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Rootbound in the Hills #53:
27 Sep 1988

by Rocky Macy

Jo lives in Grove, OK, and Ginny is at home in Sulphur Springs, AR. The two friends lost touch shortly after World War II. Now, thanks to a little assist from Rootbound and a big helping of luck, they have found each other. Congratulations, ladies!

Geri HILE APPLEGATE (Rt. 1, Box 147, Sand Springs, OK 74063) is researching her grandfather, John M. HILE. Mr. HILE was born ca 1858, possibly the son of Andrew J. HILE of Prairie Township, Washington County, AR. The younger Mr. HILE was married three times. By his first wife, Elizabeth _____, he had one son, William Gainsby HILE, who was born in November of 1879. Wife number two, Etna Rosetta MARTIN, gave birth to Charles HILE in December of 1889 at Pea Ridge, AR. Mr. HILE married his third wife, Ida Mae LARKIN, on 1 Jan 1890 in McDowell, Barry County, MO. They were the parents of John Henry, Mary Minnie, Arthur Lawrence, and Effie Gladys.

Where was John M. HILE born? Was Andrew his father? Were John and Etta R. MARTIN married and/or divorced in Washington County or Benton County, AR? (Etna R. MARTIN HILE later married George Washington CLINE. They resided in Ottawa County, OK, and are buried in Seneca, MO.)

Mrs. APPLEGATE believes that her grandfather, John M. HILE, worked in the lead and zinc mines of Afton, OK, around 1900, and that he may have also been employed by the railroad in Neosho, MO. She would appreciate hearing from any of our readers who have knowledge of John M. HILE, his wives, or his children.

Several weeks ago Rootbound published a query from Joan K. ACHILLE (Box 3557
Boles RS, Alamogordo, NM 88311). She was on the trail of the McALISTER brothers, Charles H. and Joseph S., who were somewhere in Oklahoma at the turn of the century. I neglected to mention that Joan had volunteered to help any of our readers who might be tracking ancestors in Cochise County, AZ. If Grampa went west, check with Joan!

Juanita W. HOLLOWAY (Rt. 1, Box 12, Stillwell, OK 74960) wishes to learn more about her grandfather, Joseph Turner McCULLY. He was born 11 Mar 1867 in Randolph County, MO, to Isaac Lawson McCULLY and Louisa Penelope TURNER. The family later migrated to McDonald County, MO, where Joseph owned a sawmill or lumber company at Wylie, near Pineville.

Joseph McCULLY married Clara Mclindie BAKER on 31 October 1893 in McDonald County. She was born 24 Nov 1873 and raised by her grandfather. Clara had two half-brothers after her father remarried. Zack BAKER, who was wed in Chanute, KS, and worked for the railroad, and Thomas Owen BAKER, who was later adopted and renamed Edwin Stevenson DILTON.

The children of Jospeh and Clara McCULLY were: Beulah Lisker, Herbert Lawson, Arvonia Cletus, Joseph William, Mary Lou, Louisa Maud, Clara Imogene, Vadis Lee, and Albert Franklin.

Mrs. HOLLOWAY is the daughter of Beulah Lisker McCULLY and Chester Earl WORLEY. Other surnames in her family tree include: DAVIS, DENOIER, FARRAR, FARRIS, FRENCH, HALL, HARSENCOOK, HAYDEN, JOHNSON, LINGES, SHERMAN, TERRELL, THOMAS, TRACY, UTTER, WHITE, and WINGER.

Cousins may contact Juanita Holloway by writing to her in Stillwell. She's waiting by the mailbox!

Here's another ROARK branch: Louise DAVIS (Box 515, Camp Verde, AZ 86322) is searching for information on her grandmother, Louisa ROARK, who was born in Louisana in 1854. She married James M. IRWIN ca. 1875. The couple lived in Howard County, AR, before moving to Clark County, AR, around 1904. Louisa died in Clark County between 1910 and 1912. Can any of our readers provide information to Louise on her grandmother?

Speaking of ROARKs, don't forget to send for the free copy of our special column which dealth with the family of William Carroll and Comfort POE ROARK. They migrated to Newton County, MO, in the 1850's. Their descendants are everywhere! Just mail your request along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Rootobund in the Hills in care of this newspaper.

Need some help shaking the family tree? Give Rootbound a try. We're here to help!

Happy trails!

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