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Rootbound in the Hills #163:
6 Nov 1990

by Rocky Macy

Her letter began, "Rootbound - what a very nice idea." And, of course, Mary had more to say. Please read on...

Mary LaRUE (P.O. Box 542, Nowata, OK 74048) is searching for any information on the family of J.H. and Rachel MOUNTS. He died in 1924 and she passed away in 1926. Mary has only recently discovered that they are buried in Fairview Cemetery. (She didn't mention where the cemetery was located - perhaps Fairview, Newton County, MO.) Anyone with a knowledge of this couple or their family is asked to please contact Mary LaRUE at her home in Nowata.

In the mid-1800s a family named WHITSON (WITSON) and another family named McDANIEL took in some orphaned children by the name of McMURTREY. They were located near Dardanelle, AR. Now, Mrs. Leona NEEL (P.O. Box 132, Langley, OK 74350) is trying to find descendants of these children. Which of our readers can assist Leona in her quest?

J.R. DENNINGTON (Rt. 2, Box 12, Bonham, TX 75418) is tracking the surname DENNINGTON in Missouri and CODY in Arkansas. Do we have readers working either of those lines?

The surname BRIGGS is of interest to Barbara C. LONG (12555 Valley View Drive, Chesterland, OH 44026). Her ancestor, Archibald BRIGGS (1818-1911), son of John BRIGGS, Jr. and Mary BOAL, resided in Anderson County, TX, prior to migrating to Cole County, AR, before 1860. Archibald's wife was Mary E. BARNETT, a daughter of Abner and Catherine BARNETT. Archibald and Mary BRIGGS had three children: Thomas Benton "Ben", Florence Emily, and Benjamin Franklin "Frank" BRIGGS.

Ben BRIGGS (above) was born in 1850 in Texas. He married a woman named Sarah, and they had the following ten children: R.E., Roger, Viola, Lee, Carl, Virgil, Gertrude, Garry, Oma, and Jesse. All of the children were believed to have been born in the area of Washington County, Ar. Ben may have eventually mored to Stilwell, OK, along with his father, Archibald.

Frank BRIGGS (above) (1851-1911) married Martha F. HAYMAN in Belle Plains, TX. Their three oldest children (Walter F., Archibald, and Florence Belle) were born in Texas, and the younger ones (Nancy Ann, John F., William Alva, and Ida Ellen) were born in Washington County, AR. Descendants of the BRIGGS family are undoubtedly in the Ozarks today, and Barbara C. LONG would like to correspond with them.

French ancestry is of interest to Patsy DeLARODERIE (P.O. Box 58, Grosse Tetem, LA 70740). She is looking for material on the AUDIBERT and DeLARODERIE families who arrived from France around 1814. The families are believed to have settled near St. Louis, MO, and Alphonse DeLARODERIE and Madam Francois AUDIBERT were in New Madrid, MO, in 1816. Did they make it on over to the Ozarks?

Most family tree charts only have room to list individuals for four or five generations, and a few extend up to ten generations. (A ten-generation chart will provide room for information on one thousand and twenty-three people.) Rootbound has recently received a flyer from Dana J. MARTIN (P.O. Box 4382, Houma, LA 70361) who states that he has developed a seventeen-generation chart that measures only two feet by three feet. For more information on this unique item, contact Mr. MARTIN at his home in Louisiana. The cost of the chart is $6 for one or three for $16, postage included.

Expanded Ego Department: Thank you Heritage Quest magazine for making an article by this writer, "Genealogy Meets the Next Generation," your cover story for issue number thirty! The piece dealt with ways to interest children in family tree research. For more information on Heritage Quest or a subscription, please write to the magazine at P.O. Box 40, Orting, WA 98360.

And while you're at it, why not write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper? We'll help you shake that old family tree!

Happy hunting!

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