany, GA 31701. And remember to mention that you heard about her work in Rootbound!

"Hello" to our new readers in Arkansas. Rootbound welcomes your suggestions, comments, and queries. Address correspondence to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. What could be easier?

Happy trails!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #98:
8 Aug 1989

by Rocky Macy

A history book published this spring is providing help to numerous genealogists with roots in Benton County, AR, due to its thorough indexing of more than 2,800 names. Volume 1 of Benton County Schools That Were by Billie JINES (Rt. 2, Box 52, Pea Ridge, AR 72751) contains a history of about forty schools that once existed in Benton County. The author reports that she is already at work on Volume 2. The book may be purchased from Billie JINES for seven dollars and fifty cents plus one dollar shipping and handling.

Billie JINES (address above) writes a newspaper column in northwest Arkansas entitled Back Roads which focuses on old schools of the area. Rootbound readers with photos or stories to share concerning Benton County schools should contact her.

Regular correspondent Janet K. PEASE (10310 West 62nd Place, Apt. 202, Arvada, CO 80004) is trying to locate the burial place of James H. JUSTUS. He was born in Sumner County, TN, in 1817 to Thomas and Mary (CARR) JUSTUS. James married his first wife, Mary Elizabeth EDGER, in Schuyler County, IL, in 1843. Wife number two was Nancy BENNETT, the widow IAMS, whom he married circa 1854, probably in St. Clair County, MO. The third wife, Mrs. Permelia HANDLEN, married James in Benton County, MO, in 1881. James H. JUSTUS died on 3 May 1896 near Pond, Benton County, AR. Is he perhaps buried there?

And where is (was) Pond, Arkansas? Has it gone the way of Dump and Sunset? Rootbound welcomes information from readers on these and other Ozark communities of yesteryear. Mail those memories to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper.

Connee JELLISON (P.O. Box 58, Salisbury Cove, ME 04672) is shaking her husband's family tree and desires help from our readers. His grandmother, Anna O'LAUGHLIN, was born in Kansas City, MO, on 26 Nov 1877. She had four brothers: Edwin, James, Frank, and Charles. Anna related that she was of Scotch-Irish and Pennsylvania German descent, and that her mother's first name was "Samaria." Nothing else is known of her parentage or ancestry.

Anna O'LAUGHLIN married Fred Benjamin CASSITY around 1904-1905. His father was Alexander Warcek CASSITY, thrice widowed, who came to the midwest after his vineyard business failed in California Other children in the CASSITY family were Frank, twins Mabel and Myrtle, Edna, Josephine, and Jesse. Connee reports that Jesse scandalized the family by marrying a New York actor named Edwin BOOTH!

Connee JELLISON is most interested in finding any information about her husband's Missouri ancestry. She will gladly refund copy fees and postage. (Is Anna O'LAUGHLIN waiting to be found on an 1890 or 1900 Missouri census roll?) Let's help our friend in Maine solve this puzzle!

Refunding copy fees and postage is a great example of geneealogical courtesy. And remember to enclose an SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) when requesting information from other researchers. Not only is that a courteous gesture, it also increases the chances of receiving a reply!

Need help chasing those elusive ancestors through Nebraska and Iowa? Mary Jo KUBIE pens the column, Digging for Roots, for the Enterprise Pilot Tribune. Queries dealing with either state should be sent to Mary Jo at 1172 S. 16th Street, Blair, NE 68008. And remember to mention that you heard about her column in Rootbound!

Persons interested in joining the Missouri State Genealogical Association should write to the following address for a membership from: MoSGA, P.O.Box 833, Columbia, MO 65203. Membership runs from January to December, and the dues of fifteen dollars cover, among other things, subscriptions to the newsletter and excellent quarterly journal.

Copies of past Rootbound columns are on file in the genealogy sections of the libraries at Neosho, Pineville, Bentonville, Grove, and Miami. Each fo those libraries are wonderful places to work on family history. Stop in and take a look!

Until next week...happy trails!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #97:
1 Aug 1989

by Rocky Macy

There is a new pre-printed postcard making the rounds which advertises a family book that contains "almost" every household of a specific surname across the United States. Rootbound would like to hear from our readers that have received this mailing. What surnames are covered in this series? And, for those of you who have ordered, how was the product? Rootbound is curious!

One book that we can recommend at this time is 800 Missouri Familites: Volume 1 by Don VINCENT. VINCENT,a popular radio and television personality in the Pacific northwest, is the genealogy columnist for the Richland Mirror of Richland, MO. His book, the first in a planned series of five, concentrates on pioneer families (1820-1860) in the Missouri counties of Pulaski, Laclede, Webster, Wright, Texas, Phelps, Maries, Osage, Miller, and Camden. Many early records from these counties were lost to courthouse fires. Vincent describes his book as a "search-and-study" work that provides information and gives new directions for research.

800 Missouri Families, Volume 1, is well researched and organzied, and it is easy to follow. It should serve as an invaluable aid for persons tracking ancestor's through the aforementioned counties. The cost of the first volume (which concentrates on 140 of the 800 families) is $25, plus $3 for shipping and handling. Orders and requests for information should be directed to the author, Don VINCENT (10223 Meridian E., B212, Puyallup, WA 98373). And, as always, let Don know that you heard about his work through Rootbound.

Colleen C. WORLEY (P.O. Box 495, Stilwell, OK 74960) is on the trail of Charles H. RECTOR, possibly the son of Cumberland RECTOR. Charles moved to Cass County, MO, by way of Illinois sometime prior to 1840. After the death of his first wife, he married Evaline IRELAND (born 1826, TN) in Barry County, MO, in 1847. Evaline was the daughter of William and Deborah IRELAND. Charles RECTOR and his family were residing in Cass County, MO, in 1860, and they were at home in Crawford County, AR, by 1870. The family had relocated to Franklin County, AR, by 1872.

