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Rootbound in the Hills #93:
4 July 1989

by Rocky Macy

Two delightful young ladies, Amber and Nicki YOUNKER of Noel, have recently shared their special family lineage with Rootbound. What makes the girls' ancestry so unique is that three of their forebears arrived in America aboard the Mayflower in 1620! The thirteen generation family line that follows was compiled by Amber and Nicki's grandmother, Bonnie TOPLIFF YOUNKER (Rt. 2, Box 186-B, Noel, MO 64854).
1. Frances EATON was one immigrant ancestor who arrived on the Mayflower.

2. His son, Benjamin Edison EATON (born 1627) married Sarah HOSKINS, a daughter of William and Ann HOSKINS.

3. Benjamin EATON, Jr, (born 1664) married Mary COOMBS.

4. Francis EATON (born 1690) married Thankful ALDEN. Thankful was the granddaughter of John and Priscilla ALDEN, two of the better known Pilgrims.

5. Joseph EATON (born 1728) married Hannah CROSSMAN.

6. Joseph Thomas EATON (born 1750, Woodford County, KY) married Elizabeth NUME.

7. Albert EATON (born 18 Aug 1797, Woodford County, KY; died 2 Mar 1874, Union, Cass County, NE) married Sarah BARNHOUSE.

8. Eli EATON married Mary Jane DRUMM.

9. Sarah Elizabeth EATON married Winifred Hudson YOUNKER on 16 Feb 1890 in Union, NE.

10. Lloyd John YOUNKER married Essie BUTTERY on 2 Sep 1918.

11. Ralph David YOUNKER married Bonnie TOPLIFF on 16 Sep 1951.

12. Clayton Ralph YOUNKER married Lori Volene GEPSON, and they are the parents of Amber and Nicki.

Bonnie YOUNKER (address above) would be glad to exchange information with anyone working an EATON or YOUNKER line.

Amber and Nicki YOUNKER, as well as their father and grandfather, are eligible for membership in the General Society of Mayflower Descendants (4 Winslow Street, Plymouth, MA 02361). At last count the group had approximately 22,000 members, each being a descendant of that brave band of Pilgrims who crossed the Atlantic to the unknown nearly four centuries ago. What a magnificent heritage!

Regular correspondent Janet K. PEASE (10310 West 62nd Place, Apt. 202, Arvada, CO 80004) is seeking to find the date and place of death (and place of burial) for Sylvester POINTS. He was born in Missouri to Francis and Julia POINTS. Sylvester married Maggie Allen ROBINSON (or ROBBSON), a daughter of William ROBINSON and Miss GRIFFIN. Sylvester and Maggie were residing in Dayton Township, Newton County, MO, in 1900 and 1910. Maggie died a widow in Seneca, MO, in 1935 and is buried there.

Janet PEASE also wishes to learn more about the children of Sylvester and Maggie POINTS. Their Daughter, Maggie, married G.W. TAYLOR in 1903 in Newton County. One son, Nathaniel, married Stella MINSER in 1917 in Newton County, and the other, Marion William becam the husband of Ada SHEPHERD in the same county in 1913. Both sons are buried at Seneca. Do any of our readers have information to share with Janet about her ancestry?

The Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society (P.O. Box K, Rogers, AR 76757) has informed Rootbound that a complete collection of our past columns is now on file in the group's genealogcial collection at the Bentonville Public Library. The libraries at Neosho, Pineville, Grove, and Miami also have collections of Rootbound columns. Perhaps by this time next year we'll have them bound and indexed!

Rootbound does maintain a surname index that has been sifted from our mail. Those desiring to know others that might be barking up one of their trees should send a list of their Ozark surnames to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. Please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Until next week...happy trails!

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