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Rootbound in the Hills #16:
12 Jan 1988

by Rocky Macy

Harold and Dorothy Jane (WILSON) SCHIFFERLI have provided Rootbound with a very interesting sketch of the NOEL family, the good people for whom the Christmas City was named. The story begins in France:

1. Jaque NOEL was born in the mid-1500's. He married Jeanne VINTIER of Sedan Ardennes, France.

2. Pieter Pierre NOEL, son of Jaque and Jeanne, married Elizabeth DENAULT in Sedan, France, on 1 September 1596. One of their children, Jacob, was born in Sedan in 1599.

3. Jacob NOEL married Trijnt CORNELIIS in Leiden, Holland. Their first child died, and the second, Cornelius, was born in 1640.

4. Cornelius NOEL married Elizabeth PAGE of London, England, and they came to America about 1665. One of their children was James NOEL. Cornelius died in 1699.

5. James NOEL was born in 1680 and died in 1740. He married Elizabeth EVANS. They had fifteen children, number nine being Richard NOEL.

6. Richard NOEL married Mary GARNETT. One of their children was Thomas.

7. Thomas NOEL married Drucella __________. One of their children was Benjamin.

8. Benjamin NOEL married Sara __________. They were the parents of Dudley who was born in 1780.

9. Dudley NOEL married Lucretia Love HERREN in August of 1806. Their children were Sara, Smith B., Horace, Lucinda, Joel, Mary, Emily, Willis Bridges, Berry (Shelt), Larkin, and E.L.

10. Willis Bridges NOEL was born on 15 November 1818 in Casey County, KY. He died on 16 October 1896 in Noel, MO, the community which bears his name. Willis Bridges NOEL married Eliza MANN who was born on 16 December 1826 in Kentucky. Their children were Clark Wallace, William Jasper, Elizabeth Ellen, Jacob Elias, Willis Uriah, Eliza Mann, Beauregard, Lloyd Lee, and Henry Young.

11. Elizabeth Ellen NOEL was born in 1849 and died in 1934. After the death of her first husband, Edward BROWN of Pineville, she married George COOMBES. They were the parents of Mabelle.

12. Mabelle COOMBES married Edward Aloise SCHIFFERLI of Kansas City on 4 March 1914. They were the parents of Harold and Bob SCHIFFERLI. Their family moved to Noel in 1918 and opened the Noel Hardware Company.

13. Harold SCHIFFERLI married Dorothy Jane WILSON. Their children are Joann SCHIFFERLI ELLIOTT and Debra SCHIFFERLI POWELL.

The SCHIFFERLIs report that descendants of Willis Bridges NOEL are scattered throughout the United States, and that many returned to the Christmas City for last year's centennial celebration. They credit Lilly ROBERTS and Marjorie BAKER of Edmond, Oklahoma, with providing much of the NOEL family genealogy. Many thanks, Harold and D.J., for sharing your family history with our Rootbound readers.

Mary Jo HARDNG (P.O. Box 720, Jay, OK 74346) is seeking information on Benjamin Tyrone HARDING who was born on 8 April 1834 in Tennessee or Kentucky. He married Martha Elizabeth COX on 24 December 1856. Benjamin was a Confederate officer. He died on 16 February 1916 in Arkansas. Martha was born on 6 March 1839 and died on 1 November 1930 in Arkansas.

Mary Jo is also researching John Newton Brown HEPLER who married Malinda Harriett JAMISON. He was a Baptist preacher who rode the circuits between 1840-1860 in Polk County, MO. Some of these HEPLERs are buried in family cemeteries in Shady Grove and Bellefonte, AR.

Good luck with your root-digging, Mary Jo. I hope that some of our readers will be able to lend a hand.

Rootbound welcomes queries, lists of surnames, and brief family histories. Several of our correspondents have reported favorable results from their queries. Some eager reader may have just the information that you need to solve a genealogical mystery. So, like the lady on TV says about those magazine sweepstakes, "C'mon, send it in!" Rootbound is waiting to help!

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