The children of Charles H. RECTOR were James P. (born 1834, TN), Thomas N. (1841, TN), Francis (1842, IL), Nancy (1845, MO), Sarah A. (1848, MO), twins Mary E. and Marthy C. (1850, MO), Elvina A. (1853, MO), Izora J. (1855, MO), Elizabeth (1857, MO), Louisa M. (1857, MO), and Thomas (1861, MO). (Yes, two sons names Thomas!) Are the trails of any of these children still meandering through the Ozarks?

Colleen C. WORLEY (address above) is also researching Loverance Evans HARDESTY who was born in Madison County, KY, in 1808. He moved to Washington County, AR, prior to 1836, and enlisted in the Cherokee Disturbance War in April of 1836. Love Evans HARDESTY married Mary C. (Polly) WHINERY (born TN) in April of 1840 in Washington County. Mary, possibly the daughter of William WHINERY, died in Lawrence County, MO, on 8 July 1865. Her husband passed away in Washington County, AR, in 1896.

Colleen would appreciate hearing from any of our readers who have information to share about the RECTOR or HARDESTY families. She is waiting by the mailbox in sunny Oklahoma!

And speaking of the Sooner State, greetings to our new readers in the Grand Lake area. Welcome to the widest read genealogy column in the three-state area. Rootbound thrives on participation, so take pen in hand and share those genealogy questions - and answers! We're here to help!

Happy trails!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #96:
25 July 1989

by Rocky Macy

Helping others with their genealogy is always a rewarding experience. Rootbound has recently gleaned a few facts from local printed sources that will assist the following correspondent with his research, and perhaps some of our readers will be able to do even more. Read on...

Herbert J. WILLIAMS (2728 Tangley, Houston, TX 77005) has been tracking his ancestors through Searcy, Marion, Boone, and Benton counties in Arkansas, and he has just learned that one branch came to McDonald County, MO, around 1870. The relatives who made this trek were G.J. ADDISON (born 1813, GA) and his daughter, Rebecca P., along with her husband, Reuben BURNETT. The three settled in Mountain Township, and Rebecca and her father are listed in that township on the 1900 census. Mr. WILLIAMS relates that G.J. also had a brother, Mayfield ADDISON, that raised a family in McDonald County.

Rootbound has written to Mr. WILLIAMS to inform him that some of his relatives are buried in Antioch Cemetery in McDonald County. According to a printed directory, Andrew J. (not G.J.) ADDISON (1813-1905) rests in Antioch along with the following BURNETTs: Reuben (1845-1899), Rebecca (1849-1926), Golden (1876-1942), Minnie (1877-1963), Christopher C. (30 Nov 1899-2 Jun 1910), and Jacob D. (4 July 1908-7 June 1910). Perhaps this information will open other avenues of research for our correspondent in Houston.

Agnes M. LAWSON (5327 E. 4th Street, Tulsa, OK 74112) has informed Rootbound that the query she ran on Wilkerson LAWSON generated replies from two of our readers. That's the way this column is supposed to work. Good job, readers!

The surnames BLAG, FREEMAN, GIBBS, JOSLIN, MILLER, SMITH (Soloman), and THOMPSON are of interest to Geraldine GIBBS JOSLIN (2117 Lansdowne, Garland, TX 75040). She would like to hear from others who are working any of those names.

A new book on the CARTER family, The Cartdrivers of McDonald County, has been compiled by Max CARTER (Rt. 1, Granby, MO 64844). He has donated a copy to the McDonald County Library in Pineville. Anyone desiring specific information about the book should contact Max at his home in Granby.

Dr. John COLE was practicing medicine at Vian, Indian Territory, at the time of his death in 1899. Now his great-grandson, Darrel G. COLE (Star Route, Tussy, OK 73088) is seeking to learn more about this early physician.

Dr. COLE and his son, Charles Alexander COLE (Darrel's grandfather) were each married in McDonald County, MO. The doctor was wed to Caroline RARIDON on 8 May 1879. The marriage license indicated that the groom was fifty-four years of age and his bride was fourteen. Charlie COLE (under the age of twenty-one) married Lizzie HOLLOWAY (under the age of eighteen) on 27 Feb 1892. Written consent to the marriage was given by their fathers, John COLE and G.H. HOLLOWAY. Can any of our readers provide Darrell COLE with additional facts about these men or their wives? Drop him a line...he's waiting by the mailbox in Tussey!

It's a rare person living in the Ozarks whose ancestry doesn't meander back through Tennessee and Kentucky. A few weeks ago Herbert GRAHAM of Pineville sent a request for the names and addresses of columns which cover these two states. The following three should be of benefit to anyone working that area of the United States:
1. Family History by Joyce PARRIS (220 Northwest Avenue, Swannanoa, NC 28778). Her column targets North Carolina, South Carolina, and eastern Tennessee.

2. Applachian Ancestors by Dorcas HOBBS (c/o Applachian News-Express, P.O. Box 752, Pikesville, KY 41501). The area of emphasis whith this column is eastern Kentucky.

3. Mailbox (c/o Rural Kentuckian, P.O. Box 32170, Louisville, KY 40232). Mailbox is not strictly a genealogy column, but it will run queries pertaining to Kentucky ancestry.

And when you write to those columns, remember to mention Rootbound. Their readers might have questions for us!

Until next week...happy trails!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #95:
18 July 1989

by Rocky Macy

A beautiful postcard of Maine's Acadia National Park arrived in the mail the other day bearing a note from Connee JELLISON, the genealogy columnist for The Bangor Daily News. She reported that Rootbound's previous mention of her column had stirred letters from the Ozarks, and, much to Connee's delight, one of our readers had even telephoned her newspaper with a query! The column, Family Ties, covers much of New England and eastern Canada. Queries should be addressed to: Connee JELLISON, P.O. Box 58, Salisbury Cove, ME 04672.

