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Rootbound in the Hills #63:
6 Dec 1988

by Rocky Macy

Two letters have recently landed in the Rootbound pile after first making other stops. Harold A. PEEBLES (318 W. 32nd Ave., Spokane, WA 99203) wrote to the Genealogy Section of the City-County Library in Neosho requesting information on his lineage. Harold's grandfather (the Charles C. PEEBLES family) and his great-grandfather, James Yateman CARPENTER, left Neosho by wagon train in 1883 and headed for Dayton, WA. He would appreciate hearing from anyone who has knowledge of his family or has material on local wagon trains. Any takers?

The second letter followed an even more indirect route. Joyce CAPPS (P.O. Box 26, Fredonia, TX 76842) wrote to the library in Pittsburg, KS, requesting help in determining the parentage of her great-grandfather, William Ransom CAPPS, who was born 1800-1810, probably in North Carolina. Pittsburg forwarded her request to the library in Neosho, and those good people shared it with Rootbound.

William Ransom CAPPS had a brother, James CAPPS, of Neosho, MO. Two other brothers of the boys were Delaney of Bastrop County TX, and Prior. They also had a sister, Mahala CAPPS JONES, of Bandera, TX. Joyce has written a book, William Ransom CAPPS Family History. She would probably be a good source of genealogy for CAPPS researchers in the Ozarks.

The surnames ASH, BEACH, CRAWFORD, ECKLER, ELKLOR, HERSHMAN, HUTCHISON, PRIEST, RATCLIFF, RATLIFF, and RICKETTS are of interest to Shirley and Chester RATLIFF (1525 11th N.W., Miami, OK 74354). Are some of those names important to Rootbound readers as well? Shirley and Chester would like to hear from their cousins.

Eleanor POE BOUNDS (Rt. 1, Box 122, Dieterich, IL 62424) has sent for her free copy of Rootbound's special article on the ROARK/POE family of southwest Missouri so that she can compare that information with her own lineage. Eleanor is also tracking the following surnames: BEAL, BERRYMAN, BILLENSLY, BRITTAIN, CODNER, DAY, EBERHARDS, FRANK, HEDGES, HUFFMASTER, KING, KUEFER, NEELEY, OVTON, REDDEN, ROE, SKIFERN, STILLWELL, TAILOR, WORKMAN, and WORTH. Who has a connection?

Rootbound contributor, Terry CARSON (4508 Larner St., The Colony, TX 75056) ran a query a few weeks ago which contained the surnames ARMSTRON, CROSBY, HENDERSON, and STIPES. In a follow-up note she has added the surnames HARBAUGH and SALA to her list. Do either of those names ring a bell with any of our readers?

Lois WATKINS (1500 Oak Ridge Dr., Neosho, MO 64850) has an interest in the following surnames: BUCHANAN, CONROW, FRIEND, MOSS, POORE, RAGSDALE, SARVER, SCURLOCK, and WHITWORTH. She is especially eager to find any information on the CONROWs who were living in McDonald County in the late 1800s.

Jack Gene FRISBIE (415 N.W. 2nd Ave., Miami, OK 74354) is the son of Ira Amos FRISBIE who was born 6 June 1900 in Joplin, MO. Jack would like to learn more about his grandfather, Ira Fletcher FRISBIE (born 1878), and his uncle, Bryan FRISBIE (a brother to Ira Amos). Are there some other FRISBIE researchers reading Rootbound?

COBBLE, ETTER, and KEASLING are being tracked by Lottie HINEGARDNER (501 Hamilton St., Neosho, MO 64850). She would appreciate assistance from our readers.

Special thanks to Jay H. ANDERSON of Sheldon, MO, for forwarding a copy of a photograph of William Carroll ROARK and Comfort POE ROARK. It's the first picture of my g-g-grandfather that I've ever seen. Jay phoned to say that he might bring his ROARK records down in January to compare notes with what I've got. Perhaps some of our other local researchers would like to sit in on that exchange. Let me know.

Rootbound in the Hills is as close as the mailbox - and we're here to help! Happy trails!

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