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Rootbound in the Hills #220:
10 Dec 1991

by Rocky Macy

Newspapers, what with their birth and wedding announcements, court news, and obituaries, can be excellent sources of genealogy. But which of our area newspapers are available for research? One of our favorite readers is interested in finding out. Please read on...

Mrs. Charles E. VAIL (2104 Hidden Oaks Trail, Bentonville, AR 72712) who has contacted Rootobund previously regarding her ancestor, Millington ALLEN, and the elusive location of Boyd Cemetery, has now written to request assistance in learning about the availability of local newspapers for research.

The only specific knowledge that we have on this subject is that a century or so of The Neosho Daily News and The Neosho Democrat are available on microfilm at the newspaper office on West Harmony in Neosho. They have a reader and will allow research during normal working hours. Are any other newspapers available to the public? Jean VAIL and Rootbound want to know!

Mrs. VAIL (above) also asked if personal research is allowed in the Newton County, MO, Courthouse. It is, and we have always found the folks who work there to be quite cordial. It is important to be considerate of the courthouse employees when doing research because, believe it or not, their main purpose in being there is not genealogy!

Dan D'ALESSANDRO (1920 Colleen Drive, Los altos, CA 94024) heard about Rootbound through, of all places, the Newton County Courthouse in Neosho, MO! He desires any available information o the following three individuals: Lala L. D'ALESSANDRO (14 Mar 1898-1 May 1928), and her parents, George C. EVANCE (22 June 1867-15 May 1916) and Susan M. EVANCE (1 May 1871-5 Nov 1899). All three of these individuals are buried in the Carterville, Jasper County, MO, Cemetery. Who can assist Dan with his research?

Hilary J. RAUCH (2238 Allegany Drive, Naperville, IL 60565) is married to the granddaughter of John Wesley ROLLINS/ROLLINGS who was born in January of 1852 or 1853 in Alabama or Georgia. John Wesley came to northwest Arkansas, probably Madison or Carroll County, before August of 1872 when her married his first wife, Martha Frances STANSELL.

The ROLLINS/ROLLINGS had two sons in Madison County, AR, before moving to Union County, OR, by December of 1876 where three daughters were born. The family then moved back to Madison County, AR, by April of 1881 and had four more children.

John Wesley ROLLINS/ROLLINGS married a second time (1899) in northwest Arkansas and had two more children, including our correspondent's father-in-law, Oscar George ROLLINS, who was born in March of 1902. John Wesley eventually relocatedd to northeast Oregon where he died in 1925. Do any of our readers have a knowledge of this individual or his descendants?

The Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society (2215 Millstream Road, Lancaster, PA 17602-1499) has numerous books for sale that would aid anyone researching a Mennonite lineage. For further information on publications that are available, please write to the society at the address listed above.

Today's first correspondent, Mrs. Charles E. VAIL, mentioned that she eventually did locate the farm of Millington ALLEN and the Boyd Cemetery. So persistence does pay off - usually! Mrs. VAIL also noted that she had set aside some research for a ten-year period, only to discover when she resumed that four of the people whom she formerly corresponded with had died. Genealogy, one must surmise, is something that needs to be done now!

With the holidays bringing families together, wouldn't this be a good time to get out pen and paper or that handy tape recorder and begin collecting those family tales and history? And when you come across a good story that might be of interest to others, why not share it. Send those family tidbits and queries to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're as close as the corner mailbox!

Happy hunting!

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