David F. HOUSTON (223 Behrens Street, El Cerrito, CA 94530) relates that he has been enjoying Rootbound for some time. He is seeking to learn the family background of G.W. (possibly George Washignton) SHARP who married Louisa ROBINSON in Pineville, MO, on 4 July 1895. The bride and groom were both residents of Jane, MO. Louisa was born circa 1877, the daughter of James T. ROBINSON of McDonald County. David believes that G.W. SHARP was not the George Washington SHARP who married Calidonia ARWINE and was later the husband of Sarah ARNETA. Can any of our readers lend a hand in this research?

Steve Edward LEWIS (Rt. 6, Box 136, Joplin, MO 64801) is tracking Celia Ann HAYS/HAYES, a daughter of James and Mary (JONES) HAYS/HAYES. Celia Ann was born 4 July 1839 in Goodman, MO. She married Ira Wells GILBERT. Steven would like to hear from any of our readers who have information on Celia.

Billie Jane LAMPSON (P.O. Box 6510, Kennewick, WA 99336) is trying to establish the parentage of Aaron Crawford WILLIAMS and his wife, Nancy Caroline (or Catherine) SIMMONS. Aaron was born in Hawkins County (state not given) in 1787, and Nancy was possibly a native of Effingham County, IL. Their chidlren were Louisa (born 1826, married David LONG, Elizabeth (born 1828, married George SAMUELS), Rachel (born 1830, married William COOK), Lucinda (born 1832, married Andrew DECKER), Nancy (born 1834, married Peter DEARDORF, died 1866), James (born 1836), Matilda C. (born 1837, married Thomas Armindy BRASFIELD), John (born 1838, married Zorri or Missouri GILLENWATER), William, and Wilson.

Aaron Crawford WILLIAMS (see above) is also a research target of Rose STAUBER (Rt. 3, Box 1084, Grove, OK 74344), his g-g-g-granddaughter. As mentioned previously in Rootbound, Rose is trying to locate the burial place of her ancestor - Roak or Roark Cemetery near Southwest City, MO. Readers with a knowledge of this area pioneer should contact Billie Jane and Rose.

Those of our readers with a serious interest in genealogy and roots in Arkansas might consider joining the Arkansas Genealogical Society. Membership information is available by writing to the group at: P.O. Box 908, Hot Springs, AR 71902.

AUSTIN Alert: The AUSTIN Family Association of America will hold its national convention at the Holiday Inn of Gallipolis, OH, on August 4-6 of this year. The event is open to anyone with an AUSTIN lineage. Contact L. AUSTIN (Route 1, Claude, TX 79019) for further information - and remember to tell old "L" that Rootbound sent you!

Mark Those Calendars: The Northeast Oklahoma Genealogical Society will hold an Everton's "Family Tree Climbing Can Be Fun" workshop on Saturday, 14 Oct 1989. The event will be at the Recreation Center three miles east of Vinita, and it will last from 9 a.m until 4 p.m. The cost of attendance is $20.00 which covers the excellent presentation, a sack lunch, drinks, and a year's subscription to The Genealogical Helper. (Rootbound has plugged Everton's Genealogical Helper before. It is the best genealogy magazine available, and the normal cost of a year's subscriptio is $21.00 - and that's without a workshop or lunch!) Rootbound has attended one of these events before and will definitely be at this one. See you there!

Need help shaking the old family tree? Write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're here to help!

Happy trails!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #94:
11 July 1989

by Rocky Macy

The first letter out of the mailbag today is from the Old South. Mrs. Ben E. THOMPSON (2845 Hwy 127, Kathleen, GA 31047) is trying to locate Gordon FORREST on the 1860 and 1870 census rolls, and she would also like to determine the date and place of his death and burial.

Gordon FORREST married Mariam LORD in Ohio and they had six children. Buy by 1850 he was the husband of Julia HALE and residing in Hardin County, IL, with her and their son, Charles. Gordon was in the mercantile business in Joplin, MO, after the Civil War. The children of Gordon FORREST were said to eventually have numbered ten or twelve, with most living in the Missouri counties of Ozark, Douglas, Jasper, and McDonald. Julia is listed on the 1880 census of Ozark County, MO, as a widow with three children.

One good source which Mrs. THOMPSON might tap in her quest to information would be the Joplin Genealogical Society (P.O. Box 152, Joplin, MO 64802). Dwayne CRANDALL, the president of the group, has submitted queries to Rootbound, and former president, Margaret W. EMERSON has written to this column about problems connected with getting complete copies of death certificates from the state of Missouri. Margaret is now an officer with the Missouri State Genealogical Association.

The Council of Genealogical Columnists recently forwarded a handsome certificate for Rootbound's third place finish in the queries division of their national column writing contest. It hanging right above the typewriter and serves to keep this columnist of task!

Ima Jean BAKER YOUNG (6921 West Arrowhead, Kennewick, WA 99336) is searching for material on her grandmother, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Theodora SMITH who was born 11 July 1865 in Polk County, MO, and died 10 Dec 1945 in Grove, Delaware County, OK. Lizzie married William Twitty BAKER on 16 Sep 1878 in Boone County, AR, and after their divorce in the early 1900s, Lizzie married William H. KAUFMAN and lived in Southwest City, MO.

Lizzie's parents were John W. and Josephine (OWENS) SMITH. After John's death, Josephine married Richard B. SMITH. Jown W. SMITH, a son to Josephine and Richard, als lived at Southwest City.

Ima Jean (address above) would certainly enjoy hearing from any of her Ozark cousins! Perhaps Dudley R. SMITH (1106 Pendant, St. Louis, MO 63131) will have some material to share with ehr. Dudley provided most of the substance for Rootbound's special column last year on the pioneering SMITH family of Southwest City. Copies of that column can be obtained by sending a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper.

Kay ROBERTS MARTIN (Rt. 4, Box 440-1, Oak Grove, MO 64075) is trying to pin an accurate surname on Melissa Jane _____. Was it SORRELS, SLAUGHTER, or LOFTIN? Family history says tht her father died when she was young, and that Melissa Jane's mother remarried and moved to Arkansas. One of the above names was probably the one that she was born with, another would have been her mother's maiden name, and the remaining one the surname of her step-father. But which was which?

