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Rootbound in the Hills #232:
3 Mar 1992

by Rocky Macy

Those important facts such as names and dates are really just the bare bones of genealogy. And a family history can never pretend to be complete until it is fleshed out with the anecdotes and wonderful tales that give the character and emotion back to our ancestors. Our first correspondent this week has many of the facts. Now she is hoping that some of our readers may be able to enhance her genealogy with stories about her ancestors as well. Please read on...

Kerry COY (3208 Spanish Oak, Ft. Worth, TX 76109) phoned recently to make inquiries about her COY ancestry in Newton County, MO. This columnist told her that Newton County has a Coy precinct, but that he was unsure as to the history of how it was named. Mrs. COY was encouraged to mail her family information to Rootbound.

The large packet of material that arrived from Kerry COY (above) contained many names, dates, and places, as well as a couple of very interesting first-person accounts that her ancestors authored years ago. Those histories provided much personal recollection, and Kerry, of course, would like to learn still more.

David COY was born 27 Mar 1832 in Pennsylvania (possibly Indiana County). He and his wife, Sallie, moved with their family from Harrison County, MO, to Newton County, MO, around 1884.

David COY had two children before his marriage to Sallie. Those children were Winfield (born 1859) and Violet Jane (1861). Both accompanied the family to Newton County.

The children of David and Sallie COY were William (1871), Robert E. (1871-26 Oct 1903), Oscar Lewis (1875-21 Dec 1953). Charles (1877), James Albert (15 Mar 1880), Dollie (28 Feb 1883), and Dorthie (1885). Two other children resided in the COY household: Orlando FLORA (30 Oct 1864 or 1865) and Olive FLORA (16 Aug 1862). The FLORA or FLORIA children possibly belonged to Sallie.

Robert E. COY (above) and his wife, Minnie, were residents of Dayton Township, Newton County, MO, in 1900. They had one child at that time. The child's name was possibly Yuron.

Oscar Lewis COY (above), the direct ancestor of our correspondent, was born in Lincoln Township, Harrison County, MO. Oscar moved to Colorado around 1900.

James Albert COY (above) was born near Grant City, Harrison County, MO. He is one of the people in this family who took the time, care, and love to preserve his memories. The following is a snippet of his personal history. Enjoy!
"...I was at the barn one day starting back to the house when I encountered an old gander who escorted me to the door of the house. The gander held me by the back of the collar and lambasted me in the short ribs with the butts of his wings each time that I would take up the slack of his neck. Of course I was anxious to get home that time!"

If any of our readers are COY descendants, Kerry would be most happy to hear from you. And she has many more family stories to share!

And while we're looking at the "whole story" of genealogy, please note that the Topeka Genealogical Society (P.O. Box 4048, Topeka, KS 66604) will be hosting their 20th annual genealogy conference April 24th and 25th. The featured speaker will be Dr. John Philip COLLETA of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. Dr. COLLETA's presentation will be entitled "From the Bare Facts to the Whole Story." It will delve into the bare facts (using primary sources) and move on to the art of writing the family history. The goal will be to enable participants to form their genealogical work into a readable story. For more information on this important conference, please contact the Topeka Genealogical Society at the above address.

Do you need help collecting the facts and stories of your family history? Why not gather those questions and send them to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper? Some of our readers may have just what you are looking for!

Happy hunting!

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