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Rootbound in the Hills #11:
1 Dec 1987

by Rocky Macy

Dear Sir,
I need help finding information on Steven PEREGOY. He was born 19 June 1834 and died in 1883. He was in the Rocky Comfort, MO, area in 1878.

Also, I need information on John Henry MORGAN. He had a son named John Wesley MORGAN who was born in 1858 and died in 1945.

I enjoy your articles and have often found them useful.

Very truly yours,

P.O. Box 26
Lanagan, MO 64847

Bill, I hope some of our Rootbound readers can help track down your elusive ancestors. Thanks for writing.

Leonard DAMRON (Rt. 1, Box 118, Sulphur Springs, AR 72768) has written again. He is currently putting together a book on the FERGUSONs. His line includes Captain Champ FERGUSON, a colorful Confederate officer. Leonard also mentions that the Confederates had a colonel with the same first and last name. He may excerpt the portion of the book which deals with Captain Champ FERGUSON for special publication in Rootbound. Hope so!

And is anyone reading Rootbound? Leonard had this to say about that:
"You have apparently a number of readers as I have received mail from some of them. I was stopped at Noel several times by people asking questions on how to research a family. These individuals had not connected me with genealogy until reading your column."

We'll have some advice from Leonard in the weeks to come on tracing Indian ancestry.

This newspaper's own "Dear Aggie" (Agatha DOERPINGHAUS ROBERSON CATES PARK FARMER) has submitted a query. She is doing research on Charles Clinton CATES who was born 20 May 1901 in Stigler, OK (Indian Territory). His father was Wiley CATES, mother's name unknown. Please direct any correspondence to Aggie at this newspaper. Leonard DAMRON, could you help her out on this one?

Mary Jo HARDING (Delaware County Friendship Home, P.O. Box 720, Jay, OK 74346) phoned me at the newspaper office seeking information on several surnames. The names that Mary Jo desires help with are FOLEY, MILLER (Maries County, MO), HARDING (KY or TN), JAMISON (AR), CHRISSMAN (Lew, Gibb, and Tom of the Jay, OK area), and CARR. Please drop Mary Jo a line or two if you have any information on her names.

I'd like to see more readers following Mary Jo's example of submitting a few surnames for publication. It isn't necessary to have a specific problem to solve, just let us know the names you are working with, and perhaps Rootbound can put you in touch with others who are climbing the same tree. Drop me a card at this newspaper.

Special thanks to the young lady at the Recorder's Office in the Newton County (MO) Courthouse for putting up with me last Wednesday afternoon when she probably would have rather been getting her shop closed down for the Thanksgiving holiday. She was very courteous as I kept dragging out volume after volume of land deeds to be copied. Some of what I found will be included in next week's Rootbound.

Happy hunting!

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