Kay ROBERTS MARTIN does know that Melissa Jane was born 25 Mar 1856, probably in southern Missouri, and that she married Joe DOUGLAS circa 1879 in Arkansas. The couple resided in Texas, Oklahoma, and possibly Missouri. Do any of our readers have information to share on Melissa Jane or Joe DOUGLAS?

The following item was taken from The Backtracker (Vol. 18, No. 2, May, 1989), the excellent publication of the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society. they, in turn, took it from a list of Washington County AR, marriages of 1886 that was published in the Washington County Observer on 25 Nov 1976. The compiler was Lloyd McCONNELL, Sr.
"W.M. GUINN of Dump, Arkansas, just past Sunset a little, and Miss Rachel OSBORN, 19, were married on February 11th by H.C. OSBORN, a Justice of the Peace of Hazel Valley."

Can any of our readers enlighten us as to the location of Dump or Sunset? Or have these two communities succumbed to the haze of history? Rootbound would like to hear...and we're as close as the mailbox!

Happy trails!

Rootbound in the Hills #93:
4 July 1989

by Rocky Macy

Two delightful young ladies, Amber and Nicki YOUNKER of Noel, have recently shared their special family lineage with Rootbound. What makes the girls' ancestry so unique is that three of their forebears arrived in America aboard the Mayflower in 1620! The thirteen generation family line that follows was compiled by Amber and Nicki's grandmother, Bonnie TOPLIFF YOUNKER (Rt. 2, Box 186-B, Noel, MO 64854).
1. Frances EATON was one immigrant ancestor who arrived on the Mayflower.

2. His son, Benjamin Edison EATON (born 1627) married Sarah HOSKINS, a daughter of William and Ann HOSKINS.

3. Benjamin EATON, Jr, (born 1664) married Mary COOMBS.

4. Francis EATON (born 1690) married Thankful ALDEN. Thankful was the granddaughter of John and Priscilla ALDEN, two of the better known Pilgrims.

5. Joseph EATON (born 1728) married Hannah CROSSMAN.

6. Joseph Thomas EATON (born 1750, Woodford County, KY) married Elizabeth NUME.

7. Albert EATON (born 18 Aug 1797, Woodford County, KY; died 2 Mar 1874, Union, Cass County, NE) married Sarah BARNHOUSE.

8. Eli EATON married Mary Jane DRUMM.

9. Sarah Elizabeth EATON married Winifred Hudson YOUNKER on 16 Feb 1890 in Union, NE.

10. Lloyd John YOUNKER married Essie BUTTERY on 2 Sep 1918.

11. Ralph David YOUNKER married Bonnie TOPLIFF on 16 Sep 1951.

12. Clayton Ralph YOUNKER married Lori Volene GEPSON, and they are the parents of Amber and Nicki.

Bonnie YOUNKER (address above) would be glad to exchange information with anyone working an EATON or YOUNKER line.

Amber and Nicki YOUNKER, as well as their father and grandfather, are eligible for membership in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (4 Winslow Street, Plymouth, MA 02361). At last count the group had approximately 22,000 members, each being a descendant of that brave band of Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic to the unknown nearly four centuries ago. What a magnificent heritage!

Regular correspondent Janet K. PEASE (10310 West 62nd Place, Apt. 202, Arvada, CO 80004) is seeking to find the date and place of death (and place of burial) for Sylvester POINTS. He was born in Missouri to Francis and Julia POINTS. Sylvester married Maggie Allen ROBINSON (or ROBBSON), a daughter of William ROBINSON and Miss GRIFFIN. Sylvester and Maggie were residing in Dayton Township, Newton County, MO, in 1900 and 1910. Maggie died a widow in Seneca, MO, in 1935 and is buried there.

Janet PEASE also wishes to learn more about the children of Sylvester and Maggie POINTS. Their Daughter, Maggie, married G.W. TAYLOR in 1903 in Newton County. One son, Nathaniel, married Stella MINSER in 1917 in Newton County, and the other, Marion William becam the husband of Ada SHEPHERD in the same county in 1913. Both sons are buried at Seneca. Do any of our readers have information to share with Janet about her ancestry?

The Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society (P.O. Box K, Rogers, AR 76757) has informed Rootbound that a complete collection of our past columns is now on file in the group's genealogcial collection at the Bentonville Public Library. The libraries at Neosho, Pineville, Grove, and Miami also have collections of Rootbound columns. Perhaps by this time next year we'll have them bound and indexed!

Rootbound does maintain a surname index that has been sifted from our mail. Those desiring to know others that might be barking up one of their trees should send a list of their Ozark surnames to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Until next week...happy trails!

Rootbound in the Hills #92:
27 June 1989

by Rocky Macy

Katie NEATHERRY of Noel had a wonderful Mother's Day this year - and it was thanks to a Rootbound reader!

A few weeks ago we mentioned that Katie had found an old memory book while browsing through a flea market in Fayetteville. The book had been presented to Ethel "Chubby" CHAPMAN of Joplin by her Aunt Clara in 1905. Chubby used the book to collect autographs of her friends and relatives for the period from 1905 until 1915. Katie notified Rootbound about her find and offered to give it to any of Chubby's kin. A family member spotted the item, and on Mother's Day Chubby CHAPMAN's
grandson showed up at Katie's house to claim the family treasure. That would suffice as a happy ending for this little tale, but there's more...

The grandson, a Mr. STAPLETON, didn't want the memory book for himself. He was picking it up to return to his grandmother, Chubby CHAPMAN, who still lives in Joplin! Somehow over the years, she had lost track of the little book that Aunt Clara had given her during her eighth grade year. But it's home now and Chubby has her memories back, and Katie has the satisfaction of knowing that she did one super good deed!

