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Rootbound in the Hills #219:
3 Dec 1991

by Rocky Macy

To successfully track ancestors across the Ozarks, it is often useful to have some knowledge of Indian history. Our Ozark forebears were occasionally native Americans. That seems to be the case with our first correspondent this week. Please read on...

Linda NELSON (520 E. Comanche, Norman, OK 73071) believes that one or both of her great-grandparents, John and Mary R. (TUCKER) NELSON, were Choctaw Indians. They were married in Bentonville, AR, on 1 July 1868 by Reverend L.T. RICE. The witnesses were Berry and Tennessee JOICE.

John NELSON (above) (1 Sep 1848-18 Mar 1898) was the son of John (1818-1899) and Mary (1 Dec 1817-13 May 1899). Mary (TUCKER) NELSON was born 14 June 1850 and died 28 Oct 1909.

The six children of John and Mary (TUCKER) NELSON were: Finley Benjamin (born 20 Dec 1870), Samuel Lawson (3 Sep 1874), John Hiram (19 June 1876), Louisa Tennessee (8 April 1878), Pleasant Elmer (19 April 1884), and Susa Ellen (3 Oct 1888). Our correspondent is the granddaughter of Pleasant Elmer NELSON. She would appreciate hearing from anyone with a knowledge of her family history.

Kathryn (Lancaster) (MICKOW) RUMMEL (One Tanworth Circle, Bella Vista, AR 72714) reports some good fortune that came about through a letter to Rootbound. Some time ago she wrote to ask for the name of a genealogy columnist in the south. We responded with Marie DeLAMAR (1000 Sixth Avenue, Albany, GA 31707) who writes a weekly column for the Albany newspaper. Kathryn relates that her first letter to Marie went unanswered. She wrote a second time, being sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope (apparently one had not been included the first time), and a reply came. In that answer, Marie provided Kathryn with the first names of her great-grandparents, Lewis Thomas and Louise M. LANCASTER. Great work, Kathryn!

And the point of Kathryn's story is, of course, to always enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope when writing to anyone for information. It's a courtesy - and one that often pays far more than the cost of the postage!

Thelma KELLY SCHNAKE (Rt. 1, Stark City, MO 64866) wrote in response to a mention carried in Rootbound a few weeks ago about a John R. KELLEY family. She is the great-granddaughter of John and Jane KELLY - and believes that the two Johns may be one-in-the-same, even though the last names are slightly different.

Thelma's great-grandparents had twelve children, eight boys and four girls. the boys were: Greenberry, John, Richmond, William, Martin, Francis Marion, Thomas (Thelma's grandfather), and unknown. The girls were Mary (KING), Elizabeth (WHITE), Nancy (FREEMAN), and Rhoda (WEST). Richmond KELLY and his wife had a daughter, Sarah, who was raised by Mr. and Mrs. Will KELLY when her parents died. Do any of our readers have a KELLY line that would connect to Thelma's? Get in touch!

Thelma KELLY SCHNAKE (above) also said that she looks forward to reading Rootbound every week. What a nice lady!

The Ouachita County, AR, Courthouse was destroyed by fire on 19 Dec 1875, so there are no official county records before that time - except for the Tax Record Books which are located at the Arkansas History Commission. Now Yvonne SPENCE PERKINS (2107 54th Street, Lubbock, TX 79412) has completed two volumes of material extracted from those original tax books. For more information about either Early Oachita County Arkansas Tax Records (1846-1850, or Early Oachita County Arkansas Tax Records 1851-1857, please write to Yvonne at the address listed above.

Need a boost up that old family tree? Why not write to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. We're as close as the mailbox!

Happy hunting!

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