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Rootbound in the Hills #234:
17 Mar 1992

by Rocky Macy

Sometimes people learn about Rootbound is the strangest ways. A few years ago, for example, a lady from out-of-state discovered the column while going through some rumpled newspapers that had been used as packing for Christmas gifts. Now, another new friend has written to say that she came upon her first Rootbound column while spreading newspapers in her dog kennel! This columnist never realized just how useful Rootbound could be!

Judy JAMES (P.O. Box 237, Savanna, OK 74565) noticed in a February column that this columnist had written an article for American Genealogy Magazine dealing with the genealogy for Jesse and Frank JAMES. Her husband, Johnny B. JAMES, has been told that his father and grandfather were related to the famous outlaws. Frank JAMES' only child, Robert Franklin, died childless, and none of Jesse's descendants bear the JAMES surname. So it would appear that if Judy's husband were related to the outlaw brothers, it would be as some type of cousin.

Do we have other readers who might be descended from desperadoes? We'd love to hear your story. Just mail the details to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper.

Judy JAMES (above) is also president of the Pittsburg County Genealogical and Historical Society in McAlister, OK. She states that they have an interest in exchanging publications with genealogical groups in our area. And, Judy's group has a query column that she compiles for the local newspaper. So, if you have family ties around McAlister or Pittsburg County, send those questions to Judy.

Margaret S. JONES (Rt. 2, Box 10-L-7, Medical Lake, WA 99022-9802) would like to correspond with anyone who has knowledge of the family of Hiram GIST (born 1800, TN) and his wife, Sarah (born circa 1806, KY). Their children included the following: a daughter (born 1827), Martin (1828), Thomas (1829), Dorinda (1831), Nancy (1833), Martha (1836), William (1839), Elizabeth and Sarah (1842), Hiram (1844), Arvilla (1846), and James (1849). The first seven or eight children were probably born in Cooper County, MO, and the remainder were possibly born in Jasper County, MO. Are their descendants still in this area?

Charles A. WARNER (3122 Wenzel Lane, St. Louis, MO 63129) is trying to locate the places and dates of death of two of his ancestors. Dr. John Jefferson BOOTH was born between 1801 and 1805. He lived and practiced medicine in Fredericktown, MO, starting in 1845. His son, David S. BOOTH, also a physician, was born 30 June 1928 in Philadelphia, PA. David S. BOOTH served as a surgeon in the Civil war, and he later had a medical practice and taught school in Jasper County, MO, and Enterprise, MO. Perhaps some of our readers might have old family medical records signed by David.

(A combination medical doctor and a school teacher. Times certainly have changed!)

Shirley J. BITTICKER (Rt. 3, Box 178, Dover, OH 44622) is trying to find an only cousin of her husband. The cousin (name not provided) was born 8 Feb 1930 to Martha Louise BARTHOLOMAUS somewhere in Missouri. Martha Louise was from Strasburg, OH, and she died in 1940. The youngster was probably adopted in Missouri. Do any of our readers have information to share with this correspondent?

Gene Doerge HOKE (2405 Cecil, Austin, TX 78744) is the grandson of Herman DOERGE and Christine WEISE who were married in Neosho, Newton County, MO, in 1880. Christine was a daughter of Henry WEISE. The WEISE family was residing in Jefferson County, MO, in 1870. Christine had sisters names Pauline, Sophia, Helen, Elora, and Rosie, and her brothers were William and Henry. Sophia's married name was KEUHNE, Pauline's was LANG, and Flora's was HAIFNER. Gene would particularly like to learn more about his WEISE roots. Who can help?

Any questions? Rootbound doesn't have all the answers, but our readers just might! Send those genealogical problems to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper - and then just sit back and wait on the postman!

Happy hunting!

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