The BONEBRAKE clan of Pineville, MO, want to take note of the following query:

Jack H. KIRBY (802 Shady Creek Drive, Cleburne, TX 76031) is seeking information on the STAFFORD family who settled in McDonald County possibly as early as 1828. John STAFFORD was born 4 Feb 1798 in Virginia. His son, Martin (perhaps Claibe), came into the world in Tennessee on 12 Dec 1821. The son married Matilda Add WHITTON on 8 June 1848 in McDonald County. Their oldest child, Louisa STAFFIRD, married Cornelius L. BONEBRAKE in Pineville on 18 Nov 1875. Louisa STAFFORD BONEBRAKE died 7 Nov 1896 and is buried in the Pineville Cemetery.

Jack H. KIRBY (address above) is also on the trail of Fenton JOHNSON/JOHNSTON, a Baptist preacher who was in Jasper County, MO, in 1860 when his daughter, Willie Ann, was born. Willie Ann married Milton Columbus CAWYER on 23 Dec 1875 in Jasper County. The CAWYERs were in business for some years in Webb City and Joplin. Jack H. KIRBY is interested in contacting any of he Ozark cousins. Get in touch!

Mrs. C.D. MORRISON (1802 South 11th Place, Rogers, AR 72756) would like to contact others researching the surnames FENN and GRIFFIN. Of particular interest to Mrs. MORRISON is Oswald GRIFFIN and his son, Eli D. GRIFFIN. Eli was born in 1807. His daughter, Sara Joanna GRIFFIN, married Wiley Thomspon FENN. Do we have other readers working this line?

Rootbound loves good typesetters, and one of the best is Tammy COONES (Box 1017, Gentry, AR 72734). Tammy is tracking her SLAWSON family through Palo Pinto and Parker Counties in Texas. Although Rootbound is too far removed from north central Texas to be of much help in Tammy's research, we do recommend the folling columns:

Kissin' Kin, a regular feature in The Weatherford Democrat, is penned by Evlyn WILEY BROUMLEY (512 Palo Pinta Street, Weatherford, TX 76086). Weatherford happens to be the county seat for Parker County.

Tammy's area of research is also adjacent to the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, so she might be well advised to send a query to Rootbound's good friend, Margaret Ann THETFORD (Communications Center, P.O. Box 655237, Dallas, TX 75265). Her column, Family Tree, runs each week in The Dallas Morning News. Margaret mentioned Rootbound in her column last December and the sky rained letters from Texas for over three months!

But that rain has slacked off, so this would be a great time to sort through the old family files and come up with a few queries for Rootbound. We're as close as the mailbox!

Happy trails!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #91:
20 June 1989

by Rocky Macy

Obituaries are excellent sources of genealogical data. The information contained in these death notices often include the full name of the deceased, dates of birth and death, a listing of relatives (spouse, parents, siblings, and children), home address, organizational memberships, and the name of the funeral home that handled the service as well as the place of burial. That type of material can lead to more definitive sources such as birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, census records, military files, and funeral home records. Check out the obituaries in this issue of the newspaper and notice the generous portions of genealogy that they serve up!

Louise C. ENGLAND (118 South Eldridge Way, Golden, CO 80401) is searching for obituaries on Janes Henry and Elizabeth (COLE) BREECE who are thought to be buried in the Diamond, MO, area. James Henry was born circa 1820-1824 in Ohio, and Elizabeth arrived in the world circa 1830-1836 in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. It is thought that they were living near Diamond with (or nearby) a daughter, Phoebe Ann, whose married name is not known.

Other children born to the BREECE family were Margaret (born 1855, MO, married Mr. WEAVER), Belle (married Mr. EVANS), James Henry, Jr. (born 1862, IA, married Rhoda E. COLE - a niece of Elizabeth's), Geroge Greenbury (born 8 Oct 1865, IA, married Addie May HALL, had no children), H. Tillman (born 1868, IA, married Eliza SANDERS), and Iowa (born 1869-1870, IA, married Ed ROBERTS, had at least one daughter). Three of the children of James Henry, Jr., and Rhoda married and lived in Wright and Ozark Counties in Missouri. Part of the family was in Decatur County, IA, in 1870 and 1880, and some were in Ozark County, MO, in 1900.

Descendants of James Henry and Elizabeth BREECE would do well to contact Louise. She's waiting by the mailbox in Golden, CO!

Pat BOEN (Rt. 2, Box 3450, Garfield, AR 72732) wishes to correspond with anyone who is researching Lucy BLEVINS, the wife of James B. HOBBS of Benton County, AR. Pat is also on the trail fo Harvey BRAY and his wife, Mary Elizabeth JONES. Harvey and Mary resided in Madison County, MO, and later migrated to northwest Arkansas. Other surnames of interest to this correspondent are BOEN, CAMPBELL, MAHURIN, MELSON, ROUNDS, and WILKS. Which of our readers have information that ties in with Pat's genealogy?

Janet K. PEASE (10310 West 62nd Place, Apt. 202, Arvada, CO 80004) is seeking all data on Benjamin PINTS/POINTS who was listed on the 1880 census of McDonald Township of Barry County, MO, as being an eleven-eyar-old servant. Benjamin married Lydia KEITHLEY in 1893 in Stone County, MO. He died in 1937 in Picher, OK, and is buried at Racine, MO. Janet would appreciate any assistance that our readers could provide.

Mrs. E.D. KING (303 E. Union, Rogers, AR 72756) is tracking the following individuals: George Elmer KING (MO), Nimrod ASHCRAFT (KY), Sarah ROUTH (KY), and Fredrick WITTENBURG (Germany, Canada, AR). Do those names ring any bells with our readers?

Grampa was a forty-niner that got lost in the gold fields? Perhaps Ann McDANELL (2328 Oleander, Delano, CA 93215) can help pick up his trail. She wites the column Ancestor Ambling for The Delano Record. She will accept free queries of up to fifty words, but the information must relate to California. Check it out! And when you write to Ann, be certain to mention Rootbound!

