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Rootbound in the Hills #46:
9 Aug 1988

by Rocky Macy

James A. STRIPLIN (P.O. Box 908, Haskell, OK 74436) is rooted firmly in the Southwest City area. He would like to hear from anyone who has information on the STRIPLIN, PUTNAM, or ESLEY families.

John Wesley STRIPLIN and Docia L. PUTNAM were Mr. STRIPLIN's parents. This Southwest City couple was married in Gentry, AR, in 1918. John Wesley was born in 1892 to William Thomas and Ester Ann (OLIVERSON) STRIPLIN. William Thomas STRIPLIN had two daughters, Rosanna and Sarah Siotha, by a previous marriage. In addition to John Wesley, he and Ester Ann had Thomas Baron (1884), James Henry (1888), and Ellis Dock (1894).

William Thomas STRIPLIN (1848) was the son of John and Rosanna (CLARK) STRIPLIN. Their other children were: Elijah (1833), James F. (1834), Emily (1838), and Richard M. (1842).

Docia (1900) was a daughter to Albert M. and Sarah E. PUTNAM. They resided in Southwest City 1880-1935. Docia had a brother, Marion W. (1894), and a sister, Mable E. (1897).

James A. STRIPLIN is also researching Benjamin and Esther (GREENWOOD) ESLEY, residents of Southwest City. Their children were Lillie (1873) and Jake. Lillie ESLEY MORRIS had two children, Phillip and Gladys (1899), both born in Southwest City.

Undoubtedly many of Mr. STRIPLIN's cousins still reside in our area. Get in touch!

Helen L. FOSTER (1144 Americana Ct. B-1, Des Moines, IA 50314) wishes to learn more about the children of David PERKINS (born 1803, VA) and Sarah WARE. The couple was married on 17 Jan 1825 in Goochland, VA. They moved to Howard County, MO, in 1838, and relocated to Chariton County, MO, in 1857. Children included Ann (1825), James (1827), William, Luther (1832), Mary (1836), Sarah (1837), Virginia (1838), Maria (1841), Robert (1843), and Andrew Jackson (1845).

Mrs. FOSTER is also tracking Martin ADAMS who was born in 1820 in Virginia. He was a resident of Howard County, MO, in 1850, Chariton County, MO, in 1860, and Warren County, IL, in 1870. Mr. Adams died in Warren County, IL, in 1881. Did he go to the gold rush? Who were his parents?

Here's another PERKINS: Kimberly D. PERKINS (38869 11th Street West, Palmdale, CA 93551-3802) needs information on Gertrude LASKER (born 1904, Buchanan County, MO), the wife of Bert STOUT (born 1900, Buchanan County, MO). They were the parents of Shirley Anne STOUT. Ms. PERKINS will exchange information with anyone who is researching a LASKER or STOUT line.

This correspondent from the Valley of the Sun may have hundreds of cousins in the Ozarks. Carolyn GRACE (5141 West Creedance Boulevard, Glendale, AZ 85310) reports:
"My great-grandfather, John Turner OXFORD, has descendants living in the Benton County, AR, area. He was married three times and had, I heard, twenty-one children! This equals a lot of names!"

It certainly does! Perhaps some of our readers can help Ms. GRACE get a line on some of her great-grandfather's descendants.

Norma F. MILLWEE (4011 Kiva Trail, S.W., Los Lunas, NM 87031) discovered Rootbound while visiting the Neosho Library. She said, "I found them (the columns) very interesting reading, especially since a lot of my family are from southwest Missouri. I have a great interest in history and genealogy."

A complete collection of past Rootbound columns is available in the Neosho City and County Library due to the efforts of the good people who comprise the Genealogy Friends of the Library. My thanks to them for preserving this work, and to Ms. MILLWEE for using it.

Rootbound Hits the Road: I've been invited to speak before the Delaware County Genealogical Society at its regular meeting next Tuesday, August 16, 7 p.m., at the Grove Public Library. My remarks will center on the pitfalls and pratfalls of writing a genealogy column. So, if you're tired of the TV reruns, stop by the Grove Public Library next Tuesday evening and let's get acquainted.

Until then...happy trails!

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