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Rootbound in the Hills #49:
30 Aug 1988

by Rocky Macy

Rootbound in the Hills is pleased to announce a major expansion. Our weekly wanderings through the genealogy and family history of the Ozarks will now be running in five newspapers. So, if you're reading Rootbound for the first time, hang on! We aim to climb some trees!

Queries, or questions from readers, form the backbone of this column. During Rootbound's first year of existence, letters to this column have arrived from every region of the United States. The correspondents, or distant cousins as well as those of us still residing in the Ozarks, have asked for information, provided answers, and shared valuable family history. Sound interesting? Read on...

Linn REED (Rt. 1, Box 1330, Stella, MO 64867) is searching for an obituary on her husband's g-g-grandfather, James A. REED. Mr. REED was the son of James Alford REED (born in Ohio) and Lucy BRISTOW REED. He married Sophia (Sapphire) Melissa COUBERT. They had sixteen children, nine of whom survived to adulthood. James A. REED (the one for whom the obituary is sought) died at the home of his brother in Anderson, MO, on 2 Nov 1915.

Mrs. REED also has volunteered the use of a REED family genealogy book written by Betty Rae REED BLEIER to any of our readers who feel they might tie into this work. It covers seven generations and almost one hundred and ninety years of REED history. Those of you that are interested may contact her at the above address in Stella.

And this from Bonita J. MARTIN (Rt. 2, Box 312, Neosho, MO 64850):
"Im the Genealogy Friends of the Library Volunteer Librarian at Neosho. Every so often I get some very interesting mail with a family query. Recently a Ft. Worth, TX, museum director requested information on a William QUESENBURY who died in Neosho in 1888. He and his wife, Adaline, are buried at Neosho's IOOF Cemetery. He's enclosed a couple of pages from an Arkansas history. The writer wanted to know if we had any local QUESENBURY family members or any information on this gentleman.

"Wow! As it turns out he was barely reknowned in our immediate area, but was known nationally as Bill CUSH, a very talented artist and political cartoonist. He was born at Ft. Smith, AR, on 21 Aug 1822.

"If there is anyone who has a cartoon or picture this man has done, or any family members remaining in the Ozarks, I'd love to hear from them."

Bonita "Bonnie" MARTIN is the vice-president of Genealogy Friends of the Library, a support group for the City-County Library in Neosho. They have a fine genealogy collection which includes, among numerous other items of historical interest, a notebook containing a complete collection of Rootbound in the Hills past columns.

Mrs. Charles G. BOWEN (4885 Academy Street, San Diego, CA 92109) is researching Jack DYER, a son of William and Nancy (WARD) DYER, who was born in 1817 in Grainger County, TN. Jack married Agnes DYER in 1840, and they moved their family from Tennessee to Washington County, AR, in 1851. Their children were Cynthia (born 1843, married Ed T. POPEJOY); William (born 1845, married Amanda BAIRD / BARD, daughter of James and Rachel CLEVATE BARD); Charlton (born 1847 - Who did he marry? Did he go by another name?); Mary / Mollie (born 1854 - Who did she marry?); and, C.C. (born 1857, unmarried).

Mrs. BOWEN wishes to know if Charlton and Mollie moved to McDonald County, MO, where other DYERs lived, or did they go to the Territory known today as Delaware County, OK? She will gladly share DYER information with anyone who writes to her at the above address. Who can help?

Until next week...happy trails!

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