Libraries are wonderful places to look for obituaries. Most will have at least one or two local newspapers on microfilm. Some have even begun filing obituaries. Mrs. COLLIE at the McDonald County Library in Pineville maintains a very useful obituary file on large notecards. The Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society has also begun to collect and file obituaries of local interest. Don't overlook this valuable source of genealogy. It could save hours of barking up the wrong tree!

Happy trails!

Rootbound in the Hills #90:
13 June 1989

by Rocky Macy

Does Rootbound really work? Why not ask Carolyn WEIDNER (W. 2206 Borden Rd., Spokane, WA 92204-9668)? A recent query in this column helped Carolyn to pick up the trail of her great-grandfather's brother, Alvin CHAMBERLIN (born 1858) of Newton County, MO. Hats off to the reader who took the time and effort to assist Carolyn with her genealogy!

Our query a few weeks ago from John P. BEESON (7103 Running Rope, Austin, TX 78731) about his father and grandfather - a pair of doctors named BEESON who practiced medicine and operated a drug store in Noel, MO, during the early years of this century - stirred a flurry of interest on Main Street! Many local residents remembered the physicians. Hopefully they shared their memories with John in Austin.

Serious ROARK researchers should contact Louise DAVIS (Box 815, Camp Verde, AZ 86322). She is collecting information on the southern branches of the clan, particularly in Louisiana and Mississippi. Soome of the ROARKs that she is after include Aaron, Columbus, and George Washington. Any takers?

Remember that a copy of the Rootbound article on the local ROARKs can be yours for only the price of a stamp and envelope. Just send a long, stamped, self-addressed evnelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper - and we'll do the rest!

Carolyn ROUNDS (Rt. 2, Box 4500, Garfield, AR 72732) would like to correspond with persons who are seeking CAMPBELLs from Warrick County, IN, that moved to Stoddard County, MO, in the late 1800s. Carolyn is also tracking BRAYs who migrated from Tennessee to Madison County, MO, during the last century. Are any of our readers working one of those lines?

Regular correspondent Kay ROBERTS MARTIN (Rt. 4, Box 440-1, Oak Grove, MO 64075) is searching for information on John Isaac MARTIN, a son of James D. MARTIN and Elizabeth Frances BUCKINGHAM. John was born 9 Oct 1864 in Douglas County, MO. He married Mary Rachel TATUM, daughter of Philip TATUM and Sarah HOLSTINE, on 23 Dec 1896. John Isaac MARTIN died 21 July 1924 in Pittsburg County, OK. Kay would appreciate any help that our readers could provide.

Nicole _____ (1313 Rosario, Placentia, CA 92670) reports that she has material to share on James HUBBARD of McNatt, MO, who married Priscilla Ann COLLIE. This is Nicole's second letter to Rootbound and she has yet to volunteer her last name! A genealogist with no last name would be one frustrated individual! Think about it!

Did Grampa make tracks across Maine? If he ambled down through New England you might try sending a query to Connee JELLISON (P.O. Box 58, Salisbury cove, ME 04672). She writes a genealogy column entitled Family Ties for The Bangor Daily News. Queries should pertain to New England and eastern Canada. And if you write to Connee, be sure to mention Rootbound.

Those new to the pursuit of ancestor hunting should check out the pages of The Genealogical Helper. This national magazine has a circulation of nearly 50,000 and is a must for any aspiring family researcher. Each issue contains well over two hundred pages of articles, surname lists, and much other useful information. A year's subscription runs $21.00 for six issues, and it also provides membership in Everton's International Genealogical Society which offers discounts on advertising and other services provided by the Helper. For further information contact the Everton Publishers (P.O. Box 368, Logan, UT 84321). My subscription has been in force for nearly ten years!

Note This: Word from the grapevine is that a super genealogy workshop will be held in Vinita, OK, on 14 Oct 1989. Rootbound will carry further details as they become available...and we'll be there!

Happy trails!

Rootbound in the Hills #89:
6 June 1989

by Rocky Macy

Genealogists love cemeteries. There is so much good family data to be gleaned from tombstones...and it's getting better! Many grave markers now carry not only the names of the deceased along with birth and death dates, but also names of the deceased's parents and children as well. These stones are three-generation records that will stand as guideposts to of of those family tree researchers yet to come. What a great idea!

Harriett K. (MICHENER) WALTERS (1203 South 4th Street, Effingham, IL 62401) recently sent a query to the Genealogy Friends of the Library of Neosho, and those good folks have forwarded her request on to Rootbound. Harriett is seeking to learn more about her great-grandparents, Abram (Abraham) and Elizabeth (MENDENHALL) YORK.

Elizabeth MENDENHALL YORK was born in 1815 and died in 1891. She was reportedly buried in Neosho. Harriett would like to find out where her great-grandmother is buried, and she also wishes to know Elizabeth's place of birth and the names of her parents. A death notice or documents of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

Abram YORK supposedly died at the home of his son, Andrew, in Anderson, MO, and was buried there because slick roads prevented the funeral gathering from getting to Neosho. While exploring the Anderson Cemetery listings, Rootbound has discovered the following: Abraham YORK (1/25/1810 - 3/16/1898), Andrew YORK (5/26/1836 - 2/19/1923), and Maria YORK (10/15/1835 - 3/8/1909). James YORK (born 1 June 1838) was another son of Abram and Elizabeth. According to Harriett WALTERS, Abram and Elizabeth were ancestors of the MATTERS family of Neosho. Those of you with additional information about Harriett's ancestry should take pen in hand and share it. She's waiting to hear!

Mrs. James W. SMITH (8029 Redwood Drive, Ft. Worth, TX 76116) is tracking her forebears across Missouri and Arkansas. One of them was Jacob WENDT who came from Germany and settled in Little Rock, Ar. His wife was Eliza, and the children were Sallie, Minnie, Lizzie, and Louisa. Sallie married John or Mathecus HOFFMANN/HOFFMAN on 27 Mar 1872 in Little Rock.

