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Rootbound in the Hills #50:
6 Sep 1988

by Rocky Macy

I have recently acquired copies of some of the old school records of the Iron Switch (Belfast) School District of Newton County, MO. Included are lists of students and teachers for 1880-1884, school board minutes 1870-1880, and some taxpayer lists for the 1870's. Fascinating reading! My g-g-grandfather, Charles MACY, served as a director of the school during the early 1870's, and, according to the record of expenditures, occasionally earned pocket money by selling wood to the school at a dollar and a half per load. Those were the days!

I'll search these records for your ancestors for an SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope). Just send the Belfast area names being researched and SASE to Rootbound in care of this newspaper. Give it a try!

Luanne R. EISLER (R.D. 1, Box 268-A, Slippery Rock, PA 16057) is looking for descendants of two brothers who left Luzerne County, PA, ca. 1861 and moved with their families to Boonesville, AR. John "George" THOMAS was born on 17 July 1834 and died in 1923. He married Peggy Ann BAUER who was born in 1838 and died in 1937. The other brother, Wrighter W. THOMAS, was born on 27 Aug 1844 and died in 1932. His wife, Sarah CAMPBELL, died in 1911. Wrighter served in the Confederate Army. The THOMAS brothers were the sons of Henry THOMAS and Elizabeth RADER. Are any of their grandchildren reading this?

Mrs. Charles G. BOWEN (4885 Academy St., San Diego, CA 92109) wishes to learn the parentage of William DUNCAN (born 29 July 1831, probably in Indiana) and his wife, _____ HAYDEN. They were the parents of Willoughby (born 1852, Jasper County, IN), Riley (born 1853, IL), and John Morgan (born 1867, IL). Where in Illinois were Riley and John Morgan DUNCAN born?

William DUNCAN's first wife died in 1867, and he and his sons moved to Benton County, AR, shortly thereafter. He had ten children by Rachel, his second wife. William DUNCAN died in December of 1883 in Benton County, AR, and is buried in Twelve Corners Cemetery.

Riley DUNCAN married Mary E. SMITH in 1875. She was a daughter of William SMITH and Nancy MYERS who were in Missouri (what county?) when Mary was born in 1860. John Morgan DUNCAN married Laura SANDERS in 1885. Did the marriage take place in Benton County, AR, or in Indian Territory near what is today Grove, OK?

Can any of our readers assist Mrs. BOWEN with her research on the DUNCAN family?

Mrs. Curtis CHASTAIN (2051 Willow Ave., Merced, CA 95340) is seeking information on William A. LATTY who was born in Tennessee in 1827. He married Susan ABERNATHY (born 1828, NC) ca. 1847-1848. The couple lived in Missouri in 1852. Their children include Nancy E., Mary J., Amanda, James, John W., George L., Sarah Catherine, and Frances Lucendia. Mrs. CHASTAIN will answer all LATTY correspondence.

And, in conjunction with the previous query, Dora LATTY (Rt. 3, Box 57-A, Anderson, MO 64831) is researching John W. LATTY. He married Sarepta Adeline MATHEWS in McDonald County, MO, on 17 Nov 1877. Their children were Martha Ann, Mary Catherine, Sibil Bess, William Green, George Albert, Frederick N., and John Lawson. Dora LATTY would appreciate hearing from any LATTY or MATHEWS descendant that might have information to share.

What about you? If you have some good genealogical material on any Ozarks family, don't lock it away in a shoebox - share it with Rootbound! We're as close as the mailbox!

Happy trails!

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