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Rootbound in the Hills #7:
3 Nov 1987

by Rocky Macy

Well folks, it's over, and a lot of you missed it! The EVERTON's Family Tree Climbing Can be Fun workshop was held at Missouri Southern State College this past week.

Was it worth $23 and the long drive up? Let me put it this way: in addition to what I learned about research methodology in the superior seven-hour presentation by Floren Stocks PREECE and his wife, Phyllis PASTORE PREECE, I also received an extra year's subscription to the Genealogical Helper (a $17 value), a nice lunch, and a door prize valued at $9. Not a bad day!

The book that I won is Shelby County, Tennessee, Marriage Records 1819-1850. That covers the Memphis area. I'll be glad to check it for any of your ancestors who may have migrated through that part of Tennessee. Just drop me a line or two in the mail.

I had lunch with two interesting people. One was Bill CLEVELAND, a Rootbound reader from Lanagan, McDonald County, MO. The other, Shirley KENNEDY (2824 Jefferson, Joplin, MO 64804), supplied a query for our readers. Shirley is researching the CROSSLEY family which resided in McDonald County at one time. In particular, she desires information on William Monroe CROSSLEY who was born in 1849. He married Nancy Elizabeth WHITEHEAD. Shirley is also interested in Isaac CROSSLEY (1842-1887) who married Amanda Jane LANDERS (1842-1924). She reports that the men may have been half-brothers, sons of Marion CROSSLEY. If so, Isaac's mother may have been Cynthia A. DARNEAL, and William's mother's name is unknown. If you think that you can help Shirley with her puzzle, please contact her at the above address - and be sure to mention Rootbound.

Anna Lee PARISH EMANUEL (Rt. 1, Box 39-D, Sulphur Springs, AR 72768) has written to ask about the surname BLEVINS which appeared in the 1860 census of Honeycreek Township. Anna Lee is working on the line of her great-grandmother, Clarissa BLEVINS PRITCHARD (1849-1907) of the Southwest City, McDonald County, MO, area. There are three BLEVINS entries in that particular census. (The number and abbreviation by each name represent the age and state of birth.)
1. BLEVINS, Sarah (52, OH); Malissa (16, MO); Amanda (14, MO); Zemmaree (10, MO); Josephene (5, MO); Washington (5, MO); Burrel (21, MO); Nancy (18, AR), and Malissa (1, MO).

2. BLEVINS, Wm. (40, TN); Lucinda (35, TN); Artamissa (17, MO); Dellion (16, MO); Mary (15, MO); Jackson (14, MO); Wm. (12, MO); Sarah (9, MO); Nancy (7, MO); and Ogesse (2, MO).

3. BLEVINS, Wm. (24, AR); Kissey A.E. (18, AR); Nancy J. (14, AR); and Emely (7, AR).

If any of our readers have information regarding Clarissa, her father, John BLEVINS (1830-1893) or his father, Dodson BLEVINS, Please contact Anna Lee.

Thanks for writing, Anna Lee. We really appreciate your nice comments about Rootbound and this newspaper. I don't see any connection between our PRITCHARDs, but I will try to run both of our lines in the next issue.

Consumer Alert:
At the Joplin workshop, Mrs PREECE discussed some examples of mail fraud which are geared toward genealogists. I won't mention any names here (their lawyers may be sharper than mine), but basically it amounts to computer-generated mail which promises, for a fee, to provide you with a book or valuable information about your family tree, a family crest or coat of arms, or a way to get rich quick by helping others with genealogy. The specific companies that she cited all claimed to be ordinary housewives who had uncovered something of value about your ancestry and would share it for a price. Mrs. PREECE reported that the two most notorious of these con artists were not housewives at all, but actually men. Buyer beware!

Send your inquiries to Rootbound in the Hills at this newspaper.

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