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Rootbound in the Hills #25:
15 Mar 1988

by Rocky Macy

Edythe HALL RILEY of Noel has accumulated an extensive amount of genealogical information on the HALL family of Benton County, AR, and McDonald County, MO. With her kind permission, the following is submitted to the readers of Rootbound:
1. Randolph HALL was born 9 Jan 1796 in VA and died in 1896. He married Polly CANADY who was born on 5 June 1805 and died in 1891. Their children were: Catherine E. (born 13 July 1825, married John Emmel BEASLY); Martha Jane (born 19 June 1827, married Jake YEARWOOD); Judah Ann (born 12 May 1829, married Patrick DUNCAN); Thomas Burrell(born 13 Nov 1830, died young); James Fanning (born 1 June 1832, died young); Jefferson Monroe (born 13 Aug 1834, died young); John Randolph (see below); Albert Eli (born 12 Apr 1838, married _____ SPICER); Mary Malinda (born 6 Dec 1839, married Ed ZUMBRO); Levander Turrett (born 19 Dec 1841, went to Texas); Marmon Ro (born 16 Feb 1844, married Leatha June BULLARD); Lambert Carney (born 2 Sep 1846, married Martha BIVINS); Jarman C. (born 23 July 1848); and Nancy Mahalia (born 9 Sep 1850, married Frank JONES).

2. John Randolph HALL was born 28 Jul 1836 in Rutherford County, TN, and died on 27 Oct 1912 in Noel, MO. He married Louisa Penelopy Jane "Jennie" CHRISTENBERRY on 17 Apr 1868. She was born on 16 Dec 1848, the daughter of John Edd CHRISTENBERRY and Terzey MITCHELL. Their children were were Mahala (born 1869, died young), Randolph (born 3 June 1872 in TN, died 22 Mar 1894 in AR); Joseph Samuel (born 10 Apr 1874 in TN, 29 July 1903 in AR); Ivan (born July 1875 in TN, died 25 July 1957 in CA, married Anne Dixion McCULLOUGH); John Edward (see below); Lillie Mae (born 13 May 1883 in TN, married Walter MALONEY); and, Mack Clarance (born 2 Nov 1890 in TN, died 1948 in Noel, MO, married Hazel CAMPBELL).

3. John Edward HALL was born 28 July 1880 in Bedford County, TN, and died on 24 June 1954 in Noel, MO. He married Ina E. DEAN in Pineville, MO, on 29 Aug 1907. She was the daughter of Henry E. DEAN and Adelia Maria WASSON. "Edd" and Ina had six children, one of whom was Mrs. RILEY.

An interesting note is that Hall Ridge Road in Noel was named after descendants of Randolph and Polly HALL. Our thanks to Edyth HALL RILEY for sharing her research with our readers.

Raymond E. JEFFERIES (c/o Jeff-Gen Reasearch, P.O. Box 369, Pea Ridge, AR 72751) has sent a couple of nice letters after noticing the recent mention of Rootbound in the Hills in The Genealogical Helper. Mr. JEFFERIES has been doing professional genealogical research in Washington and Benton Counties for the past fifteen years, and doe limited work in the usrrounding counties. Far a complete listing of Mr. JEFFERIES' resource materials and information about Jeff-Gen, send a long SASE to him at the above address.

Mr. JEFFERIES is a past president of the Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society. He reports that the Society has placed over $25,000 worth of materials in the Bentonville Public Library. The Society also publishes an excellent quarterly called The Backtracker. (I was a member of the group in 1980 and received one of the most significant genealogical breaks that I've ever had as a result of a query in The Backtracker.)

The following query was submitted by Raymond E. JEFFERIES:
"Seeking information on Dr. Israel STANIFORD, a physician who was born in Indian Territory. The 1880 census of Benton County, AR, Mt. Vernon Township, lists Dr. STANIFORD as being 39-years-old. His wife, Amanda (HUFFACRE) was listed as being aged 38 and born in Missouri. Her parents were both born in Tennessee. Their children at that time were Ira W. (16), Rhoda A. (14), John (11), Wm. H. (9), Laura B. (8), Ide E. (5), Edward (1), and Norman (4 months). The first four were born in Kansas, and the last four were natives of Missouri. The parents apparently died in 1892 as the younger children all had guardians at that time."

Many thanks to Raymond E. JEFFERIES for his information and query.

Until next time...happy trails!

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