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Rootbound in the Hills #71:
31 Jan 1989

by Rocky Macy

There's a new genealogy column circulating around these parts. The column, Family Limb Lines, is being penned by good friend Bonnie MARTIN of Neosho. Rootbound wishes her well.

And the mail keeps coming...and the backlog keeps growing! Sooner or later, though, it will all surface in Rootbound. Please be patient...I'm typing as fast as I can!

Mrs. Neal McCASKILL (2527 West Wadley Ave., Midland, TX 79705) would like to hear from anyone who is tracking one of the following Ozark surnames: BULLOCK, CLENDENNEN, LAMBRIGHT, McCASKILL, McDANIEL, MITCHELL, MONTGOMERY (Barry County, MO), and TOUCHSTONE. Are any of our readers barking up one of the same trees?

Also from the Lone Star State, Olivia BURTON HARRINGTON (1711 Cedar Hill Road, Duncansville, TX 75137) is researching Ingledove BURTON who, at the age of thirty, married Cynthia Ann DAVIS of Washington County, AR. The marriage occurred on 8 Feb 1861. Cynthia's parents were Thomas DAVIS (born 7 Feb 1807; died 18 Aug 1849) and Nancy (born 9 May 1815; died 26 July 1838). In 1850 Cynthia was living with the William McGARRAH family of Washington County.

Ingledove BURTON had been previously married and had two sons listed on the 1865 Kansas census. They were George W. (aged 12, born in IL) and Midian (aged 9, born in MO). Ingledove's first wife was Elizabeth, and they were from Harrison County, IN. Ingledove and Cynthia eventually migrated to Texas, but Olivia has been unable to find any trace of the older boys after that move.

Olivia BURTON HARRINGTON would like to hear from anyone who has knowledge of Ingledove and Cynthia BURTON or Thomas and Nancy DAVIS.

Mary Ellen DENNISON (906 Kentland Dr., Neosho, MO 64850) would like to exchange information with persons who are shaking any of these branches: ATKINSON, BIGGS, COGBILL, DENNISON, GARST, GIBONEY, HACKNEY, HAGUE, HALL, HARTLEY, JACOBS, LEE, MEIXEL, RAMSEY, and STUDEBAKER. Who can help?

And this for our readers in Granby: William D. PECK (134 O'Shaughnessy Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94127) is working on the lineage of Hannibal PECK who was born on 1840 in Cave Springs, Greene County, MO. He married Elizabeth CLARK on 25 Nov 1863, and was residing in Granby, MO, and drawing a Civil War pension in 1890. Hannibal PECK was the son of Charles L. PECK and Louisa LATHAM. He probably died in Granby after 1890.

William D. PECK reports that he has extensive information on his PECK lineage extending back to Bishop William PECK, one of the founders of New Haven, CT, in 1637. He will also exchange material on the STUMP and YOCUM families, and he would like to correspond with others regarding Ted and Bessie PECK GASTON who were residents of Benton County, AR. Bessie was William's aunt. She and Ted died in Cave Springs, AR.

As a footnote to his letter, William D. PECK relates that his PECK ancestors helped to settle Greene County, MO, in 1835. He undoubtedly has a wealth of information to share with his Ozarks cousins. Get in touch!

The following surnames are of interest to Diane Lynn HALLATT (Rt. 8, Box 103-A #5, Neosho, MO 64850): MERWIN (Ft. Scott, KS 1870-1880) and SWAN (Ft. Scott, KS 1870-1898). Other surnames that Diane is working include BJORK, FLETCHER, FOLLRAD, and HALLETT. She would welcome correspondence relating to any of those lines.

The nice comments that Margaret Ann THETFORD made about Rootbound in a recent issue of The Dallas Morning News has really caused a hardship on our postman. Here's another sampler from "Big D":

Irene MORGAN (432 Alcorn, Dallas, TX 75217) wishes to make contact with researchers who are on the trail of these surnames: BRIDGEWATER, BROWN, GIBBENS, HENSON, LOLLAR, SOUTHWORTH, TOLLIVER, WILKENSON, VAN SANDT, and VAN ZANDT. Sound familiar? Irene's waiting by the mailbox in Dallas.

And there's more mail from Texas...lots more! We'll dig a little deeper into the pile next week. Until then...happy trails!

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