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Rootbound in the Hills #80:
4 April 1989

by Rocky Macy

Several weeks ago a brief query landed on the Rootbound desk from Barbara CUNNINGHAM (3608 Old Baltimore Dr., Olney, MD 20832) in which she expresed a desire to correspond with anyone researching the RUTLEDGE family that lived in Newton County, MO, from about 1852 until 1880. Her request struck a personal chord because I am the g-g-g-g-grandson of Thomas RUTLEDGE, a resident of Newton County during that same time frame. We have now exchanged preliminary information, and what follows is a synopsis.

Barbara CUNNINGHAM is the g-g-granddaughter of Perrin RUTLEDGE who was born on 2 May 1815 in Abbeville County, SC. He married Nancy Howard, a daughter fo Rev. William HOWARD and his wife, Aseneth _____, on 9 Sep 1840 in Fulton County, IL. The couple migrated with two young children to Newton County, MO, sometime during the period 1850-1852. Perrin died in Newton County on 16 June 1879 and is buried at Ross Cemetery. Nancy died on 14 Nov 1897 in Newton or Lawrence County, MO.

Perrin RUTLEDGE was the first child of William RUTLEDGE (born 1797, Abbeville County, SC; died 14 Sep 1851, Pleasant, Fulton County, IL, and his wife, Leah HARRIS (born 1797, Abbeville County, SC; died 11 Mar 1844 at Pleasant, Fulton County, IL). Other children born to William and Leah were: Polly Ann (married Dave RENEAU), Matilda (Orville FRANCE), Elizabeth (Martin LOWE), Elijah "Lige" (Mary HOWARD), William, Jr (Jane Howard), John Henry (Celia Ann RENEAU), Emily, Ruth (John HARWICK), Miss, Peter, and James Silas (Jean or Jane RENEAU).

Perrin was the only child of that union to be born in South Carolina. The next eight were born near Sparta in White County, TN, and the final three were natives of Fulton County, IL.

The children of Perrin and Nancy (HOWARD) RUTLEDGE included: Dooley Howard (married Mary Amanda STONE), Emeline (married William Spencer ETHRIDGE in Newton County, MO, on 9 Jan 1859), Greta or Lecta (died as an infant in IL), Wiley Jefferies (Amanda BRITE), Mary (died as an infant in Newton County, MO), Dianah (married William Y. PACE in Newton County, MO, on 4 April 1875), and Robert Shelby (Sarah Walker MAULSBY). The first three children were born in Fulton County, IL, and the others came into the world in Newton County, MO.

My ancestor, Thomas RUTLEDGE, was born in South Carolina soemtime just prior to 1810, and he was residing in Neosho Township in Newton County, MO, in 1860. The other RUTLEDGEs in Newton County in 1860 (as per the census) were: Peter (age 45, born SC), Elijah (40, IL), Perrin (45, SC), John (57, SC), John Jr (18, MO) and Mary (4, MO).

Barbara CUNNINGHAM speculates that Thomas and John may have been younger brothers to William RUTLEDGE, Perrin's father. Do any of our Rootbound readers have information to add to either RUTLEDGE file? Barbara and I would like to hear from those that do.

Kay MARTIN (Rt. 4, Box 440-1, Oak Grove, MO 64075) has submitted several queries that we'll run as space permits. The first one deals with - are you ready for this? - RUTLEDGE! Kay is tracking Mary Elizabeth RUTLEDGE who was born 1 Dec 1870 to a Methodist minister (name unknown) and his wife, Mary. Mary Elizabeth had a sister named Rosa and a brother called Charlie. She married Obadiah GOODMAN Ca. 1890, possibly in Arkansas, and died on 6 June 1947 in Pittsburg County, OK. Who can assist Kay MARTIN with her research?

Runnell TILLVEY (2646 San Medina, Dallas, TX 75228) is seeking information on John Baptist MEISBURGER and Mary Magdalina DERRINGER who settled in Missouri in 1848. Of particular interest to Runnell is the parentage of John. Unusual names! Do they tie in with the research of any of our readers?

Good friend Gay ROGERS TILL who edits The Stagecoach Bulletin for Genealogists has advised Rootbound that the next issue of the Bulletin will contain the new Directory of Genealogy Columns. This national listing of newspaper columns is a valuable genealogical aid. The annual subscription rate for the Bulletin is 4 issues for sixteen dollars, or a single issue for six dollars). Persons desiring to subscribe or order the special "Columns" issue (Vol. 8, No. 2) should write to The Stagecoach Bulletin for Genealogists c/o Kinship, Inc, 60 Cedar Heights Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572. And remember to mention Rootbound!

Happy trails!

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