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Rootbound in the Hills #82:
18 April 1989

by Rocky Macy
Rootbound Hits the Road: The Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society has invited me to be their guest speaker at the group's next regular meeting on Monday, April 24th. The 7:00 p.m. meeting will be held in the Hospitality Room of the Farmers and Merchants Bank at 4th and Chestnut Streets in Rogers, AR. The topic? Why, Rootbound in the Hills, of course! Visitors are welcome...see you there!

Katie NEATHERRY (508 Johnson Dr., Noel, MO 64854) found a little gem of history while browsing through a flea market in Fayetteville recently. Her discovery was a memory book from the early part of this century. The album was apparently presented to Ethel "Chubby" CHAPMAN of 2118 Wall St., Joplin, MO, on Christmas Day of 1905, by her Aunt Clara from Colorado Springs, CO. The entry dates span the period 1905 through 1915.

Some of the signatures in Chubby's memory book include Maudalin ALLEN, Katie COCHRAN, Eva CORLETT, Lottie JONES, Birdie Agatha EASLEY, Marvell W., Bertha DOERGE, Ellena SAMUEL, Flora BLACK, Agatha RILEY, Edith CHAPMAN, Dottie G., Alma JAMES, Ovah GOGGSWELL, F.B. CHAPMAN (Chubby's grandfather), Mamie KIRBY, Margaret C., Alta CASTLEBERRY, J.M. CHAPMAN (Chubby's father), Dorothy TYLER, Hazel HENDERSON, Otis HORTON, Edna C. BAKER, Myrtle S., Harrley SWINDLE, Buss GILL, Loyce SMITH, Edna COOK, Baby Doll SNOW, Minnie CEBRAM, Velma BOLES, Golda CAMDEN, John GEIGER, S.R. SALBERT, Mable SNOW, Glenn STARK, Charles R. BARBER, Edison SAHERT, "Billie Hoe Handle", Buster GILL, John DODSON, May S., F.F. SHIMMINS, John L. McMECHAN, Ethel McMECHAN, Pearl CRAMER, Minnie ABRAHAM, Marie Ethel CHAPMAN, Roy TIBBINS, Carl PINKARD, Roy LIGHTFOOT, Luther BOOKER, Frank RILEY, Ed D. CURLEE, Claude BAYLESS, and Roy BAYLESS.

Katie NEATHERRY (address above) would be most happy to give Ethel "Chubby" CHAPMAN's memory book to any of her kin who would like to have it. It's a family treasure just waiting on a claimant!

Mrs. Marion E. WILLIAMS (P.O. Box 302, Denison, TX 75020) is on the trail of her ancestors who came to Missouri from Tennessee ca. 1840. The surnames that she is researching are BUCKNER, McKNIGHT, SMITH, WILLIAMS, and WOODARD. Her search is centered in Dade, Polk, and Lawrence Counties. Do any of our readers have information to share.

What are the odds that triplets could be born in our rugged Ozarks a century and a half ago and survive to adulthood? It happened, and those little girls must have been as hardy as these old hills. Read on...

J. VICKERY ZINN (5860 Meletio, Dallas, TX 75230) wishes to learn more about Nicholas HARVICK (born 1828, IL). His parents name are unknown at this time, but his siblings were were King (1822, IL), Hampton and Amanda (twins, 1829, IL), Converse (1832, AR), Peggy (1834, AR), Adam (1836, AR), and the triplets: Melvina, Malissa, and Meliza (1840, AR). They were all living in Smith County, TX, in 1850.

J. VICKERY ZINN (address above) would also like to correspond with descendants of William DOZIER (born 1818, TN) and his wife, Margaret _____ (1819, TN). Their children, all born in Franklin County, AR, included Nancy (born 1846), Martha (1848),
Alezander (1849),, and Mary (1855). William and Margaret DOZIER died in Clairette, Erath County, TX, around 1898.

Other surnames of interest to J. VICKERY ZINN are SPLAWN, VICKERY, LITTLETON, MEBEATH, and COLLINS. Which of our readers can help this correspondent?

Norma F. MILLWEE (4011 Kiva Trail, SW, Los Lunas NM 87021) reports that she has been having success with her Rootbound queries. She is currently trying to locate the burial place of Adaline "Addie" A. SCHOFIELD/SCHOOLFIELD CLEMENT. Addie died between February of 1890 and 1892. Norma believes that she is buried somewhere in Newton County, MO. Who can assist Norma in this quest?

Rootbound works because our good readers take the time to answer queries. share what you makes for great genealogy!

Happy trails!

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