Another ancestor on Mrs. SMITH's list is William Madison CARROLL/CARRELL, a native of Jefferson City, MO. He migrated to Wise County, TX, at the age of twelve along with his mother, Jane BAYLOCK CARROLL, and John A. GOSE, his step-father. Other children in the household were Samuel CARROLL (age 4), Margaret CARROLL (age 9), and step-brother John A. GOSE (age 18 months). Jane CARROLL married John A. GOSE in Sullivan County, MO, on 6 Feb 1849.

Mrs. James W. SMITH is interested in learning if her family left any trails across the Ozarks. If they did, hopefully some of our wonderful readers will get that information to her.

The GRAVES family, with all of its lines and variant spellings, will be the subject of a new newsletter, GRAVES Give and Take, which will start quarterly publication in August of 1989. Interested persons are asked to share family pedigrees, histories, stories, reunion dates, book reviews, military records, and other pertinent data. For further information, please contact Pat MOORE Publications (111 Ardmore Drive, Billings, MT 59102). And remember to tell Pat that Rootbound sent you!

Note This: Rootbound will be happy to search the files to see who else is barking up your tree. Just send a list of your Ozark surnames to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope. What could be easier!

Since this week's column began in the cemetery, it seems a fitting place to end it. Aside from factual data, tombstones occasionally exhibit literary merit. Take for example the following lines of "earthy" poetics that were found on the grave marker of Sarah BEACH (1807-1878) in the Butler Creek Cemetery near Noel.

"In passing by remember me,
My grave you see.
As I am now, you soon may be,
Prepare for death and follow me."

Words to live by! Happy trails!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #88
30 May 1989

by Rocky Macy

Our RUTLEDGE researchers in Newton County might be interested in contacting Irene D. WILSON (7460 Fulton Street, San Diego, CA 92111). Irene has written a book on the CAMRON/CAMERON family of Fulton County, IL. This group is anchored in South Carolina and Georgia with numerous ties to the RUTLEDGEs. At least some of the Newton County RUTLEDGEs came from South Carolina, so a line or two to Irene might prove beneficial.

Irene D. WILSON reports that she looks forward to reading Rootbound each week. She has written to three of our correspondents and received replies from each. That's the way this column is supposed to operate. Great work, readers!

Janet K. PEASE (10310 West 62nd Place, Apt. 202, Arvada, CO 80004) is seeking all data on Melissa PINTS/POINTS who was listed on the 1880 census of McDonald Township, Barry County, MO, as being a thirteen-year-old servant in the home of Samuel and Alice GATES. Melissa married Thomas BRANSTETTER in Stone County, MO, in 1885, and she died in Neosho in 1904. Those with information to share about Melissa, her employers, or her husband should write to Janet at her home in Colorado.

The PETTY family that lived near Noel, MO, is of interest to Clifford S. DOLL (116 Skyline Drive #1, Russellville, AR 72801). Cliff is a descendant of Hubbard PETTY who lived and married in Belefont, AR. Hubbard moved to southwest Missouri during the Civil War. His brother, Abraham, settled in this area between 1876 and 1878, and resided here for several years. Are any PETTY descendants still making their homes in the Ozarks?

Juanita HOPKINS TUCKER (1313 Brove Avenue, #221, Yakima, WA 98902) is on the trail of William O. HOPKINS who was in Benton County, AR, after 1900. Other Benton County surnames that she is tracking include CUNNINGHAM, HALL, LYNN, MOORE, PUCKETT, PYBASS, ROBINSON, ROGERS, WILLIAMS, and YEARWOOD. Perhaps some of our friends at the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society can be of assistance to Juanita.

And speaking of the NWAGS, the group's former president, J. Roger HUFF (c/o Shiloh Research Associates, 506 Betty Street, Springdale, AR 72764) is searching for the newspaper obituary and/or proof of parentage of Stephen Smith KELTON who was born in Boston, MA, in 1805. Mr. KELTON was married twice, the second time to Catherine Burkey STOFFLE. He died in April of 1881 near Bentonville (Centerton?), AR. J. Roger HUFF will exchange information with anyone who is working this same line.

Shiloh Research Associates is a complete historical and genealogical research service. Information on specific activites and rates may be obtained by writing to the address listed above. And remember to tell J. Roger that you heard about him through Rootbound!

The local grapevine reports that Carl A. HANNAH has resigned as President of the Delaware County Genealogical Society due to other committments. The new president is Glenda WHITE of Grove. The Delaware County Genealogical Society meets at 7 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month. The meetings are held at the new Grove Public Library which is located behind Pizza Hut. The June meeting will feature Fredria COOK making a presentation on how to organize family files. This genealogist needs to attend that one!

The new issue of The Stagecoach Bulletin for Genealogists arrived this week. It contains, among other useful information, the 1989 Annual Directory of Genealogical Columns in Newspapers. Rootbound is listed along with a couple of hundred other columns. To obtain the name and address of the genealogy column in a particular state or region of the country, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. Lots of folks are chasing their ancestors throught the pages of the local press!

Happy trails!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #87:
23 May 1989

by Rocky Macy

It made my bet it did! Those long hours chained to the typewriter were suddenly more meaningful because of that phone call from the west coast a few Mondays back. The message: Rootbound had taken third place in the queries division of a national column writing competition sponsored by the Council of Genealogy Columnists!

Thank you, Rootbound readers, for those wonderful queries. They are some of the best in the country. Need proof? Read on...

Christine RIPPETO (14822 Greenworth Drive, LaMirada, CA 90638) stopped by the house recently while on a cross-country genealogy jaunt. The ancestor that she was tracking in our area was Warn Harrison RIPPETO who was married to Emily Jane CLEMENTS and may have lived near Stanley, KS. Warn's brother, Berry Sampson RIPPETO resided in Noel, MO with his wife, Goldie, and daughter, Irene. The brothers RIPPETO also had a sister, Minnie, the wife of Albert COLE. Minnie and Albert made their home in Talala, OK.

