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Rootbound in the Hills #101:
29 Aug 1989

by Rocky Macy

Katie NEATHERRY, the wonderful lady who found a memory book at a flea market in Fayetteville and managed (with a little assist from Rootbound) to track down its original owner, has forwarded a most interesting newspaper article on the Frisco Springs (AR) Cemetery. The article, entitled "Cemetery Awakens Musings," ran in the Rogers Daily News on 26 April 1962. It was written by the newspaper's Frisco Springs correspondent - Katie NEATHERRY.

The following names and dates have been extracted from Katie's article and refer to some people at rest in the Frisco Springs Cemetery:
David Lee AUTRY (age 86), Bertha AUTRY (age 31), Lane JOIEP (died 1891, age 42), Jetty P. EVENS (born 1919, died 1931), Betty D. HIGGINS (born 2 May 1927, died one week later), J.H. SEAT (born July _____, died 13 Mar 193__), Delmar L. REE (born 13 July 1940, died 18 July 1940), Mary D. BARNES (born 7 Jan 1858, died 22 Nov 1937), Sarah M. McGARRAH ((born 1873), Guire Lee McGARRAH, Anna McGARRAH (born 1881), Betty McGARRAH (age 12), Susie F. Clardy HIGGINS (age 5 months, died 1907), Billy Glen DRYMAN (age 6 months), William DRYMAN, and Martha DRYMAN.

The Frisco Springs Cemetery is located atop Monte Ne Hill where it joins Frisco Road. Katie reports that she knows descendants of some of the people interred there, so readers with an interest in any of the names mentioned in the article might do well to contact Katie NEATHERRY at 508 Johnson Drive, Noel, MO 64854.

Katie NEATHERRY (address above) is also researching the bygone community of Engerprise, MO, which existed in McDonald County somewhere east of Ginger Blue. Can any of our readers provide Katie (and Rootbound)with information on Enterprise?

And speaking of those towns of yesteryear, Peggy OBENSHAIN (Rt. 2, Box 49, Noel, MO 64854) has forwarded a copy of a 1940 Arkansas road map that shows the town of Sunset as being situated in extreme southeast Washington County on Highway 74 between Winslow and Combs. Thanks, Peggy! Now, we're still looking for the communities of Dump and Pond in Arkansas. Any takers?

Rootbound has received letters from two individuals who are looking for misplaced relatives. We've shied away from this type of request in the past because some folks just don't want to be found. However, recognizing the importance of reuniting families, we'll run the following queries - but without the addresses of the writers. If the missing persons wish to make contact with their searching kin, they may get in touch with Rootbound in the Hills via this newspaper.

Mykie (RAY) SANDERS (address withheld by Rootbound) is looking for Ruth HAYDEN (widow of Richard HAYDEN) and her daughter, Cathy Marie HAYDEN. The ladies formerly lived in St. Louis, MO, and Illinois. Cathy was married in McNatt, MO, four or five years ago. Shelly HAYDEN CLEGG is Ruth's niece.

If any of our readers know Cheryl VANDENBERG, Ruth HAYDEN, or Cathy Marie HAYDEN, please bring this column to their attention.

Floy SCROGGINS (103 Lowell road, Springdale, AR 72764) would like to hear from any of our readers tracking a BALLENGER line. She knows that there are family members in the Miami, OK, area and southwest Missouri. If Mrs. SCROGGINS' name sounds familiar, it is because she hosted the popular radio show, Fishing and Outdoor Sports, in northwest Arkansas for many years. Which of our readers can assist Floy with her research?

Need a boost up the old family tree? Write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're as close as the mailbox!

Happy trails!

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