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Rootbound in the Hills #59:
8 Nov 1988

by Rocky Macy

Oh, how I love good news! Here is what Dorothy THOMAS (1336 Sandy Hill Dr., West Covina, CA 91791) had to say in a recent letter:
"You asked me to write if I received a response from your column. I had asked about the HENSON and RAY families. My great-grandfather, Francis Marion Henson, 1831-1910, had married Nancy H. RAY, daughter of John and Isolbel RAY.

"I just reveived a letter from a REAL cousin! I got this letter from Louise HART. She is descended from a brother of my Nancy H. RAY. She had the marriages of all of the children on John and Isobel RAY, which she has sent to me...and the maiden name of Isobel - FOSTER.

"Thank you...thank you, for the including my query in your column. I am so happy! I had the 1850 census for John and Isobel and knew they came from Kentucky, but had no place to go from there.

"I have hardly done any work on my RAY family. This is the greatest piece of luck. Thanks again."

Folks, letters like that one from Dorothy make all of those lonely hours at the typewriter pounding out Rootbound columns worthwhile. Cousins helping cousins, that's what it's all about!

Hello, Benton County, Arkansas! Two fine newspapers from your county have been carrying Rootbound for the past few weeks. That means more readers, and more help in climbing those family trees! Please read on...

Veda Viola TAYLOR (1827-G. Northwest, Miami, OK 74354) is interested in learning more about Alvira TILLMON who married Daniel HUTCHINSON at Cassville, MO, on 22 Jan 1838. She died in March 1840 while giving birth to a daughter, Elvira, who was reared by the Elijah STROTHER family and her aunt, Sarah HUTCHINSON. Who can help Veda with this research?

Gladys SEAY (Rt. 2, Box 560, Welch, OK, 74369) is tracking the following surnames: GRIFFITH, MORRIS, PUTNAM, STRIPLIN, SEAY, and STANTON. She would like to hear from any of our readers who are working on the same names.

Marianne SAUTER WHEELER, president of the Oklahoma Genealogical Society, has announced the society will establish a First Families of the Twin Territories organization. The purpose will be to recognize, honor, and perpetuate the memory of Pioneer and Indian families who were early residents of Oklahoma or Indian Territory on or before the date of statehood.

To be eligible for membership, individuals must document each generation of their lineage back to an ancestor or ancestors who resided in one of Oklahoma's territories on or prior to 16 Nov 1907. For more information, contact the Oklahoma Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 12986, Oklahoma City, OK 73157.

Rootbound correspondent Irene MASTRONI (2080 Redding Road, Fairfield, CT 06430) is seeking information on the parentage of her great-grandparents, John LYLES (born 11 Sep 1843, TN) and Sallie HOLDEN (born 30 Sep 1842, TN). They were married in Maury County, TN, on 22 May 1864, and moved to Ladonia, TX, ca. 1869. According to census records, John's father was William (born ca. 1805, SC) and his grandfather was Samuel (born ca. 1779, SC). Irene would appreciate any assistance which our readers may be able to offer.

Irene MASTRONI had written earlier regarding Ambrose MEADOR, an ancestor of many of the Newton County MACYs. Her latest letter contained a few pages which had been copied from Descendants of Ambrose MEADOR, Bedford County, Virginia to Breckenridge County, Kentucky, 1733-1988 by Jane MEADOR NEWTON and Wathena KENNEDY MILLER. Cousins desiring more information on this material should drop me a note in care of this newspaper, or write to Irene in Connecticut. We're both waiting by the mailbox!

And remember, when you write to someone asking for assistance with genealogy, always include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. It's good mail manners, and it will generate a quicker reply.

Happy trails!

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