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Rootbound in the Hills #240:
28 April 1992

by Rocky Macy

One of the most rewarding aspects of writing this column each week is occasionally helping to reunite a lost treasure with its family. Such has been the case with several photographs and a few old family Bibles. This week we have another treasure just waiting to be claimed. Please read on...

Mozelle SANDLIN recently brought by the GRAINGER family Bible which her sister found at a rummage sale. This beautiful old volume published by the A.J. HOLMAN Company in 1895 is inscribed on the cover page with this stern warning: "GRAINGER Family BIBLE - Do Not Destroy." And it wasn't destroyed, but it did stray! The Bible is now in Rootbound's possession, and we will gladly return it to the first person showing a proof of relationship to this family.

The family information in the Bible is as follows:
Isaac L. GRAINGER's mother, Susan GRAINGER, departed this life December 27, 1893. (She) was buried in cemetery at Warrensburg, Johnson County, MO, December 29, 1893.

Father A.B. GRAINGER departed this life February 8, 1894. (He) was buried in cemetery at Warrensburg, Johnson County, MO, February 11, 1894.

Anna J. GRAINGER's mother, Sarah A. BRYANT, departed this life February 28, 1866. Remains interred in graveyard at Blackwater, Johnson County, MO, February 29, 1866.

Father John C. BRYANT departed this life December 30, 1893. Remains interred in Blackwater Grave Yard, Johnson County, MO, December 31, 1893.

Isaac Lewis GRAINGER was born August 27, 1857. Anna J. BRYANT (was) born August 18, 1857. Both were buried in Swars Prairie Baptist Cemetery, Seneca, Newton County, MO.

J.L. GRAINGER and Anna J. BRYANT were married March 7, 1878.

Charlie GRAINGER was born February 2, 1879, and died August 28, 1879.

John Andrew GRAINGER was born August 13, 1880.

Edward Lee GRAINGER was born November 17, 1881.

Cora Alma GrAINGER was born April 11, 1884.

Orville Lewis GRAINGER was born May 6, 1895.

John Andrew GRAINGER and Bertha WALLACE were married in August of 1901.

Edward Lee GRAINGER and Rosa Leah NORRIS were married.

Cora Alma GRAINGER and Louis MAILES were married January 17, 1904.

Orville Lewis GRAINGER married Lula MORGAN. He died July 2, 1967. Lula GRANGER died September 22, 1981.

And there you have it! With the most recent entry being 1981, surely some GRAINGER descendant (or BRYANT, WALLACE, NORRIS, MAILES, or MORGAN descendant) will want this important piece of their family heritage.

Special thanks to Mozelle SANDLIN of Neosho for bringing the GRAINGER family Bible to the attention of our readers. She and her sister have done someone a very good turn!

The first annual RAINEY/RANEY reunion will be held July 10th and 11th at the Holiday Inn in Franklin, TN. For further information contact Marynell BRYANT, Route 4, Box 56, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482.

Marynell BRYANT (above) is also president of the Texas State Genealogical Society. That group has recently gone on-line with an "Electronic Library" that can be accessed at no charge by anyone having a computer and a modem. The Electronic Library is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For more information on this unique and useful research tool, please contact Marynell BRYANT at the above address.

And until next week...happy hunting!

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