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Rootbound in the Hills #225:
14 Jan 1992

by Rocky Macy

The mail has been exceedingly light this winter, which makes Rootbound even more thankful for the continuing support that this column receives from local agencies that deal with family tree researchers. Our first letter this week, for instance, comes from an individual who was referred to Rootbound by both the librarian at the McDonald County Library and a clerk at the Newton County Courthouse. We thank them both! Please read on...

Edward HOUSE (4204 E. Central Avenue, Wichita, KS 67208-3822) is trying to determine what became of some of his ancestors and their relatives in southwest Missouri during the Civil War. But the story has its roots further east.

Benjamin COPP (born circa 1796, VA) and his wife, Amey (born circa 1810, NC) moved with their younger children and an older son and daughter and their families from eastern Tennessee to Murray County, GA, in 1845 or 1846. The older son was Jacob COPP (born 1827, TN), and his wife was Elizabeth (REAVES) (born circa 1828, TN). The older COPP daughter was Martha, and she was married to John REAVES, Elizabeth's brother.

The John REAVES family was in Missouri by 1852, and they are listed on the census of Buffalo Township in Newton County, MO, in 1860. Benjamin COPP was listed with them on that census, along with his youngest daughter, Sarah.

The 1860 census finds Jacob and Elizabeth COPP and their children in Rutledge Township, McDonald County, MO. Thomas JACKSON and his wife, Susan, lived in Honey Creek Township, McDonald county, with their daughters, Sarena and Winnie.

And then during the Civil War years things got interesting...

Benjamin COPP and his daughter disappeared from the public record during those years, as did Jacob's wife, Elizabeth. Jacob COPP married Thomas JACKSON's daughter, Sarena. Thomas JACKSON disappeared. And John REAVES and his wife, Martha (COPP), disappeared. (Martha turned up buried near Jacob in Wise county, TX, in 1892.)

Some family stories about Jacob COPP indicate that he was a Confederate sympathizer during the Civil War and involved in actions against Union soldiers. It is believed that Reese CRABTREE, who was killed by Confederate bushwhackers near Pilot Grove, MO, was the husband of Winnie (Jackson), Jacob's sister-in-law. Winnie's son was apparently born in Missouri in 1864, and that is the last record of any of the clan in Missouri. Jacob and Sarena had a son born in Grayson County, TX, in 1869. That baby was the grandfather of our correspondent.

Edward HOUSE (above) would be most interested in learning what became of his Ozark ancestors and their kin during the Civil War. Does he have cousins that are still here? Perhaps some of the local CRABTREEs could be of help. Get in touch!

Roots in southern Indiana? The Public Affairs Office of Jefferson Proving Ground in Madison, IN, has been collecting material on anyone who served at that installation. If your relative was stationed there (or if you were and would like to get your name and information into their files), contact Michael S. MOORE, Public Affairs Office, Jefferson Proving Ground, Madison, IN 47250. And be sure to mention that you heard about this on-going project through Rootbound.

A good friend and experienced genealogist who wishes to remain anonymous has written to inform this columnist about the book, Do People Grow on Family Trees, Genealogy for Kids and Other Beginners by Ira WOLFMAN, editor of Sesame Street Magazines. The book is the Official Ellis Island Handbook. It is published by Workman Publishing Company, Inc., 708 Broadway, New York, NY 10003. The publisher's telephone number is 1-800-722-7202. My friend says, "I think this is the best thing I've seen. It is for beginners, but it covers all bases and is delightful to read. Just a wonderful text." That's good enough for Rootbound - our copy is already on order!

Happy hunting!

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