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Rootbound in the Hills #78:
21 Mar 89

by Rocky Macy

Buyer Beware!

Have any of our readers received one of those curious postcard advertisements that promote a family surname registry and newsletter? Mine didn't list a "person" to respond to, only the name of the organization along with its mailing address, and there was no telephone number. Also, this particular group has not been mentioned in the pages of The Genealogical Helper, almost a necessity for organizing any family group nationally.

Rootbound would like to hear from anyone who has been contacted by this type of organization. Also, send the postcard if you still have it. We're starting a collection!

Carl E. FERGUSON (3047 N. Peary St., Arlington, VA 22207 is the great-grandson of David T. FERGUSON who lived in Carroll County, AR, during the last third of the 19th century. He wishes to make contact with any of his cousins who still reside in the Ozarks. Two other surnames that Carl is researching are GAY and HANKINS. (Leonard DAMRON, super FERGUSON sleuth, are you reading this?)

New friend Forrest W. TRIPLETT (Rt. 2, Box 316, Gravette, AR 72736) stopped by the house recently to talk genealogy. He is tracking these surnames: ARMISTEAD, ARMISTED, ARMOUR, and TRIPLETT. Can any of our readers help Forrest with his quest?

Claude M. FREEMAN (301 York Avenue, Weatherford, TX 76086) is working his FREEMAN and YOUNG lines of Marion and Boone counties in Arkansas. Are there others working at the same task?

Mrs. Florence DENTON (3508 Kingfisher Lane, Denton, TX 76086) is the granddaughter of John HAZE (HAYS/HAYES) who married Delita Jane TOW in Barry County, MO, on 29 Feb 1876. The marriage was recorded on 11 Apr 1876. Their children were born in Stone County, MO, and the family moved to Oklahoma around the turn of the century. Sons included Sam, William, Robert, and Thomas Franklin.

Other than the fact that John HAZE was born in Alabama in 1846, Mrs. DENTON has no record of his family background. John did have a brother (given name unknown) living on a large farm somewhere in Arkansas ca. 1900. She would appreciate hearing from Rootbound readers who might have material on John HAZE and his brother.

Former correspondent Jean HAAR (1600 S. Baldwin Ave., 26, Arcadia, CA 91006) is on the trail of several Ozark pioneers including Ella (TUNNELL) SMITH who was residing in McDonald County, MO, in 1910. Ella was the daughter of James M. TUNNELL. William David TUNNELL and his wife, Nancy Jane HUTCHINGS, are also of interest to Jean HARR. They were living in Joplin, MO, in 1880 with children Sophronia, Charles, and Fenton. The family had moved to Oklahoma Indian Territory by 1905. And, last but not least, Jean would like to learn more about William and Octavia CHADDOCK who were at home in Benton County, AR, in 1900. Any takers?

The surnames DECKARD and FLOYD are of interest to Peggy ENGLAND PHARR (Rt. 1, Box 381, Nevada, TX 75073). Are some of our readers researching those names as well?

Anne K. MARUHN (P.O. Box 507, Kalama, WA 98625) wants to find out why Thomas and Rebecca (DOW) STOCKTON came to live at Elk Mills, McDonald County, MO, during the years 1846 to 1854. This couple were married in New Orleans, LA, on 17 Nov 1840, and they returned to New Orleans after living in McDonald County. Their children were listed on the 1850 census include Richard Cannon, Mary Frances, Rebecca, John Hancock, and Louisa Isabelle. Did this STOCKTON family put down any permanent roots in the Ozarks?

Beverly J. HOLMES (3430 Cloverdale Lane, Dallas, TX 75234) has ancestry extending back to 1860s in Douglas, Webster, and Christian Counties of Missouri. Her lines include BRUMMETT, McCOY, PREWITT, PRUETT, RAINES, RAYNES, SNIDER, and SNYDER. She would appreciate hearing from others who might be barking up one of the same trees.

Rootbound loves the mail! Keep those cards and letter flowing to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. And remeember to enclose that SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) for a personal reply.

Happy trails!

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