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Rootbound in the Hills #96:
25 July 1989

by Rocky Macy

Helping others with their genealogy is always a rewarding experience. Rootbound has recently gleaned a few facts from local printed sources that will assist the following correspondent with his research, and perhaps some of our readers will be able to do even more. Read on...

Herbert J. WILLIAMS (2728 Tangley, Houston, TX 77005) has been tracking his ancestors through Searcy, Marion, Boone, and Benton counties in Arkansas, and he has just learned that one branch came to McDonald County, MO, around 1870. The relatives who made this trek were G.J. ADDISON (born 1813, GA) and his daughter, Rebecca P., along with her husband, Reuben BURNETT. The three settled in Mountain Township, and Rebecca and her father are listed in that township on the 1900 census. Mr. WILLIAMS relates that G.J. also had a brother, Mayfield ADDISON, that raised a family in McDonald County.

Rootbound has written to Mr. WILLIAMS to inform him that some of his relatives are buried in Antioch Cemetery in McDonald County. According to a printed directory, Andrew J. (not G.J.) ADDISON (1813-1905) rests in Antioch along with the following BURNETTs: Reuben (1845-1899), Rebecca (1849-1926), Golden (1876-1942), Minnie (1877-1963), Christopher C. (30 Nov 1899-2 Jun 1910), and Jacob D. (4 July 1908-7 June 1910). Perhaps this information will open other avenues of research for our correspondent in Houston.

Agnes M. LAWSON (5327 E. 4th Street, Tulsa, OK 74112) has informed Rootbound that the query she ran on Wilkerson LAWSON generated replies from two of our readers. That's the way this column is supposed to work. Good job, readers!

The surnames BLAG, FREEMAN, GIBBS, JOSLIN, MILLER, SMITH (Soloman), and THOMPSON are of interest to Geraldine GIBBS JOSLIN (2117 Lansdowne, Garland, TX 75040). She would like to hear from others who are working any of those names.

A new book on the CARTER family, The Cartdrivers of McDonald County, has been compiled by Max CARTER (Rt. 1, Granby, MO 64844). He has donated a copy to the McDonald County Library in Pineville. Anyone desiring specific information about the book should contact Max at his home in Granby.

Dr. John COLE was practicing medicine at Vian, Indian Territory, at the time of his death in 1899. Now his great-grandson, Darrel G. COLE (Star Route, Tussy, OK 73088) is seeking to learn more about this early physician.

Dr. COLE and his son, Charles Alexander COLE (Darrel's grandfather) were each married in McDonald County, MO. The doctor was wed to Caroline RARIDON on 8 May 1879. The marriage license indicated that the groom was fifty-four years of age and his bride was fourteen. Charlie COLE (under the age of twenty-one) married Lizzie HOLLOWAY (under the age of eighteen) on 27 Feb 1892. Written consent to the marriage was given by their fathers, John COLE and G.H. HOLLOWAY. Can any of our readers provide Darrell COLE with additional facts about these men or their wives? Drop him a line...he's waiting by the mailbox in Tussey!

It's a rare person living in the Ozarks whose ancestry doesn't meander back through Tennessee and Kentucky. A few weeks ago Herbert GRAHAM of Pineville sent a request for the names and addresses of columns which cover these two states. The following three should be of benefit to anyone working that area of the United States:
1. Family History by Joyce PARRIS (220 Northwest Avenue, Swannanoa, NC 28778). Her column targets North Carolina, South Carolina, and eastern Tennessee.

2. Applachian Ancestors by Dorcas HOBBS (c/o Applachian News-Express, P.O. Box 752, Pikesville, KY 41501). The area of emphasis whith this column is eastern Kentucky.

3. Mailbox (c/o Rural Kentuckian, P.O. Box 32170, Louisville, KY 40232). Mailbox is not strictly a genealogy column, but it will run queries pertaining to Kentucky ancestry.

And when you write to those columns, remember to mention Rootbound. Their readers might have questions for us!

Until next week...happy trails!

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