Christine and her friends were unable to find a trace of her ancestors in my modest collection of local histories. They did leave the house armed with a list of nearby libraries and names of a few knowledgeable old-timers. Hopefully, she was lucky in her quest, but, if not, pershps some of our readers may yet ride to the rescue. Christine is waiting by the mailbox in sunny California!

Rootbound has had a couple of letters recently from good friend Rose STAUBER (Rt. 3, Box 1084, Grove, oK 74344). Rose is seeking the burial place of her g-g-g-grandfather, Aaron Crawford WILLIAMS. Mr. WILLIAMS died in 1870 at the home of his son, John Simmons WILLIAMS. John is buried in the Hays-Williams Cemetery on family land north of Southwest City. Family records indicate that Aaron WILLIAMS is buried at the "Roak" Cemetery, two-and-one-half miles northeast of Southwest City. But Rose can't find that cemetery.

While searching for the elusive "Roak" Cemetery, Rose has discovered three undocumented burial grounds. The first is on private land just north of Highway 90. It contains a few stones and possibly a vault. The second is north of Southwest City on the state line, and also on private land. Cemetery number three is the lost "Roark" Cemetery which was reportedly located a mile and a quarter north of the Simmons Poultry Plant, and a half-mile east. According to reliable sources, the cemetery was destroyed by an individual over sixty years ago. To the chagrin of his neighbors, the man used the stones in his house foundation, a walk, and possibly a storm cellar!

Rose is convinced that a "Roark" (not "Roak") Cemetery did exist somewhere east of Highway 43, but that it is now gone - along with the grave of Aaron Crawford WILLIAMS. She would love to hear from others who might be able to shed some light on this matter. Any takers?

Mary MARQUESS (810 NW 9th, Bentonville, AR 72712) would like to correspond with persons researching the surname HOLLINGSWORTH in the Cassville, MO, area. Are there Rootbound readers ready to help?

Trudy HOLLAND (301 N. Olive Street, Pierce City, MO 65723) wishes to contact anyone who is working a HOLLAND line. Can some of our readers help with that surname?

ROARK descendant Ellen YAGER (P.O. Box 26633, Albuquerque, NM 87125) has written to request a copy of the special Rootbound column which dealt with the family of William Carroll and Comfort (POE) ROARK. Ellen is the daughter of Frances ROARK WRIGHT, and a niece to Dale ROARK MORRIS of Bosky Dell (a suburb of Lanagan!). The copy of the column is in the mail!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #86:
16 May 1989

by Rocky Macy

One of the rewarding aspects of writing this column is having the opportunity to occasionally digress through my own family history. It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to highlight the lives of my forebears who did so much, often in quiet ways, for their friends and neighbors and family.

Last October Rootbound carried a special remembrance of my maternal grandfather, Dan SREAVES, on what would have been his one hundredth birthday. Now, a scant six months later, comes another family milestone - for it was a century ago this week that "Siss", Dan's wife and the center of his life, came into this world.

Nancy Jane "Siss" ROARK was born to Samuel James and Nancy Anthaline (SCARBROUGH) ROARK in McDonald County, MO, on 18 May 1889, the middle child in a family of nine. Though probably sharing the same dreams that many children have of travel and adventure, she and most of her brothers and sisters were destined to spend their entire lives in the Missouri Ozarks.

Siss met Dan sometime in the early part of the twentieth century. The couple married in McDonald County on 12 Mar 1913, and settled down to the quiet rigors of farm life on a place just south of the Newton County line. Their married life was happy, lasting nearly forty years and producing seven fine children.

Although life on the farm was agreeable with Siss, early on she showed a preference for indoor work. Embroidery was one of her specialities, as was cooking. Siss prepared a big country breakfast and dinner (lunch) each day. In fact, the first two meals of the day were generally so large that there were sufficient leftovers to take care of supper.

When Siss did work outside, she could often be found in her garden, an attractive mixture of flowers and vegetables. She was proud of her dahlias and equally pleased with the fact that much of the family's food supply was homegrown. And Siss had definite ideas on how and where to plant. The seeds needed to go in the ground on specific days, regardless of the weather or her husband's friendly advice to the contrary.

Siss SREAVES was a very religious woman and a good neighbor. She served as a midwife, helping to ensure that that her friends' children entered the world as safely as possible. The SREAVES table was alwaays available to others, especially after church on Sunday when the children took it for granted that their parents would bring home guests for the noon meal.

It was on a Sunday after church in the late 1930s when Siss organzied one of the biggest parties that the folks on Swars Prairie had ever witnessed. She and her daughters had picked blackberries that spring to earn money for a very special gift for Dan's birthday. They took their secret "pin money" and used it to have an enlargement made of a small photograph of Dan's mother.

When Dan's birthday rolled around that October, Siss and the kids were ready! Using some false pretense, she kept Dan at church after Sunday morning services were over, allowing everyone in the community time to gather at the SREAVES home. And gather they did! There are still some people around who relate with amazement stories of the many neighbors that were assembled to celebrate Dan's birthday. The feasting and good times lasted well into the evening.

Siss started suffering mild strokes in the 1930s soon after her last child was born. But being the tenacious farm woman that she was Siss held on to life for another twenty years. Though often ill, she was able to see each of her children through to maturity, and she had the opportunity to know many of her grandchildren.

I was just shy of being five-years-old when Siss SREAVES passed away in 1953. Although my memories of the time preceding her death are few and faded, I can still see my grandmother, quiet and caring, sitting down at a family gathering to share a piece of pie with her little grandson. We ate with our hands (perhaps the table service had already been packed away), and shared a moment - a moment that has stayed with me as a subtle and enduring reminder of a gentle woman who spent a lifetime caring for others.

It is a legacy that I treasure.