Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rootbound in the Hills #241:
5 May 1992

by Rocky Macy

Last week's column regarding the GRAINGER family Bible brought the expected flurry of responses. Before this columnist's newspaper had even landed in the yard, the phone had started ringing. We heard from a GRAINGER, a VOWELS, and several MAILES. And the GRAINGER descendant with the quickest dialing finger was...Leonard MAILES of Seneca. Leonard assured Rootbound that he will share contents of this family treasure with his cousins. Congratulations, Leonard!

And that keeps our record perfect. Every family Bible that Rootbound has come across has found its way home!

Mrs. Martha SUTTON (5399 Highway 1611, Russell Springs, KY 42642) is seeking information on any PARCHEY/PARTCHEY/PARCHIE family line. She would also like to determine who the wife of James Robert BISHOP was between 1906-1915. Do some of our readers have information that would help Mrs. SUTTON in her search?

Rootbound's good friend, Dixie HAASE (Route 1, Box 1057, Granby, MO 64844) recently sent a copy of an old newspaper clipping for our ROARK file. The article deals with the 90th birthday of Julia BLANKENSHIP ROARK of Seneca, Newton County, MO, and, although the date was not included, it was probably written in the late 1950s. Some of the material contained in that piece is extracted below:
Julia BLANKENSHIP married Curtis ROARK in 1885 and the two spent their married life on several farms near the BLANKENSHIP homestead on Swars Prairie. They later purchased that homestead. Curtis ROARK died in 1934, and the couple's son, Charley, passed away the following year.

At the time of Julia ROARK's 90th birthday, she had five daughters living. They were Mrs. Cassie MONTGOMERY of Seneca, Mrs. Mamie WINN of Los Angeles, CA, Mrs. Mabel NEIL of Fresno, CA, Mrs. Emma BARNES of Denver, CO, and Mrs. Callie PATTON of Cardin, OK.

If any of Julia BLANKENSHIP ROARK's descendants would like to have a copy of the newspaper article mentioned above, please send a request along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're always glad to share!

Dixie HAASE (above) also sent along some information on Lillian Joy ROARK that she obtained from the Records of the Bigham Funeral Home published by the Genealogy Friends of the Library of Neosho. Lillian Joy ROARK was born 28 May 1876 and died on 5 June 1943. She was the wife of Henry ROARK. Lillian's father was John T. McNATT and her mother was Mary BLANKENSHIP.

Thanks, Dixie, for continuing to provide our readers with all of that great genealogy!

Bonnie MANSFIELD (430 I Rick Court, Ridgecrest, CA 93555) has recently forwarded a flier telling about two books that she has published. Hidden Lineages is a surname index to previously unpublished names in the D.A.R. Lineage Books, Volumes 151-166. The names that she has indexed are those that appear in at least three consecutive generations - exclusive of the Revolutionary War veteran.

The second book published by Bonnie MANSFIELD is Family History Index, a list of less-than-common surnames that appear in twenty-five selected family histories. For more information on either volume, please contact Bonnie MANSFIELD at the address listed above.

Do you think of genealogy when you are shopping? The GRAINGER family Bible turned up at a rummage sale. And over the years Rootbound has come across many Bibles and old photos in the flea markets, all of which have been ragged, dusty, and meaningless to most people. But every one of those items has been a treasure when it has gotten connected to the right person. If you're shopping and come across potential treasure - let Rootbound know about it! We'll spread the word!

Until next week...happy hunting!


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