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Rootbound in the Hills #233:
10 Mar 1992

by Rocky Macy

Today's column will focus on the CAMPBELLs and KERRs of Benton County, AR, as well as many related lines. Those who might have a connection to these families would do well to please keep reading.

James Kerr CAMPBELL, II (4451 Callle de Arroyo, San Jose, CA 95118) has forwarded a great deal of computerized information on his lineage along with a few specific queries. He is the grandson of Arch Bryan CAMPBELL who was born 18 Aug 1900 in Vaughn, Benton County, AR, and died 17 Nov 1978 in Santa Clara, CA.

Arch Bryan CAMPBELL (above) was the son of James K. CAMPBELL (13 Nov 1852, Louisville, KY - 25 Dec 1923) and Sara Ellen HALL. Sara Ellen may have been a Cherokee Indian. James K. CAMPBELL was either the son or grandson of James M. CAMPBELL (1805, SC - 1883). James M. CAMPBELL married Elizabeth P. BAKER on 15 Dec 1826. Our correspondent has one source that cites William CAMPBELL as being the father of James K., thus making James M. the grandfather. Another source lists James M. as the father of James K. Do any of our readers know which is correct?

James K. CAMPBELL's first wife was Rosa GLOVER. She was killed at the family home near Rogers, Benton County, AR, when her clothing caught fire at the cook stove. Rosa died on 24 Oct 1884. James K. CAMPBELL and his second wife, Sara Ellen HALL, are both buried at Hart Cemetery in Bentonville, Benton County, AR.

Our correspondent's grandmother was Lucille KERR (3 Mar 1900, Bentonville, AR - 25 Jan 1969, Santa Clara,, CA). She was the daughter of Whitley Richardson KERR (31 Aug 1866, Monroe County, AR - 5 Jan 1934, Bentonville, AR) and Clara Mae HAMILTON (5 Dec 1874, AR - 9 July 1942, Tulsa, OK). Whitley and Clara were married 16 Dec 1897.

Whitley Richardson KERR (above) was the son of Benjamin Franklin KERR (19 Jan 1830, Hale County, AL - 25 Dec 1910, Monroe County, AR) and Catherine Louise MAY (20 July 1831, Merengo County, AL - 25 June 1890). Benjamin and Catherine were married on 12 Feb 1851.

Clara Mae HAMILTON (above) was the daughter of Lewis G. HAMILTON (23 Mar 1842 - 3 May 1906, Bentonville, AR) and Margaret Hesty ROBINSON (3 Oct 1850 - 14 May 1930, Bentonville, AR).

Benjamin Franklin KERR (above) was the son of John Williams KERR (15 May 1798, Lincoln County, KY - 22 Aug 1855, St. Louis, MO) and Margaret DIAL (14 Sep 1808, SC - 9 April 1884, Monroe County, AR). John and Margaret were married 26 Dec 1826 in Green County, AL.

Catharine Louise MAY (above) was the daughter of Asel MAY (25 Oct 1811, AL - 4 Aug 1836, AL) and Charlotte LACY (25 June 1813, KY - 5 April 1883, MS). Asel and Charlotte were married 2 Sep 1830.

Lewis G. HAMILTON (above) was the son of William and Nancy Elizabeth HAMILTON. Lewis' wife, Margaret Hesty ROBINSON, was a daughter of John D. ROBINSON (born in Boundary County, TX) and Nancy FIDLER (born in KY).

James Kerr CAMPBELL, II, our correspondent, would be very interested in hearing from any of our readers who have a knowledge of his family lines. He would especially like to obtain documentation - newspaper articles, obituaries, etc., that focus on his Ozarks' ancestors. If you are that special person who can help James with his research, please get in touch. He's waiting by the mailbox in sunny California!

The mail to Rootbound has been exceedingly light the past couple of months. This would be an excellent time to have your queries published. Just mail those genealogical questions and tidbits to Rootbound in the Hills in care of this newspaper. What could be easier?

Happy hunting!

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ben said...

Hi, this is Ben Reaves, I live in Sunnyvale, California, not far from Campbell. My grandfather was Asel Bayless Kerr. He was the grandson of Benjamin Franklin Kerr and Catherine May. His youngest sister, Elizabeth Kerr Jacoway, died a few months ago in Kansas.

I found your query after my mother mentioned your name to me. She is the daughter of Asel Bayless Kerr. She has more information than I do, and pictures, in her house in Southern California. I will be visiting her at the end of this month, and she'll be visiting here again also.

If you want to contact me by email, I'm at